Close to Me


Santana's Point of View

Another year of university starts up again this year. This will be my third year of university so I will be a Junior majoring in business minoring in music. My dreams to become something in music, whether it's a recording artist, music manager, anything that involved music I'd be happy to do.

I have my friends, my closet one's Puck, he get into some trouble but not big enough trouble to get kicked out of university, just some pranks here and there. I'll admit I'm a bit of a bitch, but whatever, I don't really care, it's part of who I am. I live in a apartment not to far from university, on the coast, that's right my university is close to the coast. It's nice, I get to go surfing whenever I want and I get to look at the beach from my apartment. It's a great life.

I met my roommate first year, she was my roommate in my door room, we clicked right away and that's off because usually I bitch at everyone. Her name is Quinn. She's on the cheerleading team, she sometimes gets into the trouble Puck, me and a couple of our other friends get into but she's usually the good one in our group.

I was on the beach at this moment, tanning, you know why, because I look hot. I always look hot. Since the beach by my home isn't a privet beach people walk, jog or swim past. There are a bunch of houses here where the backyard is the beach, I see them, mostly guys always come back jogging checking me out. I don't mind it, someone I guess it gets tiring but that's very rarely.

As I lay tanning on my beach chair I hear footsteps coming towards me. I try to ignore them, maybe if they think I'm really busy or sleeping they'll leave me alone. I wants to get my tan on.

Just as I realize whoever is coming is not going away I'm about to take off my sunglasses and look up when I feel water, cold water fall all over my body. I jump up whipping my sunglasses off in shock. I look up to see Puck smiling at me holding a glass, an empty glass.

"Puck! What the fuck!" I snapped.

"Sorry San, you looked a little hot. I thought I'd help cool you off," Puck smirked.

"You're a dick," I said giving Puck at shove over, he looked at me with that look a smile at him as I kicked some sad onto him which landed on his legs and stomach.

"Oh now you're gonna get it!" He said.

"Oh I'm so scared," and I started running off down to the beach towards the water.

He chases after me I ran faster only because I know he likes to run to go after what he wants. I see him getting closer behind be until I feel arm's rap around my stomach and lift me up. I scream but not in a help I'm being attacked, in a playful way. Pucks like my brother, and to clear things up we aren't dating, I don't like him like that, he's not my type. No guys are my type.

I laugh as he swings me all around until I realize where he's taking me too, he's taking me to the water. He has picked me up and now he is going to throw me in the water. I'm already wet but I don't want him to throw me in the water, I have to get ready for this afternoon, I'm going to the first ever party of the year.

"Puck! Stop! Let me go!"

"To late, I told you I'd get you back," Puck said now standing in the water holding me about to let me go.

"No please!" I said slapping him on the arm.

"Well now I've got to do this," suddenly I felt myself falling and the next thing I knew water surrounded me. I burst up for air as I grabbed Puck and pulled him down with me.

"Santana!" He yelled as he toppled over and fell into the water, I laughed. He and I splashed each other a little bit until we were both soaking wet. I saw Quinn running out over to the beach with a smile on her face, she wasn't only smiling but when she saw us she started to shake her head.

"Come on guys, cut it out! We're gonna be late," Quinn told us.

"Loosen up a little Quinny," I told her, she always was studying or something.

"You guys are so immature."

"That's why you love us," Puck smirked.

She scoffed..." Whatever."

I grabbed Puck and dragged him out of the water throwing a towel over me to dry off. He smirked, I knew he liked my body, it was obvious by the way he looked at me but he never would have a chance besides I could tell that besides me, he liked Quinn, he just couldn't admit it to himself yet.

"So guys, I needed to talk to you both," Puck said drying off.

"What about?" Quinn asked.

"It's frosh week, you know what that mean's all the first years will be arriving soon, thinking there so cool because they're in university now, partying, having fun but I happen to know about the juniors and seniors planning some frosh pranks to put them in their place."

"Prank week? I forgot about that." I told him.

"I don't know guys, we didn't like it in our frosh week. It's supposed to be fun."

"It will be fun," Puck told her.

"Yeah for you guys, not for the first years." Quinn said. Typical of Quinn, always trying to do the sensible thing, the mature thing. We had to get her drunk tonight, so we could help her cut loose. It's a good think Puck and I were her friends otherwise who knows how boring she would be.

"Come on Quinn, we both know you want to," I say.

"Pull some pranks on some first years? No thanks, I'll pass."

"Fine be a study girl," Puck said trying to make joke to her even if it was the worst joke ever, Quinn just rolled her eyes and smirked. I could tell she liked Puck too, but both still didn't want to tell each other. Of course I needed to help again, Santana, the couple set up girl! Ready to take action.

"I'm in," I tell Puck.


"What's our plan?" I ask.

