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"Tsuruga-san, I've got something to show you!" Kyoko said as she bounced on the balls of her feet. Ren sighed, no matter how many times he had asked, Kyoko still insisted on addressing him formally. He was happy she'd shown up at his apartment so unexpectedly, but he could not understand what had her so ecstatic. What was all of this nonsense about fairies and paths? None of it made any sense to him. He was tired from the long day of filming, but he always loved listening to her talk, even when she rambled.

"What is it Mogami-san?" He asked the excited girl. Kyoko led the way into the living room and sat on the floor next to the glass table. She was sure the actor would need to sit down after her surprise. Ren folded himself up and joined her on the floor.

"Look!" She held her cupped hands out for Ren to see. Opening them gently, Kyoko held her hands up showing the contents. "Isn't she beautiful!" She sighed. Ren looked into the palm of her hands and saw nothing. He peered at the rapture on Kyoko's face as she stared at the unseen object. "I found her along the path that cuts through the park. A cat was batting her around, but I chased it off. She had hurt her wing so I brought her home and fixed it up with a little tape." The young actress smiled up at her confused senpai. "What do you think?" Ren raised his brow in confusion. He knew that Kyoko believed in fanciful things, but he was starting to worry about the young woman's sanity.

"I don't see anything." He admitted to the actress. "What am I supposed to be looking at?" Kyoko's smiled slipped as she realized that Ren could not see her surprise.

"It's a fairy." Kyoko said quietly, she was saddened that she couldn't share her discovery with him. Ren smiled at the girl and her imagination. He shook his head and sighed again.

"I wish I could see the world through your eyes."

The little fairy cradled in Kyoko's hands looked up at the tall man. She was sadden that his heart was not pure enough to see her, but she had a great idea. She should grant the man his wish. Kyoko gasped as the little fairy launched from her hand and alighted on Ren's shoulder. Ren looked up at the noise from Kyoko. He felt a soft tickle on his face as the four inch tall fairy placed both hands on his cheek and kissed him lightly.

"Ren!" Kyoko cried as the actors eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out. The fairy sprang from his shoulder as Kyoko rushed forward to catch him before he could fall into the coffee table. As soon as she took his weight and headed his mass in a safe direction, the fairy's spell caught her and she slipped into unconsciousness with her arms wrapped around the tall actor. The fairy landed on the coffee table smiling. She was proud of the work she had done in her injured condition. She was sure her savior would be happy with her. She would help the man to see what he could not. Figuring that her weakened condition would make the magic work slower, the fairy looked around for a place to rest till the spell completed itself. Spotting a nice potted plant with broad leaves by the window, she carefully fluttered over and tied two leaves together so they formed a hammock. Climbing in, she peered out at the actors sleeping together on the floor before curling up to recover from her long day.

"Ren, it's almost time to go." Yashiro called into the apartment as he let himself in. Turning the corner into the kitchen, he didn't notice the two actors asleep on the living room floor. Yashiro was surprised to find Ren was not waiting for him like normal. The actor hadn't even started the coffee that was his usual breakfast. The manager filled the pot and pushed the brew button before going to find out why his charge was not up. "Ren, if we don't get moving, you're going to be late." There was still plenty of time even if Ren was still in bed, but this threat usually got a response from the perpetually punctual man. Yashiro's footsteps started him toward Ren's bedroom, but he stopped when he saw the two actors curled together on the floor. He quickly turned his head back to where he had left his shoes and wondered how he could have missed the young actress' tennis shoes in the entry way. He let out a light squee, but covered his mouth quickly so he wouldn't wake the cute couple cuddled on the floor. Slipping into a pair of protective gloves, he snapped a few pictures of Kyoko holding Ren with his phone. As he got closer, he took several more pictures from different angles. His movement disturbed Ren's sleep and the actor sat up and looked at the giddy man oddly.

"What are you doing, Yashiro?" Ren asked as he wiped the sleep from his eyes. His head pounded and he didn't feel so well. Yashiro's fan girl mode stopped as he stared at the young girl talking to him. Kyoko was always very polite, and it bothered him that she had left the honorific off his name. Not because he minded that she was friendlier towards him, he welcomed that, it was just unlike her.

"I'm here to make sure Ren is ready for his day." The concerned manager answered. Ren nodded his understanding, last night was very fuzzy. He could not remember why he was on the living room floor. He couldn't remember if he had anything to drink, but it felt like he had a massive hangover.

"Sorry." Ren apologized. "I'm up now. Just give me a few minutes to get ready." Trying to stand, he found his balance was way off and he started to fall. Yashiro quickly stepped up and caught Kyoko as she toppled over.

"Whoa there Kyoko-chan, are you alright?" He held the girl as she clung to him. Ren looked at the man holding him up; he didn't remember Yashiro being so tall. He tried to look around to see the girl he was talking to, but his stomach chose that moment to get really upset. Ren dropped his head to Yashiro's chest and leaned on his manager.

