ere's a MikeXZoey Oneshot! Thanks so much Lakec for the idea, you're such a great help to stories! W

It was Zoey's 19th birthday and the couple were still going strong. For Zoey's birthday, Mike had a special surprise for his girlfriend. That morning, Mike sprung out of bed and got ready for the day. Mike was going to meet Zoey at the local park to have a picnic in a few more hours and he just couldn't wait. He put on just a casual t-shirt and jeans, he remembered Zoey 'It doesn't have to be fancy,' That's what Mike loved about her. She didn't care what he wore of who he was, she was the only one that truly accepted him, especially since he had Multiple Personality Disorder. He told his personalities to stay inside his mind for at least today. He could hear all the personalities groan in his mind.

'Sorry, today it's just Zoey and I!' Mike thought to his other personalities.

'Fine, mate. But we better get a reward for teh-morrow!' Manitoba replied, as well as the others. Mike walked out of the door, feeling his special little surprise that was in his left pocket.

'I can't wait until I give the surprise to Zoey,' he said allowed, walking down the path. He arrived at the park, seeing a bunch of little kids running around and having fun. Mike looked over up towards the hill and saw Zoey up the top, waving to him. Mike ran up the hill as fast as he could and when arrived, he wrapped his skinny arms around her body.

'Mike! It's great to see you!' she said in a cheery tone.

'You too Zoey! Happy Birthday!' Mike replied, giving a huge smile while separating from the hug. Zoey lay out a picnic rug and had a basket full of delicious food for them to eat.

'Now, are you ready for your birthday surprise?' he asked as the both sat on the picnic rug.

'Yes, I sure am!' Zoey replied happily, sitting in a cross-legged position.

'Well, close your eyes,' he whispered. She did as she was told and shut her eyes tight, wondering what the present could be. Mike shoved his fingers into his pocket and pulled out a small, square box with a beautiful, gold ring inside.

'Okay Zoey, you can open your eyes now!' Mike replied with excitement, holding out the ring. Zoey opened her eyes and gasped as she saw what was in his hands.

'Zoey, will you marry me?' he asked in a sweet tone. She stared at him in shock but a huge grin appeared on her face. She jumped up and gave Mike a huge hug and placed a kiss upon his lips with excitement.

'Yes, yes, YES! I will!' Zoey replied in a loud but cheery tone. After that they ate large amounts of food, hugged and kissed, talked with each other and cuddled up close together.

'This has been the best birthday, Mike,' Zoey told him, as her head was lying in his lap.

'I'm glad you enjoyed it and now we're engaged,' Mike replied happily.

'Yup, engaged! I just love saying that!' Zoey answered back, making the two crack up laughing as they lay together on top of the hill at the park.

Sorry, it's short :\ Thanks for reading!