"Well I was walking through the town the other day when I noticed a sign in the window of a shot! It was perfect! So perfect!" He said getting really excited.

"The sign was perfect?" Now I was confused.

"No! What it said on the sign!" Puck told me.

"What it say?" Quinn started to get interested, I knew she would want to help us, well I hoped that's where this was leading too. I liked partying with her, she was fun but the three of us together, we were like super amazing together! Once we got started it was like the three musketeers ready to take action.

"It said, paintball guns, cheap! Thirty bucks per gun!"

"You want us to shoot them with paintball guns?" Ok, I had to admit this was starting to sound real exciting.

"Yeah! Think about it! There just walking along minding there own business and them BAM! They get hit with a paintball! Think of the shock! Think of their reaction! It will be priceless," Quinn only shook her head.

"Seriously guys, I thought you'd go for the break into their door room and put lining on their toilet seats or tea bags in their shower heads or something, not go this extreme."

"Those are lame," I told Quinn. "You have to think outside of the box."

That's why you're my bro," Puck told me. "You always get what I'm talking about."

I looked over at Quinn who looked a little jealous. I thought it was kind of funny. Even though she knew I would never go for him she still got jealous of how close we were. Oh course they had a deeper connection but it was still funny to look at.

"Whatever, I'm not doing it," Quinn scoffed.

"I guess it's just you and me then," Puck said looking at me.

"Looks like it." I told him.

"Just don't come crying to me when someone gets hurt," Quinn told us.

"No one's going to get hurt Quinny," Puck said teasing her.

Quin gave Puck a little shove, which resulted in Puck wrapping his arms around her in a big bear hug, it looked cute if Quinn wasn't trying to struggle out of it. I new deep down she liked it.

"We going to get the others in on it?" I asked.

"We should," Puck told me.

"You guys make me think we should be back in high school the way you're acting," Quinn told us. Although I wouldn't mind that, I owned my high school. Puck and me were to two on top. Yeah I bitched and lashed out at everyone not to mention people were scared of Puck because he threw everyone in the dumpster but still it was great.

People didn't mess with us, we knew who our true friends were and that was good enough for us. Me being on the cheerio's and everything and Puck being on the football team, we were like the perfect couple... that's right we dating for a little but that was before I figured out who I really was.

"Oh high school, I remember those days," Puck said.

It was now day four out of six for frosh week. By now Puck and I had gotten our paintball guns, loaded them and were ready to take action. We were meeting up with the guys this afternoon to put our plan into action. I felt like I was in some sort of spy movie the way I looked.

The pranks had already started and most of the first years were trying to avoid as many people as they could. I heard that someone gabbed a first year and threw him into a pool of pudding or that another two people got tied up in a tree for the whole night. Of course there were people who had Quinn's idea and put tea bags in the shower head but those were really lame jokes. I liked the ones who thought about it, like the people that put fake eviction letters on the door rooms, watching the first years freak out over that was hilarious.

The first years aren't that happy about the pranks that are going on now but they'll learn to deal with it, it's only for the first week anyway and next year when they're in their second year then they can prank the first years.

I met the others in the walkway by the forest, it was really nice because it had a sense of freshness to it. I really liked how you could see the beach or walk in a forest. I saw the others were waiting for Puck and me so I ran up to one of my best friends who gave me a big hug. His name was Sam.

"Sam! Are you ready!" I asked.

"Hell yeah I am!" He sais to me.

"I've been practicing my shooting skills to now I think I'm pretty pro," my friend Josh said to me. I laughed a little because he was incapable of shooting or hurting anyone.

"Yeah ok, we'll see," I said.

"I'm telling the truth!" He said in his defense. "I've been learning to dodge too."

"Then dodge this," I say quickly lifting my paint ball gun up at him and shoot him right in the gut, he bends over in pain and I chuckle a little to myself. He looks at me with that glare. My friends around me are laughing while Puck it just shaking he head, I can see he's trying to hold back him laughter.

"Come on Satan, let's be nice," Puck told me.

Satan, that's my nickname because we'll in not very nice.

"I was not ready for that," Josh said hunched over.

"Nice dodging," I tell him.

"Shut up."

"Alright now that we've learn Josh still can't dodge anything are we all ready to get going and shoot some first years?" Sam asked holding up his gun.

"Let's go!" Puck said.

I followed them through the forest, I seriously didn't know why I was at the back of the line, I'm always first, always the leader. I will not have this so I start pushing my way up through the crowd, well my friends and making my way to the front with Puck. I see the clearing up ahead and all the first years running to where they're supposed to be, none of them want to get caught up in the pranks.

There is a first year standing by a tree, it looks like she's trying to take a picture of the bird resting on the tree. She's just standing there totally un fazed by the pranks going on this week. First years run past here, they have the right idea, no one wants to get caught up in this. This girl by the tree is the perfect first target, she won't know what hit her.

