Inspired by the chocolate prompt and the famous cookie scene in PGSM

Nephrite would love that.

Ami stopped dead in her tracks, looking into the window of the little patisserie.

No, she told herself. You don't know that. You want him to like that. Just because he once liked your cookies, you don't have to go looking for food for him all those years after he died...

"Hi Motoki-kun..."

Motoki was sweet enough to pretend he didn't know what she had come for, and Ami was nice enough to pretend not to see that he waited until there were no customers around before they started into their familiar ritual.

"Ah, Ami-chan, what is it today? Oh, chocolate! I love chocolate!"

"Take one! This package was so cute, and I can't eat it all. Please, help me with it."

"My pleasure!" beamed Motoki. "Let me see... hm, I think Nephrite would have started with the dark chocolate."

Ami watched him take a little dark chocolate heart and bite a little bit out of it.

"Mmmmm... delicious..."

He stuffed the rest of the little heart into his mouth and hummed with delight.

"Do you really think he would have liked it?" asked Ami, still a bit doubtful.

"Absolutely. Bittersweet. His favourite. Here, you need to try a sweet one. He would have liked to share them with you."

"Hm, they're really good. Do you think I bought the right ones then?"

"Yes, they're perfect."

A big smile appeared on Ami's otherwise always too serious face.

"Then I'm happy! Take them home and share them with Makoto, will you?"

"Oh thank you, Ami-chan, she'll love them!"

It was true that Motoki had gained weight over the last years. It was true that they all had, given that Tokyo was full of delicious things that Ami needed help eating after the next impulsive shopping.

But it was irresistable to see how happy she was when she had someone to feed.

Minako was the one who finally snapped.

"Mamoru, you bring back that guy for her before I burst out of my stage outfits and be the laugh of the idol world! Get her Nephrite or I guarantee for nothing!"

It was said that Aino Minako could be very convincing. Mamoru could clearly see why because she was also very scary.

"But I..." ...know that Nephrite is very happy where he is now and I don't even know in all detail how to go about bringing someone back from the dead and it would take some extreme and foolish measures and do you think your next foto book is reason enough for all that hassle?


There was Minko's stare, and there was also Usagi's pout. There was also the hope to wear his favourite motorcycling gear again.

"Nothing. I'll do it."

Nephrite would love that.

No. Nephrite will love that.

Yes. He will