Carlito Keyes has set his way back to his headquarters at the ventilation level in the North Area of the Willamette Parkview Mall. He recalls that he and his younger sister, Isabela, have set a place for them to stay for the duration of their plot to get revenge on the Americans for destroying their hometown, Santa Cabeza. On the top of that, he looks injured after the fight with Frank West, a photojournalist looking for the truth, and Brad Garrison, a DHS agent trying to arrest him. He has sent Isabela to look for something to heal his injuries. Upon seeing her again, he finds her with a worried look; not only that, but also she has something that could heal him of his injuries.

"Isabela, what's wrong?"

Isabela took a deep breath and spoke the words, "Before we discuss this, I should heal your wounds first."

"Okay," was his answer. He didn't want to waste his time of getting his answers before getting healed. In fact, this is what he must follow up first before asking some questions. He looked up on himself for his injuries; it's his shoulder that got injured. His right shoulder is from Brad and the left shoulder is from Frank. Despite that, he manages to elude them.

Isabela took on her equipment to heal him; it's alcohol and bandages. She pours the content of the former into cotton so that she can place it on his wounds. That way, they won't be infected. Once that is done, she places the bandages. Carlito felt warm of how he gets healed. He lets go of this sensation to get answers from his sister.

"Isabela, now that I'm healed, what's wrong with you?" he asked. "I mean, when you come here to me, you have a worried look on your face. Why is that?"

"Carlito, do you remember your encounter with that man with black hair and carrying a camera?" she happens to ask if they have the same encounter with Frank.

He replied, "Yeah, it's that journalist who tries to expose of what we are doing."

"Well," she replied sadly. "I got into a fight with him while trying to find supplies to heal you. I lost, and he wanted me to bring you to him so that he can find answers to what we are doing."

This words coming out of her mouth have bought shock to Carlito. He finds himself in a situation where his own sister is willing to give him to Frank for question. This really sparks anger in him as he started to pull out a gun and pointed it at Isabela's direction.

"I'm sorry. I never wanted it to be this way," said Isabela as she started to run away from their headquarters. Enraged, Carlito took a shot to her right shoulder. Despite that, she gets up and left. At that moment, he begins to feel remorse in himself. This action that he has done is really wrong.

Running outside, he tries to find call, "Isabela, wait! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to shoot you! Come back, please!" As those words are coming out of his mouth, Isabela runs away while hearing those words, but doesn't come back.

"I'm sorry, Isabela," Carlito said in a remorseful tone. "Please, come back."