I motion to Puck that I want the first hit, he nods at me. I load my gun up and hold it up, it lines perfectly towards her, too bad she didn't take her photo fast enough, now she'll never get that good photo.

"Don't miss," Puck said to me.

"Shut up, Santana never misses," I tell him with a smirk on my face.

I see her, I pull the trigger on my gun and the paint ball fly towards her. I see her just about to take her picture when SMACK! The paint ball hits her right in the shoulder, she cries out in pain holding her shoulder. She knows she's been hit with a paint ball, she looks around frantically and see's us towards the bushes killing ourselves with laughter. She doesn't seem to run to Sam picks up his gun and shoots her again, in the stomach this time. Green paint splashes everywhere, the power causes her to fly back onto the ground.

That is the funniest thing I've ever seen, I can't stop laughing, she doesn't seem to think it's funny but when do the fresh men ever think it's funny. Puck and me are killing ourselves with laughter, that had to be the best reaction I saw! She scrambled to get up, grab her camera and get the heck out of here. She was so scared, too bad for her.

"That was great!" Puck said.

"Poor girl was scared out of her mind," Sam said.

"On to target two!" Josh said excitedly.

Not far from where we were before there were two people walking, two first years. They must have been dating because while they were walking they were holding hands just minding their own business. Puck loaded his gun, he couldn't wait for this moment, he loved having paint ball fights.

He aimed and shot twice, once at the girl which hit her in the side and once at the guy who happened to get hit by the paintball in his leg, she squealed in pain while the guy beside her tried to suck it up and act like a tough guy, they now knew they were being targeted as the next first years for prank week. Puck looked at me, I could tell he wasn't satisfied with the reaction of the guy. He didn't like that he tried to suck up his pain.

"Give him a shot," he told me.

Normally I didn't listen to other people but I wanted to shoot him just as badly to get a better reaction out of him. So I shot at his stomach and then again at his arm. This time he fell down and cried in pain. The girl beside his grabbed his hand trying to pull him up to get out of the line of fire. I couldn't help but laugh how ridicules they both looked.

As they ran off I saw some other guy reading to himself on the park bench. He was oblivious to everything that just happened, when the other first years saw the couple that got shot ran off themselves so they wouldn't be the next target but not this guy. That didn't go over to well with me and the rest of the guys.

"I think we should teach this guy to be more aware of his surroundings," Sam said to us. I nodded agreeing with him.

"Can I shoot!" Josh asked real excited.

"You shoot?" Puck asked in surprise. I was in shock as well.

"Yeah please?"

"No offence Josh but you can't aim for you life," Sam told him.

"I promise I won't miss," he said.

"San what do you think?"

"Well I don't know, if he misses then we didn't teach him his lesson." I told him.

"I promise I wont!" Josh said again, he was really determined to shoot.

"Fine, go for it," I told him.

He seemed really excited, like when a little kid wakes up of Christmas morning as runs down stairs to open his presents. It was kind of sad actually. He aimed at the man, all of us were watching in suspense. He shot, we watched the paint ball fly at the man and then all are faces sunk in disappointed. The man jumped out and held his foot, that's right he got shot in the foot.

"Well I didn't miss," Josh said as we rolled our eyes.

The man reading the book was about to get up and run off, no we couldn't have that. I nudged Puck in the side, he seemed to have caught on quit quickly because he shot the first year three more times. Once in the stomach, the leg and in the arm, the man cried out in pain and tired to get away as fast as his body would take him. We started laughing again.

"All in favor of not letting Josh shoot anyone again?" I asked as everyone but Josh rose their hand.

"Come on guys, it was my warm up shot," he pleaded.

"Sure it was," I tell him.

He didn't really like my attitude towards him.

We were on a role, it was a few hours later and we had managed to shoot many first years. Word got around in those hours that we were on a move looking for fresh bate to shoot. The other second, third and fourth years were giving us mad props when they saw us. We were kind of the rulers of prank week. It felt good.

Whenever the first years saw us they started running in the other direction, so we decided we had to sneak around more carefully. We must have shot many more people but the last one we shot, I don't know I think that should have been our last one. The guy seemed to have rolled around in a lot of pain. When we shot him he was taken by surprise that he threw all his books up in the air and they landed in the water fountain. I know how expensive books can be so I did feel kind of bad.

Puck, Sam and Josh were determined to find one more person to shoot while I was a little uncertain about it. I think we should just go back to the beach and hang out there.

I was a little behind, up ahead I saw the guys trying to get me to hurry up, I guess they had found their next target. I ran up to them and that's when I saw her. She had long blonde hair, eyes that were as blue as they sky she looked perfect. I could feel my heart start to race, I couldn't peal my eyes away, she looked so graceful so innocent. As the wind blew in her hair and could feel my heart take off.

