In the Shadows

We must not be noticed,

They cannot know we're here.

We must keep to the shadows,

And not give in to fear.

I cast back a smile at Ellie,

Because I'm the only one who will.

For I'm not infected or a thug,

Both groups want us killed.

With hand signals we communicate,

When we talk, we simply whisper.

We ignore the pounding in our heads,

And on our feet our blisters.

Out here, infected and our kind,

Both groups have vacant stares.

Sometimes it's hard to spot the difference,

To see indifference from despair.

We cannot help, not one of them,

All we can do is survive.

The last of us, in the shadows,

While the infected thrive.

I call a stop, it's time to rest,

We'll set out at first light.

But we'll still keep to the shadows,

For both our lives I'll fight.