Lost and Found

He quickened his steps, taking larger strides. He moved right and then left, bumping into pedestrians as he mowed through the narrow sidewalk. He didn't apologize, only mindlessly maneuvering through the crowed street as if he owned it.

"Tunks! Tunks!" cried a small little voice. He pretended he didn't hear it. He closed his eyes, squeezed them tight. He felt his feet picking up speed, further creating a distant between him and the little brat.

This was all her fault. Why did she have to scream and start a scene? Why couldn't she just behave like all the other kids? It was because of her that they were said all these bad stuff about his mom.

Fifteen minutes ago...

"Tunks! I want!" Bra tugged on his pants.

"No! Put it back!" Even without turning back, he could tell she had picked yet another item off the shelf.

"I want!"

Trunks threw a can of tomato sauce into his basket and spun around. He snapped one finger open and pointed down at his sister. Bra recoiled. Behind the three feet brat was a trail of smudged chocolate with chunks of cookie crumbs scattered on the aisle floor. Trunks traced the trail back to the culprit. On the face of the little brat were evidences of the smeared brown gunk and in her hands was a torn bag of jelly beans. Trunks growled and dropped his basket on the ground.

"Bra! How many times did I say you can't do that!" Trunks yelled and snatched the bag of jelly beans from her dirty hands.

"I want!" she cried, jumped up and tried to snatch it back. When she couldn't, she started to scream on top of her lungs.

"Whose kids are those?"

From the corner of his eyes, he saw two big women whispering among themselves while sneering in their directions.

"Bra! Shut up!"

"No! No! No!" Instead of quieting down, she threw herself on the ground, pounded and kicked the floor like a mad child.

"What kind of mother leaves her kids alone?"

"At least teach them some manners in public."

"Yeah, I know. If she can't, then she has no business raising kids."

Trunks shot them a nasty glare, causing them to shrink back a little. Trunks narrowed his eyes some more, sending them another warning. Finally, they got the message, retreated into the next aisle, face scrunched in disgust. As if on purpose, Trunks could hear their last words as they completely disappeared. "What a delinquent! If those are my kids, I would never let them act this."

He took a deep breath and picked up the brat from the waist. Bra continued to kick and scream, squirming away from his grasp. "If you don't stop it now, I'll leave you here!"

"You meany!" she cried louder and louder. Trunks looked around and felt everyone stopped to stare. He ignored them and rushed out the closest exit with Bra still kicking and screaming in his arms. He winced when he felt a bite through his light shirt.

When he exited the supermarket, he dropped her on the ground and started to walk away. "Don't follow me!"

The moisture hanging from his eyelids felt like salt on open wounds. He held his breath and blinked rapidly, forcing those hot tears back in his eyes. Letting the anger consumed him instead, he continued to stomp through the busy street. It was her fault that everyone was badmouthing his mom. Why was she always acting like a little brat, crying and screaming everywhere she went? Pan was nothing like her. Pan was always well-behaved.

All he had to do was to go home, then she couldn't find him, then he wouldn't have to deal with her anymore. His father wouldn't mind. Not like he would realize anything anyways.

"Tunks! Sowee!"

Sorry? He could forgive her for being an unreasonable little brat. He could forgive her for taking up all his time when he could be playing with Goten like any normal fifteen years old teenagers. But he could not forgive her for turning his mom into a laughing stock.

"Are you okay, little girl?"

"Tunks! No leave me!"

There was a thump, followed by deafening scream. He continued until her voice became more and more distant. Refusing to look back, he turned the corner into the alleyway. He took to the sky, not caring if his brat sister was all alone in the crowded street.

Trunks descended on his front lawn and pushed the door open. Without checking where his father was, Trunks marched up the stairs, took a left and went straight into his room. He plopped on his bed, bent his arms and laid them over his eyes. Peace and quiet.

He missed his mom so much. It was not until his mom was gone that he finally realized all the little subtle ways his mom had made their life easier. He never realized that foods did not magically appear on their dinner table, or clothes did not wash themselves. Aside from all that, what he missed most that his mom had always been there for him whether he was upset or happy. He needed that support now more than ever.

They told him time could mend a broken heart. Not his. If anything, the emptiness grew by the day. It was all Bra's fault. She was the reason why he would live with this feeling for the rest of his life. She could stay out in the street for all he cared.

