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Ren looked over to the quiet girl in his passenger's seat. It had been over a week since they had woken up on his living room floor and she was still acting strange. She was no longer the carefree excitable girl that he had grown to love, well at least not around him. When she did not know he was there, she was still the same fun bubbly yet driven teenager that she had been, but the moment she saw him a blush would rush up her cheeks and she would plaster that fake smile on. It tore his heart up to know that his presence had made her so uncomfortable. Every time he saw her, his mind would go back to that strange morning in his living room. It was just a dream right? Did she have a strange dream too? Ren let out a sigh and pointed his car to his apartment. Yashiro had convinced Kyoko to fix Ren dinner based on the fact that he had not been eating well in the last few days. He had, in fact, been too concerned about the change in his beloved to think about food.

Kyoko looked up from her hands when she heard Ren's sigh. A light blush wandered up her check from just looking at his profile. Her mind had been filled with him recently. That dream had been too vividly real for her to forget the feel of his body under her hands, but the part that really boggled her mind was the fact that she had been inside his body. She shuddered slightly as she remembered the feel of his soft curly blond hair under her hands. It could not have been real; Ren did not have blond hair and blue eyes. Kyoko swallowed as she considered her predicament. Yashiro had called her begging for her to take care of Ren, he had been skipping out on whole meals in the last week. Even though she was uncomfortable near him, she agreed to the task, his health was more important than her unsettled mind. It was not the fact that she disliked him, it was the other way around. Her heat would beat wildly every time he looked at her and her emotions would run out of control. Kyoko tried to scold her heart back to where it belonged, but it would not listen to her. No matter how many times she told it that Ren already had a girl he like, his words from that stupid dream would come back and leave just a trace of doubt in her mind. Ren would love someone special, and she was not special. She couldn't be the high school girl he liked, could she?

Kyoko glanced back over to the serious man driving the car. The smile that he wore at work had grown more fake over the last few days and she had caught him watching her. She could see the concern in his eyes, but she did not know what was bothering him. She had thought about kidnapping the Bo costume again so that she could ask him. Maybe he would talk to the large chicken that had become his friend. That way she could discover what was on his mind. Finding that she did truly love this man had made it hard to face him. She was sure that he would never return her love and when he did finally get around to confessing to his high school girl, she would end up in the same situation she had been in with Sho. Cast aside with a broken heart. She had been running from him since these feeling had surfaced, she could not think straight in his presence. Kyoko was pulled from her thoughts by the sound of the car engine dying.

"Thank you for coming over to cook for me." Ren said quietly as he toyed with his car keys. Kyoko looked up from her seat when he spoke. The red crept back into her cheeks when their eyes met and she looked away fast.

"You're welcome." She muttered as she reached for the door handle to get out. Her response irritated the pain in Ren's heart. Normally she would go into some kind of rant about him not eating properly, but there was no fight in her tonight. Ren ruffled his hair in frustration and got out of the car slamming the door. Kyoko jumped a little at the loud sound. Her grudges had started to swarm out towards the darkness growing around her senpai. 'HE'S MAD!' was the only thought that jumped into Kyoko's mind. She spun her memories around trying to figure out why he was mad.

They did not talk as Kyoko picked out the ingredients for dinner, but Kyoko could feel Ren's eyes burning on her the entire time the shopped. She had silently let him take the basket away from her as she compared vegetables and another grudge popped out to add to the ones already swimming in the dark lord's aura. Why had this mad him so mad? Kyoko almost cowered away from him as they entered the elevator to his apartment. She was actually looking forward to getting into his kitchen with the food so she could send him out to relax as she cooked. When Ren opened his apartment door, she practically bolted down the hall way with her bags.

Ren watched as Kyoko dropped her shoes at the door and disappeared as fast as she could into the kitchen. Pain stabbed at his heart and his anger level went up another notch. This has got to stop. As he stalked down the hall and into the kitchen, Ren's personality pulled back and Kuon took over. He had enough of Ren pussy footing around the girl. He was tired of this game these two were playing. In that realistic dream he had held Kyoko, kissed her, and he was not going to let the sissy boy ruin the chance that he could have her again. He was going to get answers from her, one way or another. Kuon set the bags down on the table with a thump that was louder than the goods inside could have made on normal bases.

