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Beck Oliver sighed tiredly to himself as he willed his body to stay awake and focus on the dark road in front of him. He yawned loudly, making Jade smile amusedly from her seat beside him. He then blinked several times as he tried to keep his eyes open, but the need for sleep was becoming too strong, and he knew they would have to stop soon. Beside him, Jade also yawned and rest her head against the cool window beside her, her eyes slowly closing as she watched the traffic speed by.

It had been several hours since they left their homes in Los Angeles and had taken to the road in hopes of escaping the oncoming storm that was headed towards LA. They hadn't stopped driving since they left and it felt like they had been driving for days. It was well into the middle of the night, and as they got further and further along the seemingly never-ending road that they were on, the better the weather conditions became, which was a good sign at least.

Jade yawned again and looked over to her handsome boyfriend who appeared to be just as - if not more- tired as she was. She smiled softly and reached out, placing a pale hand on his tanned forearm, making him look at her, "Maybe we should stop and call it a night," she suggested, looking up at him tiredly.

Beck looked at the clock on the radio and found that it was almost two in the morning. He nodded, "Yeah, we'll stop at the next gas station," he decided, looking carefully on the dark road for signs for an exit.

Luckily, there was an all night gas station a few miles ahead and they continued on until they found it. It was quite small, but brightly lit and there were barely any cars in the parking lot, allowing Beck to park the car and the RV safely. Beck shut off the car and yawned before rubbing his hands over his face. He then turned to his girlfriend and smiled to himself as he found she was asleep.

He reached out and rest his hand on her head, gently massaging the top of it to wake her up. She began to stir and her tired blue eyes opened to look up at him. He smiled down at her, "C'mon, lets get some sleep," he breathed, leaning over to kiss her forehead before they climbed out of the car.

They joined hands and made their way round to the entrance of the RV before going inside. It was completely silent and the lights were dimmed as everyone slept soundly on the carpeted floor. Everyone apart from Cat, who was sitting up wide awake on the couch. She looked over as they walked in.

"Finally!" she gasped as she stood up with her crutches and began making her way over to them, "Will you take me to the bathroom?" she asked Jade as she approached them.

Jade chuckled tiredly and nodded, "Sure, I need to go as well," she agreed before helping the redhead down from the RV with her crutches.

"Be quick and be careful," Beck told them as he stood at the door of the RV. The girls nodded and began to make their way towards the bathrooms. Beck watched them walk away before closing the door of the RV.

Beck changed for bed, making sure not to wake any of the others or accidentally stand on one of them as he walked around the RV. As he climbed into his bed and waited for Jade, Robbie awoke and sat up from his position on the floor.

"Where's Cat?" he asked, rubbing his eyes as he looked around the RV and noticing that his girlfriend was missing.

"She and Jade just went to the bathroom, they'll be back soon," Beck explained as he surpressed another yawn.

Robbie nodded and lay back down to wait for the redhead.

Outside, Jade and Cat were making their way back to the RV after using the -rather disgusting- gas station bathroom. Their arms were linked together tightly, despite the fact that Cat was using her crutches, as they walked across the wet concrete as it began to rain again.

"Where do you think we are?" Cat asked as she looked around, watching the traffic pass the station.

Jade also looked around, trying to find an answer, "I'm not sure, but that bathroom was horrific - I had to hover," she shivered, making Cat giggle in response.

They made it back to the RV and Jade opened the door and entered before helping Cat up and closing the door, locking it for the night.

Cat hobbled back over to her spot beside Robbie and placed her crutches on the couch before lying down beside her boyfriend. Robbie's eyes opened as he felt her lie down and he opened his arms, letting her shuffle over before enveloping her in his embrace. Cat giggled softly and rest her head on his chest, sighing contently.

Beck watched Jade change for bed before pulling back the bedsheets and letting her climb in beside him. Jade smiled tiredly at her boyfriend and lay down beside him, burying her face in his chest and making him chuckle softly as he pulled the covers over her shoulders.

"We're about five or six hours outside of LA, so we should be fine for tonight," he whispered, brushing her hair away from her face.

She nodded tiredly in response, "I hope so," she breathed.

He gently tilted her head up to gaze down into her eyes, "Hey, we'll be okay. I promise," he told her. She nodded and pecked his lips sweetly before gazing up at him. His warm brown eyes met her own cold blue ones and she almost felt safe once again.

When they awoke the next morning, the rain had become much heavier than it was when they went to bed, and the wind had certainly picked up overnight, making the RV rock from side to side every few minutes.

"I don't like this," Cat whimpered from her position on the couch, huddling into her pink blanket which was wrapped around her shoulders.

"What should we do?" Tori asked as she looked out of one of the windows, watching the rain beat down on the concrete outside.

Beck sighed from his position in bed beside Jade. He ran a hand through his hair and thought for a moment before answering, "We should keep going. Maybe if we go further, the weather will get better. We can't stay here much longer."

Andre nodded, "Yeah, I agree. I'll drive for a while today, give you a break," he said, making Beck smile before chucking his car keys at his friend, who caught them skillfully.

Tori and Andre both stood from their comfortable positions in their make-shift bed on the floor before leaving the warmth of the RV and going out into the cold and wet weather. They ran around to Beck's car and jumped in, already soaked from the rain. Andre started the car and prepared for the long journey ahead as he pulled out of the gas station and drove onto the freeway.

Once they were moving, Jade left Beck's warm embrace and walked across to Cat, who was sitting on the couch and watching the traffic pass by. She wrapped her arms around her best friend comfortingly. Cat smiled softly but eyes continued to stare out of the window beside her, watching the road fly behind them as the rain blurred the view.

"Do you think we'll get trapped again?" Cat whispered so quietly that Jade almost didn't hear her.

Jade sighed, not knowing what to say. She prayed that they wouldn't, especially after what happened to them last time. But deep down, she had a feeling that something was going to happen. She didn't know what, and she didn't know when. But something was going to happen. She looked down at the redhead and shook her head.

"I hope not."