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Chapter 5

I'd been here for one long week. In this tower that despite me being in quite a comfortable room still smelled of rats and things I didn't even want to think about. I was quite shocked, as you can imagine when I was told I was going to be sent to the tower. I'm glad I saved Margaret but I nearly fainted. Margaret has been to see me a few times of course. As soon as she walks in and sees me, she starts sobbing and then I spend the whole time trying to calm her down instead of getting information about my situation from her. I'd thought a few times about what would happen if I was sentenced to death. If I would have my head chopped off or if I would be hanged. Neither sound that delightful. I'd rather be shot in the head. Though I really hadn't done anything wrong, I now understood how powerful the King was. I lay my head down on the 7th day and went to sleep.

I woke up at the sound of a knock.

"Hello?" I said while still trying to get used to the dark.

"The Majesty is here to see you," replied the voice.

Here we go. As the doorknob turned a thousand scenarios ran through my brain. While my head silently pleaded that this would be a positive outcome.

The King entered, and I curtseyed. Behind him was Thomas Boleyn.

"Grace Fairbound," he said.


"You are to be sentenced to death on charges of treason."

"This is ridiculous! I haven't committed treason at all! This has all been exaggerated," Thomas Boleyn moved and I pointed, "This is all your fault, Boleyn. I bet this is your doing. If I were you I'd stop threatening people then being the cause for their death otherwise you will have no friends left on this earth." I sat down, exhausted by the shouting that had come out of my mouth.

Thomas moved closer to me, "Don't be a fool Miss Fairbound. I had nothing to do with this."

I rolled my eyes and caught the Kings eyes. He looked torn, this was my chance.

"Ever since the moment I arrived here, your majesty, I have been nothing but a humble and obedient servant. Don't listen to this coward, who for some reason fears me."

"Nonsense!" shouted Boleyn.

"I take back my statement. You are to be welcomed back to court, to Lady Kenward and to your rooms. Though keep in mind if I ever hear the word treason with your name, I will not hesitate to sentence you once again to death," said the King after a moment or two of thought.

"Thankyou your majesty."

Thomas Boleyn and King Henry left the room and I breathed a sigh of relief.

The next morning I woke up in my own rooms. I realised that I hadn't seen Margaret when I had returned the night before. I heard a scream and got up as fast as I could, only to be pushed back down.

"You're back! You're back. I was so frightened for you, Grace."

"Margaret, please. Release me from your hold," I replied laughing.

"Oh! I'm sorry. I'm just so overjoyed that you weren't sentenced to death."

"It's fine, it's fine. Let's get me ready, huh?"

"Of course."

In the middle of doing my corset, a knock came on the door.

"Come in," I called.

Charles Brandon walked in with more confidence than I had ever seen.

"Margaret, leave us. I will come get you after."

As soon as Margaret left us. I turned around and faced him.

"Can I help you, your grace?" I said with a curtsey.

"Yes, yes you can."


"I was wondering if you remember that moment we had in the gardens the other week."

"Of course, I do," I replied.

"I wanted to pick up from where we left off."

"It's not going to happen, Charles! It can't."

"I don't see why not."

"Are you not married?"

"What has that got to do with anything?" he asked me.

This man was infuriating, "It has everything to do with everything, Charles. I'm not going to get involved with a married man."

He began to look angry, "I will get you one day, Grace Fairbound."

I sighed and called Margaret back in.

"What did the Duke of Suffolk want?" she asked.

"Don't worry about it, Margaret."

She nodded and went back to doing up my corset.

I decided I would have to go make peace with the Queen. I couldn't leave it like that. I took a stroll to her rooms though only this time I had a bit more trouble getting in.

"Please, I need to talk to the Queen," I pleaded with one of her ladies.

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"I'll only be a few minutes."

Lady Jane let me in, I curtseyed before the Queen. She waved her hand, telling me to sit next to her.

"Miss Fairbound, please let me apologise for my behaviour the last time you were here. It was not that of a Queen."

"Honestly, your majesty it was to be expected after what I told you. I must be the one apologising. I'm truly sorry."

"I was so shocked. Just to think of Mary doing something like that."

"I understand, your majesty. Do you remember convincing me to tell you by saying because I was already here then I must have already changed the future?"


"I thought about what you said. I don't think Mary will turn out like that. I've had such close contact with you and the King. Not in the way you may be thinking though, your majesty. But because I've had that close contact, I think it will affect Mary in some way. I'm hoping it's positive."

"You have a way with words."

"I try."

"Thankyou for coming here. For apologising and making me feel better about the whole situation. I would like to see more of you sometimes."

"Of course, your majesty. I would like that."

"You are also invited to the dinner we are having tonight. It will only be myself, the King, the Duke of Suffolk, his wife, and a few more of the Kings subjects."

"It would be a pleasure, I will make sure to be there. If you don't mind, would I be able to bring along Margaret Kenward."

Catherine thought it over for a second before saying, "Yes of course. I would like to talk to her about some clothing for Mary."

I nodded and stepped out of her rooms. What a relief, but now I had to go to get ready for a dinner, with Charles Brandon. And his wife. Oh lord.