Naruto Akkipuden: Chapter 1, Extremity

It was silent on the battlefield. The rasen-shuriken had been thrown, and everyone was still waiting to see if the man feared by all was no more. But Shikamaru, the lazy genius, knew the masked man was dead. He started clapping, and gradually a massive wall of sound, cheering, clapping, and screams of delight could be heard for miles. Sound echoing off the hills, valleys and caves of destruction pitted in the earth.

Kakashi smiled, "Naruto really did it, he saved the shinobi world."

"Hai, Kakashi-sensei," the pink haired Kunoichi beamed. Her hair had gotten longer from lack of a hairdresser in the past few months. "I wouldn't have expected anything less from Naruto–kun."

Sakura stood up, her hair up high in a ponytail, and though the vest she was wearing was ripped on one side it was zipped up again. It was deduced that the scratches and cuts on her face were minor and nothing to worry over.

"Coming sensei, Sai?"

"Where are we going Sakura-chan," Sai asked, slightly confused. "Shouldn't we go find Naruto?"

"That's exactly what we are going to do!" She gave him the look that obviously meant, 'You are sooooo stupid!'

Sai took out a scroll sighed and began to write the following, "Don't ask girls' clarifying questions."

"What are you writing?" A vein popped out on her head and her eyes bulged accusingly.

She started gathering chakra in her fist. Sai cringed. But to no avail for Sakura was nearly out of chakra. Her angry look subsided, and she started to look more confused. Then a sudden wave of nausea washed over her causing her hand to smack her forehead. Stabilizing herself, Sakura saw the looks of concern on Kakashi and Sai's faces.

Kakashi sighed and said, "We might want to take a swing by the infirmary if you're out of chakra Sakura."

"I'm fine, just a little tired, my want to see Naruto is greater than it is to take a nap. We should get going Sensei, Sai."

"As long as you're ok, then lets go."

The group of ninjas then disappeared in a multicolored blur of speed.


Meanwhile Naruto was unconscious. That final rasen-shuriken had blasted him a mile away from the war zone onto an open field. Finally the super hyperactive knuckleheaded ninja started to come to. The area he was laying down on was covered in newly growing grass. A couple of half ripped apart houses stood, and seemed to sway slightly with the night breeze. Or a least Naruto thought so.

"Uhh, my head is killing me, that was worse that the time Sakura knocked me out for being a perver…" A stabbing unbearable pain shot through his body. "Uggh!"

Minutes later he had a sudden realization. "What the hell! Where's Madara I better have killed that bastard!"

In his current condition Naruto would probably gain a lot of battle scars if he wasn't the nine tail's host. He had a couple of slashes across his now bare chest and back. All seemed to be healing, but they were starting to cause increasing shots of pain to run through his body.

In the distance he could barely make out the outlines of 2 ninja. As they got closer he could see that one was dressed in the standard leaf ninja uniform and had brown hair. The other was big, muscular and had a huge sword on his back.

"Bee-san, Yamato-taichou!"

"Naruto, what a relief!"

"Yes, Naruto what a relief, we had a strange belief you were still with Madara Uchihaaaaa!" Bee rapped with a comforting smile.

"Do you have to make everything you say rhyme," Yamato panted, thoroughly annoyed. "Don't you do anything other than-"

He was cut off by a loud and delirious, Naruto.

"Did I kill him? Tell me tell me! I hit him with that rasen-shuriken ya know!"

As Yamato and Bee took a better look at him their eyes bulged in shock. The extent of his injuries, they were surprised he was even still alive, much less talking, or conscious. After a couple of minutes of silence, Yamato broke the stillness.

"As a matter of fact you did." with a smile he had never used before.

Naruto's striking blue eyes widened, "My head hurts really…" Suddenly his face got ghostly white and he blacked out.

"Poor kid he waaaaaay overexerted himself. Going for 3 days without rest," said Bee.

"Well he did just save the world, and kill Madara," replied Yamato.

"No shit Sherlock, let's rock and roll!"


Shikaku sighed and laughed. "Wow the squirt did it! Inochi, inform everyone of Madara's death and tell the medical-nin to gather up all the wounded in the health ward. Also send out the remaining ANBU to find Madara's corpse."

"Hai Shikaku I'm on it."

Shikaku beamed as he put his hands behind his head. Reaching a natural high out of shire happiness. Tingles shot up his spine as he savored the peace of the moment.

"Does this mean the Fourth Shinobi World War is over?" Chojiro asked eyebrows raised. He was one of the 2 guards of the Mizukage. He had short blueish-grey hair and teeth similar to a shark's, because of the sword he carried with him. It was oddly shaped, in a strap across his back.

"Not exactly, there are still some lose ends we have to tie up. But Naruto Usumaki finished the job, man that kid has grown."

Shikaku remembered how Naruto used to be that mischievous little kid always causing trouble. Spreading graffiti all over the village, which made the citizens even more furious about him. Then to a Genin ninja just starting out. Next beating Neji in the final rounds of the Chunnin exam. Getting Tsunade back, defeating Pain ect. All leading up to this.

"I hope I can meet him eventually," Chojiro replied.

"I'm sure you will, he does make himself stand out. He wears a orange and black jumpsuit and has spiky yellow hair and blue eyes."

