Chapter 1:

Everybody in the Dumping Ground was going about their usual business, when Mike informed Gina that a new social worker would be visiting later that day. Tracy had not yet arrived, because she was late to work, as usual.

'I thought we could do with somebody else to help look after the kids, they're getting out of control!' Mike said, swiftly followed by a 'Turn that music down!' yelled though the hall.

'I suppose you're right,' Gina agreed 'but its a little short notice. What time will they be arriving? And how much experience have they got? Seriously Mike, you don't tell me anything these days.' Said Gina, as she sighed and rolled her eyes.

'If you just shut up for one moment, then I might be able to give you a bit more detail.' At that moment Tracy burst into the room and interrupted the conversation; she was very out of breath, and panting heavily.

'Ugh, I'm finally here, Cam's car broke down; I had to run most of the way. What were you saying about detail?'

'Mike's just been telling me about this new social worker he has coming to visit later, only, I haven't been told what time they're coming, if they have any experience, or even their name!' Tracy wasn't sure if Gina was genuinely angry with Mike, or whether she was just being sarcastic. Either way, Tracy was to busy worrying about the fact that she could barely breathe to notice.

'Haha, typical Mike, should I call the kids for lunch?' Laughed Tracy, as she began to regain her breath.

'What? Its lunchtime already? But she's coming at 1:00!' exclaimed Mike, in a fluster.

'Aha! So we know it's a she.'

'Tracy! This is no time to mess around, call the kids for a house meeting, they can have lunch afterwards.' Mike ordered. Tracy knew that he meant business, so she did as he said.