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The Marine smiled underneath the now-dead officers mask as he called Dana.

"You got Fontenot James?" She asked.

"Yeah, got the fucker." He briefly glanced at some of the files. "Let's see how long this'll last."

"Alright, do what you can do. Remember, there's a-."

"-meeting in ten Mikes, got it. Take care kid." He hung up before the "pasty" young woman could complain.

Grabbing a tablet the Sergeant then left the office and walked down a hallway. It was all but impossible to pose as an REMF; how the Recon team leader managed was a mystery to all but God Himself.

Eventually Heller found a conference room and stepped in to find Colonel Douglas Rooks sitting at the nearest head of the table.

"Sir!" He said as he snapped a salute.

"At ease Major." Rooks raised an eyebrow as he returned Hellers salute. "First time you showed up early."

"Wouldn't want to be late now with Zeus and Poseidon running around Colonel."

The bald man shook his head. "Better late then never-especially with Samson dropping in on us."

The NCO kept his cool as he nodded. Perfect opportunity-.

No, place like this I'll get noticed doing that. Damn security cameras.

Eventually the rest of the attending officers filed in, including the Lieutenant General. "Intelligence on Athena Major?"

"Sir, the target has successfully eluded us electronically ever since we took out that church. We've come close but it appears the sister of Zeus is just as cunning as her brother."

"Probably got someone on the inside," Lieutenant Colonel Cantrell suggested. "No way else that bitch is getting information and hiding."

"We're going to need better equipment to track her," another officer stated. "Stun Circuit succeeds and we get this bitch, the insurgents lose their best source of information and whoever gets Athena becomes a millionaire."

"I'll get the equipment," Samson said. "Five more days and we should have a new card to play if the shit actually works.

ME: What card is Samson talking about?