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When Kate heard that she would be going on a business trip with Ben, she was quite nervous. She now knew that Ben had some feelings for her since he went to Leo's looking for her. That means something, right?

"Katie, are you're bags packed and ready to go?" Ben asked as he was walking out of his office. "I'm going home to grab mine if you want a ride?"

"That'd be great. All my stuff is packed, I just need to go home and grab it." Kate replied.

"Great!" Ben said as he continued towards the elevator

When they entered the elevator, they were silent. Well, this is super awkward. Kate thought.

"Are you excited about he business trip?" Ben asked, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, I think it's going to be fun." Kate replied.

"So what, we just get this big house all to ourselves, right?" Ben said,

"Yeah, I guess. Do you know how long we're supposed to be here for?" Kate asked.

"Yeah, I think it's about a week or so." Ben replied.

Wow, a week is a long time to be stuck in a house with Ben Grogan. I'm going to have to share a bathroom with him, and a kitchen…

Kate's thoughts were interrupted by the elevator coming to a stop. They both exited the elevator and headed for Ben's car. Kate had been in his car many times before, but something was different this time. Something she couldn't quite put her finger on.

"Is something different about your car?" Kate finally asked.

"Uhh, I got this air freshener…" Ben replied.

"That's it! What is that scent?" Kate said.

"Pine tree." Ben replied.

"It smells… interesting." Kate said.

For the rest of the ride they were silent. Kate was having trouble thinking of things to say so she finally gave up and just stayed quiet.

They then reached Lauren's house, which Kate was living in. She climbed out of the car and headed to towards the door.

"You want some help carrying your bags?" Ben called out from the car.

"Sure!" Kate replied.

Ben got out of the car and came inside Lauren's house to find three suitcases sitting on the floor.

"Holy crap, you need all of this for one week?" Ben asked.

"Of course I do, I'm a woman. We need a lot in one week." Kate replied.

They picked up the suitcases and headed back to Ben's car. After they out the suitcases in the truck, they climbed back in the car and left for Ben's house.

"So how long are you planning on staying with Lauren?" Ben asked.

"I'm not sure. I don't have the money to pay for a house right now, and I haven't found an apartment that I like yet." Kate replied.

"I know this real estate guy, he could probably find you something great that's also cheap. I can give him a call if you want?" Ben said.

"That'd be great! Thanks Ben." Kate replied.

After that they got to Ben's house.

"This'll only take a second." Ben said as he got out of the car and headed inside.

He came back out with one suitcase and one bag. A lot less than what Kate had brought…

Ben put his things in the back seat and they started towards the airport. Crap! I forgot my headphones at the office. Now I'm going to have to actually talk to Ben for the whole trip… Kate thought as they came onto the airport entrance.

They found a parking spot, grabbed their bags, and headed towards their airplane.

After they passed through everything, they were sitting on the airplane waiting for take off.

"How long is this ride?" Kate asked.

"Five hours." Ben replied.

Great. Five hours sitting right next to Ben. This is going to be so much fun.

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