Suddenly I heard Puck load his gun, he was going to hit this girl with a paintball. He was going to hit her beauty, I've never felt this way just by looking at someone for a few seconds. I didn't know why I suddenly felt this way, I always thought girls were hot before but she was just to amazing for words.

"Stop Puck! Didn't the last guy you shot made it clear that we should stop this," I told him.

"Just one more person San," he said.

"I think that maybe you've gone to far, come on lets just go back on the beach and hang out." I tell him.

"Oh I see what's going on," Sam said to me with a smile. "You think she's hot."


"I do not!" I said in my defense. But they could see right through my lie.

"You totally do!" Puck said to me with a smile.

"Just don't shoot her okay," I tell them.

"Fine, whatever makes you happy San," Puck told me with a wink.

Just then I heard a shot go off, I look to Puck and then to Sam, none of them were holding there guns up. Then I look to Josh who had just shot the girl. I saw her, she lost her balance and flew off the side walk. Of course there had to be a hill where she was walking, with bushes at the bottom and of course he had to fall down the hill. The shot must have been really strong.

"Josh! What the fuck!" I yell at him.

"I told you I could shoot," he said.

"You threw her off the hill!" I yell. Shit, shit, shit! She fell off the hill, I hope she's ok.

I drop my paintball gun with the guys and run to the edge of the hill. I see her at the bottom, she's lying on the ground with a great big paint explosion on his shirt. She's not moving, oh shit! I run down the hill, we'll I slid down and rest by her side. That's not all I see. I recognize this girl when I see her up close.

She went to my high school! I don't know her name but I do recognize her. She was the quiet one, the one that only had a couple of friends that people sometimes picked on. She had gotten so much more beautiful, I mean now that she had her hair down and grown up a little she was amazing. I bet she would know who I was when she woke up, probably that mean bitch that made high school a living hell for her and all the younger students. I felt bad now, worse then before.

"Can you hear me?" I yelled hoping she would get up and wake up. "Hello?"

A soft moan came from her, I sighed in relief.

"She living?" Puck called down at me. I looked at him telling him to shut up I didn't want any distractions. I looked back at the girl to see her eyes flutter open.

"Hi, are you okay? I'm so sorry," I tell her once her eyes open and she's looking at me. Her eyes are even more amazing close up, I can't look away from them, they just have some lock on me. She moans again slowly lifting her head up, I try to catch her and held her up to her feet.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

She looks so innocent, until her face changes and she snaps. I look at her in shock. "Are you kidding me! You shot me with a fucking pain ball!" She said angrily. If I remember correctly this girl didn't have a back bone in high school, she's come along way.

"That wasn't me, it was my friend, I'm really sorry," I say, for some reason I can't have this girl be mad at me even if I hardly know her.

"Whatever," she scoffed.

"Please, let me help you, you must have hit your head."

"I'm fine, why ever would I want someone like you, who thinks it's fun to target all the first years with paintball guns to help me. Honestly, just get away." She told me.

"But..." I tried to say before she interrupted me.

"I really don't want to talk to you," she said as she headed up the hill angrily. Puck, Sam and Josh moved out of her way, they could tell how angry she was and they did not want to get in the way of that. I chased after her and grabbed her wrist.

"Let go! Haven't you done enough damage today," She told me.

"I'm sorry, please I was wrong and that takes a lot because I don't apologize to anyone." I tell her.

"Oh I know, trust me. You're still the same old Santana, who took her bitch from high school and brought it to university," she said.

She remembered me.

"No, I've changed I mean it," I say as convincing as possible, obviously she doesn't think so because she scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Right, you've changed. I remember you, dating Puck thinking you were to top shit, tearing everyone down. Please, you haven't changed one bit," the blonde girl said as she turned around and left me standing there.

I felt like screaming back, I have changed, I don't like Puck anymore! I like you! She was so pretty, I never felt like this before, I needed to get to know her, let her know I had changed that I cared for her. I didn't even know if she rolled like that but I needed to find out. I'd rather be her friends then nothing at all.

"Tough luck," Puck said to me as he came up from behind.

"No, I'm not giving up that easy." I say.

"Wow, what happened to you. You never fight for you're girls, they don't come to you, you always move onto the next one. She's got to be pretty special if you want to fight for her."

"You know, we went to high school with her?" I ask, maybe he remembers her.

"I know. Brittany. She was in Glee club, I threw a couple slushies at her every now and then." I looked at Puck in shock. Her name was Brittany!

"You did what?" I ask in shock. "Ugh, loser." I tell him.

"You really like her."

"Maybe," I tell him, not wanting to let all my feelings out.


Let me know if you like this story, should I continue? I never know.