He threw his body on its side and opened his eyes to stare at the white wall. What kind of mother leaves her kids alone?. A dead one, Trunks thought bitterly. He formed a fist and hurled it against the wall, adding another hole to his growing collection.

Footsteps. His dad. Damn, he forgot to close his door. It was too late to shut it so he threw the pillow over his head, smothering his face. He didn't want to deal with his dad right now.

The footsteps stopped outside his door and then complete silence. He knew his dad was watching him. Another minute passed and finally he heard his dad's low gruff voice.

"Trunks, where the hell is your sister?"

"I don't know and I don't care," he responded beneath the pillow.

Suddenly, he felt the pillow ripped from his head, exposing his face. Trunks peeped out through one eye and saw his dad casted his pillow aside. Crossing his arms, his dad gazed at him with cold dark eyes. "I don't care what happened, but if you don't find that brat and bring her home-"

Trunks cut off his dad and jumped upright to a sitting position, meeting his dad's stare with the same intensity. "Then what? Are you going to kick me out?" Trunks snorted.

"You wish."

Trunks growled and shouted. "It's so easy for you to tell me what to do. You don't have to deal with her everyday like I do!"

Once upon a time, Trunks had great respect for his dad, looked up to the man, put the man on the highest pedestal. These days, his dad did nothing but pissed him off. Had it ever crossed his dad's mind to help him out a little? Trunks wasn't asking for much, just an hour here and there with Bra, but no, his dad always blatantly refused.

"I'm your father. It's my right to order you around."

"Well, if you want her back, then find her yourself."

"Fine. We both stay here. Maybe if we're lucky, someone could snatch her away and then we can rid ourselves of our baggage. Works for me."

"That's not fair. You're playing the guilt trip card again."

"Trunks, life is never fair. If it was, I won't be here with you brats," his dad grunted as he started toward the door. "Just be prepared to tell that woman what happened when you see her on the other side."

"You have to answer to mom, too!" Trunks spat.

"Unlike you, I don't give a shit what that woman thinks of me."

Trunks gritted his teeth, unable to respond without lashing out. He feared he might regret spewing the hurtful words that were hanging from his tongue.

"I don't see why you even bother hanging around," he grumbled after his dad left the room, careful not to let his dad hear.

Why did he even bother hanging around? A question that he asked himself every day. There was a whole universe out there that he could make his home, but yet, here he was, playing caretaker to those brats who just happened to share his bloodline.

Damn that woman! How dare she left him with two brats? What the hell did he know about parenting? Now, he had a missing brat and another one throwing a hissy fit. He should just bring his teenage son into the gravity room and beat the crap out of him until the boy started to show him some respect.

Vegeta walked to the gravity room, a room that he had learned to maintain without the help of that woman. He entered and the door closed with a hiss. "Damn that boy," he growled as he leaned against the wall. He shut his eyes and tracked the boy's movement.

There was none for at least ten minutes and finally, the boy began to move. There were a lot of frustrations in the boy's ki, most likely from his indecision of rather to find his youngest brat or not. Another minute later, the boy's ki disappeared from the compound.

Vegeta pressed the button and the door opened with another hiss. He proceeded out the door and followed the boy. He didn't understand why he was following Trunks. It was not like he didn't trust him to bring the little brat back. It was not like he cared if Trunks found the brat or not. Like he had said earlier, it was better if the little one just disappeared, then he would free himself of one less headache. Besides, the little brat's disappearance was no fault of his, so technically, he did not break his promise.

But follow he did.

In the end, Trunks surrendered to his fate and finally decided to bring his brat sister back. He was still pissed especially after the conversation with his dad. But his dad was right. How would he explain to his mom? His mom had entrusted him with Bra. No matter how maddening the kid was, he would try his best not to disappoint her.

He flipped off the bed and walked out the door, stopping briefly in front of the gravity room where his dad had once again retreated into. Typical. Trunks scowled, passing the room and out the compound.

It was a short flight back to where he had last seen Bra, though, it was strange he could not detect her ki. He landed in the same alleyway where there was no one around. He shut his eyes to concentrate, filtering out all the other ki from the herd of pedestrians.


Don't panic.

One of explanations he could think of was that Bra had unconsciously suppressed her ki, but that was impossible. A kid her age could not control ki, let alone suppress it. Another one could be...

