ME: Okay. Look I've never played Prototype or read any of the comics so forgive me and all but I decided that Radical definitely screwed up on this one. After consulting with DarkHunter 643 I am now gonna give all you Prototypers an unscrewed version of the game.

Basically we're at the scene where Heller meets Mercer after escaping the lab and all. I'd put in the Red Zone patrol/chase scene but let's just say I'm too lazy to do it. The only reason and profanity will be used at all is to avoid conflicting with Hellers personality and all. And also Prototype 2 wouldn't be right for a game of its kind without f-bombs being dropped and all.

Heller looked up. Narrowing his eyes he cursed not for the first time. "Mother-fucking son of a bitch!"

Looking down on the Sergeant was Dr. Alex Mercer, the thing responsible for Maya and Colette dying. He had done nothing to earn such a punishment and then this freak showed up and murdered everyone he cared about.

And he had already fucked up James life even further. A car had been thrown at the Assault Amphibious Vehicle he and his team of Recon Marines, Ninja Three-Three had been riding. All of his men were dead. Chances were it was this fucker excuse of a man.

To top it off he infected Heller. The monster codenamed ZEUS could've just let him die but no he had to mutate him as well. Now Blackwatch wanted him burned to a crisp and Gentek a lab rat.

Mercer finally looked down at him. His calm blue eyes stared into Hellers angry brown eyes easily. He growled. "Come to die now asshole?"

Mercer shook his head. Heller just laughed as he got up, the bastards eyes monitoring his every move. "Too bad you piece of shit! You killed my wife and daughter! You killed my team! You've killed everybody in New York! It's time for you to die!"

Mercer moved suddenly and grabbed Heller. The Marine tried to counter but he wasn't quick enough. He growled but it felt like a bad headache was finally hitting him.

But it didn't. Heller didn't know what the fuck was going on but he started seeing things that he knew he hadn't experienced. Mercer was born July 16, 1979. He was shocked at the poverty suffered in Mercers childhood. Briefings had led him and many others to believe Mercer was a rich spoiled brat who got everything he wanted and repaid the world with the virus. There was no father, leaving a drunk excuse of a mother. At age 10 he was returned to her after years in foster care and was forced to become the man of the house before even hitting puberty. Growing up he was forced to care for his younger sister Dana. Getting a doctorate from Columbia University led to his eventual position of head of senior researcher at Gentek. He dated and broke up with Karen Parker, a genotyper. He realized what Blacklight was for, stole a vial from Gentek and attempted to escape via train. The ex-scientist then broke the vial at Penn Station, and was executed by the Blackwatch operatives that were sent to retrieve the vial.

At this point the story of Doctor Alex Mercer, head of Gentek Research Division, ended. The story of Alex Mercer, codenamed "ZEUS" and the number one "terrorist threat" to the US began in a morgue. Escaping from the Morgue was only one of a few events. The man consumed Blackwatch soldiers, Marines and scientists alike. Eventually he fought a Hunter larger than Heller had ever encountered, decapitated it and saved New York from Firebreak by dumping their nuke offshore. Fourteen months and many memories later killing a juggernaut just after it threw a car at Hellers AAV. Flying over to check for survivors. Finding only one. Leading that one-him-on a chase that now struck him as a test o some short. A test proven by the infection prior to Mercers departure to be one passed with flying colors.

The link was cut finally, and Heller dropped to the floor, his descent slowed by Mercer-whatever his name was. He then looked up at his nemesis.

"I am not Mercer. I am the virus. I am the one who will reverse the effects of his sins." But then Mercer looked at Heller intensely. "Sergeant James Heller, you may call me Mercer still as it reminds me of my mission. A mission threatend by Blackwatch and Gentek."

"Then w-why'd ya infect me?" he asked.

Mercers look softened as he crouched down. "I need someone with my strengths by my side. I didn't fling the car at your team. I'm sorry they're dead, just as I'm sorry for your spouse and child, but that can't be helped now. But Blackwatch can be blamed for both of them?"


Mercer grabbed Heller again, elicting a groan from the NCO. "Don't be a baby. When I consume someone, they're memories become a permenant part of me. Here's one snippet I got from First Sergeant Matthew Cobb, a Blackwatch trooper."

Sure enough the memory played. "Sir, how much longer do we have to put up with these amateurs?"

"Since your brain can't fathom why the Marines are here, I'll lay it bare. The old man brought them in for two reasons; they're shock troops. They move in, take the losses, point out the enemy and we do the cleanup. Second, they're the public face of the occupation. When the city is burned to a ground, they take the fall."

The link was cut, and Heller growled angerly. "Bastards!" He paused. "God damn it Mercer, they're people worse than you!"

Mercer smirked briefly. "See how they're playing the game? They pit the two strongest individuals in New York Zero against each other. First one kills the other, second one gets finished off by Blackwatch. Then Gentek is free to conduct experiments on what was formerly where American dreams came true."

"Alright Doc," Heller concluded. He held out his hand. "We may not be friends, but I'll settle for allies."

"Same here," Mercer said as he shook it. Had it been before the older mans final patrol his hand would be crushed by the strength of the grip, but now he barely noticed it. Heller than started to move, and motioned Mercer to come forward just as he felt a hand on his shoulder.


"For Gods sake man, put some fucking clothes on! We're in public here."

"Yes Mom," Heller replied sarcastically. He thought about a potential wardrobe, then it just generated. A shirt, leather jacket and gloves.

"Alright come on. Early bird gets the worm."

"I just ate breakfast."

ME: What do you guys think? Beats the real version huh? I'm thinking about giving Heller a cool Greek God codename as well. I'm thinking either "Hades" since Heller and Mercer/ZEUS were formerly mortal enemies and are "brothers" since they're both Blacklight beings and against Blackwatch/Gentek now. Either that or "Poseidon" since Hellers in the USMC!