Santana's Point of View

So sorry for the many mistakes in the last chapter. I wrote it late at night and didn't edit it... yea just sorry. I donno if this one is any better and I'm sorry that it's the last chapter but I wanna focus on Growing Up and the new one I'm going to write. So enjoy.

I remember that Christmas, it was the very first Christmas I ever spent with the Pierce's and was defiantly not the last one either. There have been many more Christmas's that followed that one and I was forever grateful for those times. That first Christmas Brittany came up with the idea to spend Christmas Eve with all our friends. Quinn and Puck were together and decided to get everyone a joined gift because that were too broke to get separate gifts and Rachel gave everyone a star to show how everyone was special in her mind. Kurt and Blaine even joined us everything was pretty perfect.

Then I opened Brittany's gift and was in complete shock when I saw it. She had gotten me a silver bracelet with my name engraved on it and a matching one for herself. It was the most beautiful gift I'd ever received, I had never been with someone as caring and thoughtful as her. Christmas with her family the next day was amazing. Everyone was so caring cheerful. I was happy to be there.

My parents came home the day after that and felt really bad that they left me alone on Christmas, that was the last time they ever did that. My family met Britt's and there was an instant connection between them. They couldn't have been happier when meeting Brittany and the rest of her family. Brittany's sister is pretty cool, sure she made sure I was in it for real when she intrigued me about Brittany but she was being a good sister. We're good now, I love her lots.

Then a year went by and I was still dating Brittany, I would date her for as long as she will have me, she means everything to me. When I wake up in the morning she is all I want to see, and when I got to sleep at night I want to fall asleep in her arms, kiss her goodnight. I love the way her eyes sparkle when she see's a Duck or how her laugh is contagious and can instantly make everyone happy.

It's been seven years since the first Christmas we spend together. It's been three years since she's graduated and now she has opened her own dance company and I'd say she is pretty damn successful. We all are. Puck is in finance, which I never would have expected, and Quinn is in law, they just got married last year and of course I was the one of the brides maids, well along with Berry. Those two just stayed friends forever.

Rachel is now on Broadway, making it big. I'm proud of her, we all are, we just went to see the opening show of The Wizard of Oz, which she got the lead role in. She was amazing, Brittany's eyes were glowing the whole time, she loved the way the Lion had courage and everything worked out in the end.

I will always love Brittany, which is why I am taking her to a nice dinner tonight and then for a walk where we can see the ducks swimming in the pond and the moonlight shining up above us. Then once she's totally in love with the date I'm going to do the biggest, frightening thing of my life. I am going to propose.

We are sitting at dinner now and Brittany looks more perfect then ever. She's wearing a dark blue dress that hits her in all the right areas and her hair flows down her shoulders effortlessly. She's smiling at me so I take her hand and hold it in mine, stocking her hand with my thumb. She smiles at me and her eyes light up like they're doing a little dance which sends butterflies straight to my stomach. I love that even after all these years she still has this effect on me.

"San, you didn't have to do all this for me," she says smiling at me.

"I did, you deserve it baby. You deserve everything, and I wanted tonight to be special," I say trying to not sound too cheesy but clearly that didn't work and I see her try to hold in her laugh.

"You cute and I love you, but you know you don't need to impress me for anything anymore. I love you no matter what," Brittany tells me. That's something I love about her, some girls want diamonds and all expensive things in life but Brittany is just the opposite. She doesn't care about brand names or anything she just wants happiness.

"I know, but I just wanted to," I say looking down. I was always a horrible liar, Brittany always knows when something is up and right now I want to keep the surprise going. But I'm so nervous and my voice probably sounds really shaky which means she'll be able to see through my act.

"Santana you're acting weird tonight, what's wrong?" and there it is... she knows something is up.

"Nothing, sorry. You're just really pretty tonight, I'm having trouble focusing," I smile at her but she rolls her eyes and laughs.

"Ok, nice try on the excuse but please tell me what's got your mind wondering," she tells me.

"Can we just talk about it later? I want you to just enjoy the date," one thing about Brittany is she knows when to give me space and when to stop asking questions. I want this night to be special and I know that if she keeps talking about it, I might let it slip and I don't want to do that. I'm not going to screw this up.

"Of course," she tells me. "So tell me, did you hear back yet from that Hollywood director yet? Is he going to produce your screenplay?" I had sent my screenplay to him a month back and he told me that he would be in contact with me once he speaks to this director. They were thinking of making it into a movie, which I was ecstatic about.

"Yeah I heard back, and he said yes!" I squealed out, the smile on her face got so big and just being with her, being able to share this news made everything so perfect.

"Oh my god San! I'm so proud of you, you totally deserve it! Baby, you're going to be famous," Brittany tells me.

"I wouldn't go that far but I'm defiantly excited," I tell her.

"We need to celebrate when we get home. I got something extra special planned for you," she tells me seductively, which makes my heart race. But honestly I hope we'll be celebrating something else to.

I paid for the dinner after I told Brittany that this dinner wasn't about my screenplay, this was about something more. Now she was really curious but that's okay, I'll let her keep wondering for a little while longer. I take her hand in mine and we walk on the bridge, standing there looking at the ducks. She's all happy and smiley, it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. The way her blue eyes glisten in the moon light and watch the movement of the water.

The moon reflects off the water, shining brightly so it's not so dark outside. I hold onto Brittany tightly and kiss her on the cheek, she turns and smiles at me and kisses me. She then rests her head on my shoulder as she looks out at the water again. This moment is so perfect, I want it to last forever but I also know that this moment is the right moment. My hear starts beating out of my chest and my hands get all sweaty. I swallow the lump that's in my throat hoping that it will allow me to say something towards her.

"Britt," I croak out. God I'm really nervous. She turns to face me. "I need to tell you something," I'm literally shaking right now. "And I just need to say it." She just nods so I continue.

"From the first moment I saw you, when we were in high school I knew you were attractive and that I wanted you but I was to stubborn and scared to admit it, and I was mean to you and bullied you but then somehow you gave me a chance later on and... and made me fall completely and utterly in love with you. You are so smart and caring, you are the sweetest person ever, always seeing the good in people and that's what makes you so special. I could never imagine my life without you, you are like a part of me and just mean the world to me, so I want to ask you if..." I get down on my knee and pull out the little box with the ring inside it. I take a big gulp and look up at Brittany who's hands are covering her mouth and there are tears in her eyes.

"Britt, will you marry me,?" I ask. My heart is pounding and I'm all shaky still, I take a big gulp waiting for her answer but instead she jumps on me and wraps me in a big hug, kissing me hard on the lips.

"Yes, of course," she says kissing me again. I feel a wave of relief inside me and I'm just so happy. I am going to marry Brittany Pierce.

"San you make me the happiest ever. I love you so much," She says kissing me again.

"I love you too baby, I'll always love you," I hug her and nuzzle my head into her neck. She holds me tight; I love just being with her, she makes me feel safe and alive.

"Is this why you were so nervous at dinner," she asks me.

"Yeah," I say in a small voice. "I didn't want to spoil the surprise and I was nervous."

"Baby of course I would say yes, under any circumstance. It doesn't matter as long as I get to be with you," Brittany says as she helps me up from the ground and holds my hand, coming closer to me and just holds me. Cuddles me.

"I know but I wanted it to be special," I tell her.

"This was so special. Thank you," Brittany says to me and cuddles further into me.

"I can't wait to be your wife," I tell her.

"Me either, but for now you're my sweet and beautiful fiancée," Brittany tells me kissing me on the lips. Those words cause me to smile. I'll never get used to hearing that.

"Say that again," I tell her.

"You are my fiancée," she says with a smile.

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