"I'm going to be sick." He mumbled. To his surprise Yashiro scooped him up and quickly deposited him in the bathroom. Ren's mind reeled on how this delicate looking man had managed that feat, but his churning stomach drove the surprise out of his mind for the moment. Yashiro rubbed Kyoko's back as she retched several times before sitting back. Ren hung his head into his hands and rubbed the ache in his temples. He was sure that he had not drunk enough to make himself this sick. He looked up and took the cup of water and the damp towel Yashiro handed down to him.

"Are you ok, Kyoko-chan?" Yashiro asked the sickened girl on the floor. Ren looked around for Kyoko. He vaguely remembered that she had stopped by last night with a surprise. Yashiro looked down at the dazed girl looking around and squatted to see if she had a fever. "Maybe I should call a doctor." He placed his hand on the sluggish girl's head. Ren pushed Yashiro's hand away.

"I'm fine." Ren pulled himself up by the counter. "I just had a hard night. A hot shower should put me right." Yashiro looked on in concern for the girl. She was definitely not acting right. Ren looked in the mirror and nearly fell over as he whipped around to find out why Kyoko was standing behind him. Her reflection was there, but he did not see her anywhere. Yashiro grabbed the unstable girl as she turned too quickly and nearly fell over.

"Careful, Kyoko-chan." He warned as he helped to right her. Ren stared at Yashiro for a moment confused then turned back to the mirror. A pair of golden eyes stared back at him. He reached up and touched his face while the reflection of Kyoko mimicked this movement. He moved his hands lower to his chest and blushed at what he found there. That was definitely not his chest! He thought about checking other things, but decided that would not help and turned his attention to the concerned man watching him.

"You are going to need to call my first filming and tell them I can't make it." Ren told Yashiro as his predicament sunk in. Yashiro looked strangely at the odd request from the young actress.

"Alright, but where are you supposed to be this morning?" He pulled out his phone and prepared to call Kyoko's first location. Ren shook his head.

"I mean, you're going to have to call Ren's first job and tell them that HE can't make it." Yashiro stared dumbfounded at this request.

"I can't do that, Ren will be very upset." Yashiro didn't want to face the wrath of the tall actor.

"No I… I mean, HE will not." Ren fumbled past the worried man. "Just do it Yashiro!" This shocked the manager into making the call as Ren stumbled his way to the living room to look down on his body lying on the floor. His eyes caught a hint of an iridescent flash from the coffee table, and his eyes focused on the little fairy sitting there. She smiled at him proud of the job she had done. Suddenly the night before came flooding back to him and he groaned as he remembered the wish he had made.

Yashiro came out of the bathroom after canceling Ren's first appointment. He had told the director the actor was sick and apologized to him several times. He was sure Ren was going to be very upset about this, but Kyoko had been so demanding. He was kind of afraid to go against her. Yashiro watched from the door way as the girl went over to his sleeping charge and sat on the floor next to him. He was sure he needed to call a doctor when she started to talk to the table.

"So, Kyoko was telling the truth." Ren said slowly looking at the little fairy swinging her legs over the edge of the table. The fairy nodded. "You can understand me?" He asked and she nodded her head again. "What's your name?" he asked. The little girl opened her mouth and moved it, but only a soft chiming reached his ears. Ren shook his head and the fairy shrugged. "You granted my wish, didn't you?" The fairy sat up proudly and fluttered her tiny wings. The smile that graced her face spoke more than words could say. He smiled back at her. How he could not be mad at her for doing exactly as he had wished, even though it was not in the way he expected? "Can you change us back?" She nodded again. "Can you do it now?" He asked gently, he didn't want to appear ungrateful to the little creature. She looked a little concerned at the request. The fairy fluttered her wings slower and thought about the question. The initial spell had taken most of her magic and she was unsure if she had enough left in her to change them back immediately. Ren saw her shrug. "Will you try?" He coaxed and the little girl nodded. She fluttered to his shoulder and kissed his cheek again. As her soft lips tickled his cheek, he realized that this was the same feeling he had felt last night. After a moment she plopped down on his shoulder exhausted. Unfortunately, the fairy didn't have enough magic to complete the spell she tried to cast. Ren reached his hand up so she could crawl her way over to his palm. He pulled the little creature down so he could see her again. Her wings wilted slightly in disappointment at her inability to complete the request. She looked up at him with apologetic eyes. Ren smiled at her, he remembered the words of his love from the night before. "It's ok, I'm sure you're not feeling well after that cat attack." The fairy nodded and waved one of her wings. Ren could see the small strips of clear tape where Kyoko had done a wonderful job repairing the tear. "Will we ever change back?" He asked the little creature. She perked up and nodded happily. She had cast the spell properly, so as soon as her magic was stronger it would take effect. "When?" He asked. She thought for a moment and held up three fingers then wiggled her hand back and forth. "Three, give or take?" he guessed and she nodded. "Hours?" he said but she shook her head. "Days?" He guessed again and she sat up a little straighter and nodded happily again. Ren sat there with his mouth open. He was going to be stuck in Kyoko's body for three days. And worse, she was going to be stuck in his!

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