Don't panic.

Trunks stepped out the alleyway and take a right into the busy street again. "Bra!" he cried out.

No respond.

He half ran and half skipped down the street, looking frantically for his little sister. Using his bare eyes, he focused, trying to spot a blue-haired three feet brat among the crowd.


When anger consumed him, he could wish the worst possible fate to befall on his sister. But he realized now he was all talk. He made his way back to the supermarket and ran in, straight to the check-out section.

"Do you remember me? I was with a little girl. She was screaming and crying."

"Yah, I remember," the brunette cashier responded casually, snapping her mouth open and close while chewing the gum.

"Have you seen her?" Trunks asked, ignoring the rude behavior.


"Are you sure?"

"Listen, kid. She's a bit hard to forget, so no, I did not see her."

Without thanking the girl, Trunks rushed out the supermarket. At the entrance, he spun his head right and then left. Where is that brat? For the first time, he felt his stomach constricted, tightened into a knot. All he could think about was all the ill wishes he had made was turning into reality.

From a hidden corner on the other side of the street, Vegeta watched the boy silently as he rushed up and down the street with a wild look on his face, stopping strangers, frantically demanding of his sister's whereabouts.

He snorted. He knew Trunks was all talk, even if the boy didn't know himself. Always complaining to him how much he hated Bra. Look at him now.

Vegeta closed his eyes. He was better at sensing ki, no matter how weak. As long as there was a spark left, he would have no problem pinpointing it. No far from where he was standing, he spotted the little brat's ki. He stepped back into the shadow and ascended into the air.

Within minutes, he reached his destination and slowly descended with his arms crossed and a deep scowl on his face. "What do you plan to do with her?" he demanded in his control but deadly voice.

"Where the hell did you come from?"

"That's none of your business. If you wish to live, drop her and get the hell out." Vegeta snarled.

The man pulled the knocked out brat closer, hugging her tight against his chest. "This is my daughter. What do you want with her?" the man said as he stepped back, checking his surrounding, doubtlessly searching for an escape route.


The man paled, sweats started to form around the forehead and his body started to shake.


Sensing Vegeta was dead serious about the threat, the man dropped the girl before Vegeta had a chance to count to three. "Please don't hurt me."

His movement was too quick for the human eyes. A split second later, his brat was already in his arm. He sneered at the man. Slowly, he cornered the man into the brick wall. "Touch her again and you'll find death much more desirable," Vegeta spat, lightly bringing his knee to the man's midriff. The man doubled over, gasping for air in between choking coughs.

Vegeta once again ascended, not caring if the man saw him. In one arm was his little brat, her head hanging down like a ragged doll. He returned to where Trunks was and dropped his youngest on a nearby bench.

If the boy couldn't find her here, then the boy deserved to agonize over his sister's disappearance forever. Vegeta snorted.

No Trunks! I said to put it back!

Mommy! I want it! Please!


And he cried and screamed just like how Bra had acted in the supermarket. All his childhood memories came back. He had no right getting mad at Bra. He had been the same, but at least his mom had been patient with him. She had not left him behind like he did to Bra.

Trunks sat on the edge of the sidewalk with his hands covering his face, feeling guilty and at lost at what to do. He asked just about everyone if they had seen the little brat, but nothing. Mom...what should I do? He should not have left Bra no matter how mad he got.

It was sudden as if her ki had magically manifested from thin air. He sprung up. He was sure it was her. Without another thought, Trunks speeded down the street until he saw a small blue-haired body, curled up in a fetal position, sleeping soundly on some bench. After all the troubles he went through looking for her, she was here. He didn't bother wondering how he suddenly felt her ki when he couldn't do so earlier. He also didn't know rather to be angry or relief. Pushing both emotions aside, he bent down and picked up his brat sister.

With his sister in his arms, he looked up in the sky and said, "Mom, I know you're looking after us. Thank you."

When he got home, he found his dad leaning against the wall as if waiting for them. "So you found the brat. What a shame. I thought we can have some peace and quiet for once," his dad snorted.

Who was he kidding? His dad made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with them. He did not leave because of a promise he made his mom. Without that promise, his dad would have been long gone.

"Sorry to disappoint you," Trunks rebutted, passing his dad without another word.


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