New Friends

A Music Man/Oklahoma Crossover

Notes: I am not sure how well this story will work. It may have seemed like a good idea in theory but not in execution. I do not own any rights to any Oklahoma or Music Man characters

Ado Annie Carnes and Will Parker had been married for four months and were happy together. Ado Annie had even managed to somehow forget about her fling with Ali Hakim while Will was in Kansas City. She hoped Ali was happy being married to Gertie Cummings.. he didn't look too happy about when they announced their engagement. One April morning they decided to take a train ride to River City Iowa to see what was there. They eventually wanted to move to a place that would be good to raise a family and Ado Annie felt they needed a change of atmosphere from living on a farm.

When they stepped off the train and walked into town Ado Annie noticed a girl that was about her age with a boy that was also about her age. "Hey, look Will there's people we can be friends with." They approached the strangers.

"Hi There, you guys must be from out of town. Welcome to River City. My name is Zaneeta Shinn. I'm the mayor's daughter. This is my boyfriend Tommy Diljas."

Will reached for Tommy's extended hand and shook. "I'm Will Parker and this is my wife Ado Annie. We're from Oklahoma but we may move here for a change of pace and raise our family here."

"It's a nice place to live. I've lived here all my life. Tommy has too." Zaneeta said grinning.

"Would you mind showing us around?" Ado Annie asked

Tommy grinned. "No problem at all."