Kyoko stood petrified by the loud band on the table that had announced Ren had come into the room behind her. She knew he had to deliver the shopping bags, but she hoped that he would drop them off and leave. She slowly turned to look at the man behind her. His ankles were crossed and he leaned his hip against the table with his arms crossed over his chest, the anger was prevalent on his face. Kyoko whipped back around to face away from the man that was no longer her gentle senpai. The presence of the man that stood in his place spoke of danger and violence, nothing she had ever expected of Ren. The confession that Ren had given about his past came swimming up from the memories of that strange dream. Just feeling the presence of the man behind her made Kyoko question her memories. It was a dream, right?

Seeing Kyoko's fear was enough for Ren to pull control back from Kuon. He did not want to scare the girl and make her run from him. They just needed to talk about what had happened. Kuon's withdraw had given him a micron more control and he pushed the anger and hurt away as he relaxed into a softer stance.

"Look at me Kyoko." Ren spoke softly to the girl across the room. Kyoko froze at the use of her given name, but turned around to face him and stared at his chest. She could see that he was back to normal, somewhat. She tensed as he pushed away from the table and closed on her, but she did not feel hunted as he approached. It was more like a friend trying to comfort you when you're hurt. "What's wrong?" Ren asked in a soft voice as he stopped and leaned against the counter next to her. Kyoko's mind clicked on what answer to give him. She couldn't very well tell him that she was having feelings for him. It would only hurt her in the long run.

"Nothing's wrong." Kyoko smiled her best professional smile, and turned to pull the rest of the groceries out of the bag. Ren grabbed her wrist before she could pick anything up. Her eyes shot up to his face and found that the gentleness was gone and he looked at her with a cold glint in his eyes. Her face slipped and she wanted to run from the predator that had approached her in sheep's clothing, but he had a hold on her wrist. The only way she would get away was if she fought him off, but her heart really did not want to relinquish his touch.

"Don't lie to me Kyoko. I can tell there is something wrong." Kuon breathed from behind Ren's mask. Kyoko took a step back from him. She was unsure if she really knew this man. Ren saw the fear in her and yanked Kuon back so he could deal with this issue. Kyoko saw his eyes soften a little, but he never released her wrist. "You have been acting strangely towards me since we woke up on the floor in the living room." Kyoko could see the anguish bloom in Ren's eyes. "Please tell me what is wrong." Kyoko could not stand the pained look in the eyes of the man she loved, especially not knowing that she was the cause of that hurt.

Ren gasped as Kyoko dropped on to the floor and beg his forgiveness. The firm grip he had on her wrist caused him to follow her to the floor where she wailed about treating him so coldly. He listened to her go on about her audacity to harbor feeling for him. Her words rambled on for a moment before he was able to make out the fact that she loved him and did not think herself worth of him. Ren yanked her up from the floor and into his arms. He did not give her time to respond before he crashed his lips against her in a passionate kiss that did more than just quiet her words.

Kyoko's mind went blank when Ren pulled her to him. The feel of his lips on her was strangely familiar. Her heart wanted this badly and she found herself melting into the kiss. She somehow knew what to do and Ren groaned against her lips as she responded. She felt the gentle touch of his tongue and opened her mouth to let him explore her depths. Kyoko mewed lightly as the world around them evaporated leaving just the two of them tangled together in a passionate kiss. When they pulled apart to gain the air they were both starved for, Ren looked into the flushed face of the girl causing his heart problems. He cupped his hand to the side of her head and brought it to rest against his chest.

