A month passed since I had joined the Shadow Organization. This is where I tell how Gen and I really became inseparable friends. We were out for a walk to wind up for our afternoon training.

It was cloudy, and a small boom of thunder went off. "Looks like rain, Gen," I said. "Don't you think we should head back?"

Gen looked at me for a second, then at the clouds, and looked down. "If you say so then, Serena," he said. But as we turned to leave, a ferocious low growling sound was heard in the distance. "What was that?" Gen asked, looking around.

I looked around as well, but then I shrugged my shoulders as I said, "Eh, it's probably my friend Buck playing a trick or something. Normally he'd just try to scare me with some feral growling, and then he'd-" But before I could finish my sentence, a very large male cougar Beast, definitely not Buck, jumped out of nowhere.

Gen and I yelled in surprise and fell backwards. When we regained our balance and stood up, standing in front of us, jaws dripping with blood from a seemingly-recent hunt, yellow eyes glowing with hatred, was Romulus Sanders, Buck's father.

I was scared at first, but then my eyes glowed gold and my claws came out (I didn't transform to my full Beast form) as I leapt at the deranged cougar.

We clashed long and hard as Gen watched in shock. She's fighting trying to protect me… but why? I had read his thoughts, and they reached my heart, causing me to keep up the fight, but this time, a bit more… violently.

I lashed out viciously at Romulus, clawing at his face, but before I could make a fatal attack, Romulus raised his right paw, and then brought it down, scratching at the left side of my face, leaving three thick red scratches over my left eye. At the same time, he scratched my right hand.

I yelled in pain and fell to the ground weakly, blood pouring from my wound. I refused to lose, but somehow, I couldn't stand up. As Romulus lunged at me for the kill, Gen jumped between us and bravely kicked the cougar away into the bushes, to protect me.

Romulus leapt out of the bushes as Gen began to help me up. Even at a distance, I could see the hatred in his golden eyes as he glared at us, slowly raising his paw and pointing a thick black claw at us. "Bloody kids…" he cursed, "this isn't over, mark my words. You'd better watch your backs, because one day, I'll be back to rid the world of the Beast Clans." And with that, he slipped away into the darkness of the forest.

I began to stumble. "Gen, I…" And before a second passed, I was falling out of consciousness. The last thing I heard was Gen screaming my name before everything went black.

When I woke up, it was the next day, but I woke up to Gen sitting next to my bed, much to my visible surprise. "You're awake," Gen whispered, looking at me once, and then looking down at the wooden floor.

"Yeah, finally awake," I said, rubbing a sore spot on my head, when I felt the scars over my left eye. I widened my eyes in fear, when I suddenly realized that I was seeing nothing out of my left eye at all. Frightened at the fact that I was now probably half-blind, I decided not to bring it up and instead asked, "How long was I asleep?"

"About sixteen hours," Gen said. "The healers did everything they could, Serena, but your optic nerve in your left eye has been severed." The fact had been confirmed: I was half-blind, after all. My parents and brothers would be horrified to hear what had happened, but for now, I didn't care; what had happened was my own fault.

"Gen, have you… been waiting for me to wake up?" I asked.

Gen's head shot up as he looked at me in shock for a few seconds, but then he sighed and nodded shamefully. "…Yes," he admitted. He was then completely shocked as I leapt out of the bed and embraced him, my arms wrapped around his waist. "Serena…!" he said.

"Thank you, Gen," I said, starting to sob. "It really means a lot to me."

Gen inhaled a deep breath and slowly hugged me back. And that, my friends, is how we became best friends for life.

Forgive me, my friends, for not updating this story for three months (!). It's just that I've been through a lot lately: band camp, school, High School Marching Band, and everything at that. I promise, I'll be updating more often starting today.