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Three years later….

Severus woke with a startled scream. Cold sweat was dripping down his back. Quickly, he touched the pillow next to him, only to feel his husband still lying there.

"Sev, love?.." His husband answered sleepy.

Still a bit shaky Severus answered, "Nothing, nothing at all.. Go back to sleep, love."

But Harry was full awake now and opened his arms, "Come here darling."

Severus snuggled into the loving embrace and sighed. It was stupid really, to fuss over such a thing as a bad dream. But Harry knew Severus needed him. So he held his lover close.

"Which one was it, Sev?"

When Severus woke in the middle of the night it could mean two things. One, he had a nightmare about his time as a death eater. Or two, he had a nightmare about Harry leaving him. The second option was getting less and less often. Severus had started to trust Harry. But… last night they had a bit of a fight. Ron had been an asshole at their dinner that night. Harry knew this upset Severus but he also knew he had to stand up for his best friend. A difficult situation really..

So when Ron and Hermione left, all hell broke loose.


Severus sat down in one of the comfortable chairs in their living room. "I'm so done with these people."

Harry frowned. Yes Ron could be a dick sometimes, but he was still Harry's best friend. Couldn't Severus respect that?

"Oh, are you now?" Harry said in a low voice.

Severus looked up, "Yes I'm done! I'm done with Weasley, done with these ridiculous dinners and done with snotty brats that are twenty years younger than me!"

Now, Harry was getting angry. "These 'snotty brats' are my best friends you're talking about! And I'm also twenty years younger than you. Does that mean you're also done with me, huh?"

End flashback

Let's just say it did not go well. After a lot of shouting from both sides Harry proposed they would go to bed and talk about it in the morning. They were both tired and sensitive, let's just cool down and get some sleep.

Harry focused on the distressed man in his arms, "Love, which one was it?"

"You, leaving me.." Mumbled Severus.

Harry let out a sigh. He should have known. Severus didn't handle fights well.

"Love? Look at me love." Harry whispered. Severus looked up with big eyes, Harry couldn't help but smile at this sight.

Harry showed Severus his left hand. "Look, love."

A small ring glistered in the moonlight. It was their wedding ring. Severus looked down at his own hand and smiled.

Harry softly kissed his forehead, "I'm not going to leave you, dear one. I'll never leave you. You know why?"

Severus blushed a bit but answered, "Because.. you love me?"

Harry snickered, "Yes, that's right. Because I love you. And nothing could change that. Not even you."

"Harry.. Harry I'm sorry about dinner.." Severus whispered, but Harry interrupted.

"Ssshhh, love. It's okay. I'm also sorry. I know Ron can be a bastard sometimes. I forgive you, love. Can you forgive me?"

Severus smiled again, "Of course, love."

As they fell asleep in each other's arms Severus whispered, "I love you."

Harry held his love and whispered back, "I love you, always."