"Kyoko, you are a wonderful, strong, passionate girl and if you search your heart you will find that you are worthy of being loved." Ren released her and sat back with his legs tucked under so he could talk to her. He took both of her hand into his as she settled back as her mind whirled over what he said. He rubbed his thumbs over her knuckles as he looked at her hands. Ren pause as he drew up his courage. "I don't know what weird impression you got from my confessions to the damn chicken, but I love you Kyoko. I have for a long time." Kyoko gasped as Ren revealed that he knew she was Bo. Ren pushed on before she could ask how he knew. "I have already told you that I don't deserve to love someone, but I can't help myself when it comes to you." Ren looked up into Kyoko's golden eyes so that he could bare the rest of his soul to her. The feeling that he had done this once before made this confession easier. "Kyoko, I'm not a good person. I…." Kyoko pressed her lips to Ren's to stop the rest of his words. She did not know if the words he had spoken to her in her dream were going to be the same explanation that he was going to give her now, but she did not care. She loved him and she could wait for his secrets to come out when he was more comfortable in sharing them.

"I love you too." Kyoko whispered when she pulled away from the kiss. Ren pulled her to him so he could hold her. He loved the way those little words slipped from her tongue and dance across the nerves of his skin. Ren rolled her into his arms and shifted so he was leaning against the cabinets with her cuddled in his lap. This was more substance the all of the food that was sitting forgotten on the counter tops around them.

"This came for you today Ren." Yashiro held out an oversized manila envelope. Ren took it and looked at the name scrawled on the outside. He recognized the hand writing of the photographer Makoto Hideaki. Ren pulled open the flap and up ended the paper sleeve so that a thick stack of pictures slid out into his hand. Ren expected that these were the test pictures from the modeling shoot with Marianna Adual. It had been two weeks since he had last seen Hideaki during the photo shoot. Ren shuddered as he remembered how grabby the French model had been during the job. Yashiro had to intervene when the woman tried to charm her way into making Ren take her out for dinner.

There was a sheet of paper covering the first picture, and Ren pulled it away without reading the letter. He nearly dropped the stack of photographs when he saw the visage of the girl he loved smiling up at him. It had only been a few days since Ren had cornered his kohai for their heart to heart conversation. It had been a life changing moment for both of them and they were now secretly dating. Yashiro had nearly died of joy when he weaseled it out of Ren the next day, but he was bound to keep their secret for as long as the pair wanted the joy of privacy in their relationship. It was Lory that was the problem. He was already planning their engagement press conference and Kyoko's graduation from the LoveMe section. He had even started looking into churches where his favorite couple would spend their happy day.

Ren dropped the letter back over the pictureand read the words that the photographer had written.


I found these rolls of film in my dark room. I do not remember taking these pictures and I have no idea who this girl is, but since you are in the pictures too, I thought you should have them. She is a very beautiful girl and I would love to get her in front of my camera. Is she a model, or maybe a friend of yours? Let me know. Thanks.

Makoto Hideaki

Ren flipped through the rest of the pictures. Most of them were Kyoko in the standard modeling poses, but the ones at the end were of both Ren and Kyoko in increasingly more intimate positions. The last picture of him kissing her neck made his pulse quicken. He remembered taking this picture, but he was the one in her body. How can that be! Wasn't it all a dream? Ren quickly slipped the pictures back into the envelope before Yashiro could finish with the phone call he was on and ask to see them. Several more memories surfaced from his mind about the 'dream'; the trouble Kyoko had in the shower, him confessing who he was, the incident with Sho, him dressed in the blaring pink jumpsuit, and the fact that he could still fell the way the tampon had slid in. They were all too real to have been his imagination and these pictures were proof that what had happened was real. If this slipped past, what else was out there that had somehow escaped the second fairy's magic? Ren tucked the envelope up under his arm with a shudder and vowed that no one would ever see these photos except for him. It would be a shame if Kyoko could not use them for her portfolio, but the embarrassing memories that they brought up would only server to traumatize the innocent young girl. That was the last thing he wanted in a new relationship that was going so well. It would be best if she continued on believing that the strange things that had happened had all been a dream. At least for now.

Author's note: See I am not completely evil. Ren still gets his Kyoko, and cute pictures :)