The young guard's eyes became very wide, almost like a frightened rabbit.

"That was him?" Chojiro had previously met Naruto. He didn't however know his name at the time. But the other kage guards and Chojiro had made fun of him and called him a little underling messenger. Not really knowing what he was really capable of, or who he was for that matter. 'Why didn't he tell us who he was? We would've respected him a lot more then. Even though he did seem stupid.'

"So I see you've meet him before, well I don't know a person who has forgotten about Naruto easily. That kid is really special."

"Hmmmmmm," Chojiro looked thoughtfully out the window. "I think I owe him a apology."

Shikaku looked puzzled but said nothing, shrugging the curiosity off. He knew it was only a matter of time before he found out what happened between Naruto and this young man.


When Naruto came to, he noticed Sakura healing his multiple deep cuts and bruises. But quickly closed his eyes as he heard the conversation near him and didn't want to be seen awake.

"You want him to have Sannin status. That will be a lot for him to process if you tell him that now." Yamato looked pitifully at Naruto.

'Sannin status?' He let it soak in. 'Holy Shit!' Playing dead was not one of his strong suits. He wanted to yell and scream at the top of his lungs. Instead though, he cracked a foxy grin.

"His injuries are very severe. If you tell him that now he will most likely faint again," Sakura said. "That's funny he's grinning, so much that his teeth are showing."

The fifth hokage had a loving look on her face. "He is happy even in sleep." Then Tsunade growled, "But, yeah I guess we should wait awhile to tell him that. He will need at least a month, even with his recoverability powers. He is in critical condition." She thought for a minute. "Oh and Kakashi, get the rest of Naruto's teammates and the kages over here. I'm sure they'll want to see Naruto, this would also make a great time to hold a meeting."

Kakashi nodded. His sharingan was still activated and feeling the sudden pain on his eye deactivated it. Slipping the forehead protector over that eye.

"Summoning jutsu!"

Suddenly a group of 8 dogs appeared, all different sizes and laying on top of one another.

"Pacun, I want you to alert the other teams of Naruto's location and current condition."

"Hai, Kakashi."

"Biscuit, take this to the land of waves requesting our old friend the bridge builder. We can start building infirmaries for the wounded as soon as he gets here."


At that, the 8 dogs went in separate directions, sniffing the air as they went.

Yamato gave his best sad depressed look. "Does this mean I have to work too? I'm to tired to build houses now!"

Sakura smiled, forgetting the conversation to stare at Naruto. She had never been so happy in all her life. "Naruto that was amazing." She gasped as his blue eyes flitted open.

"You really think so Sakura?"

She blushed slightly, only meaning to say that while he was asleep. She loved him like a brother and cared for him deeply.

"Yes, yes I do."

Naruto closed his eyes once more to dream very happy peaceful dreams.


It had been throught the night Hinata was walking. Cold and stiff she stopped to rest. She sat on a large granite rock. The pink feldspar glittered with little flecks of mica and hornblend.

"I wonder how Naruto and the others are doing," she sighed.

It felt like just yesterday she had risked her life in front of Naruto during his fight with Pein. She would never regret those moments, it was a large stepping stone for her physically and psychologically.

"This time Naruto I will be holding your hand, ya know! Believe it!"

It cheered her up and sent tingles up her spine after she used his catchphrases. It also made her feel more confident too.

"Well, I should get going," Hinata said motivating herself to keep moving.

Off in the distance she heard a dog barking and a voice panting, "Hey, wait up!"

"Kiba-kun, Shino-kun! Hey, are you hurt?"

"A little bit," Kiba smiled. "I'm a scratched up, and Shino's got a couple bruises. But we can handle it! Right Akamaru?"

"Woof, roof!"

Hinata giggled slightly and sighed. "Well shouldn't we go to see Naruto and the others?"

"That's what we were running for," Shino grumbled.

"Yeah let's go! Ready, Akamaru?"

All could be heard was a loud woof before they speed off into the distance.


Sasuke walked among the trees. Swaying branches of oaks and maples not ceasing to block his path. 'Even the flimsy brown trunks of the young trees don't sway in this wind.' His mind wandered off in fluttering circles until he remembered his talk with his brother, Itachi Uchiha. "It is useless to go on trying to destroy Konoha. But what is my path in life now?" Contemplating for a moment, then his face lit up as if coming across an idea. He sighed and shook his head. 'How could they ever forgive me after what I've done to them.'


"Sasuke I'm bringing you back no matter what!"

"Hmmph fat chance loser, you chose your path, I chose mine."

Naruto gave an evil grin, "It's not to late to turn back, you have friends in the leaf village. Good people that would give their lives for you. That is true power, helping and saving those people you love and those who need your aid. Now do you realize why I won't let you forget us Sasuke! Now we are both top class shinobi. Someday we will face of just you and me to see who is better. But no matter who wins I will never believe in revenge for those who made me suffer those years of loneliness and pain!"


'I finally now what you meant now Naruto, I have to prove I'm worth it to the leaf village. I need to fight along side them.' Exhausted, the raven-haired ninja slumped against a tree and fell asleep. Dreaming about his old life and friends.