Spoilers: Post-Cyberwoman, so spoilers for that, and minor End of Days spoilers.

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"Orange juice Jack? That isn't like you." Tosh commented as Jack told Owen his second round order, Owen keeping his promise that he would buy the first few rounds of drinks for the team.

"Just been feeling a little under the weather recently," Jack shrugged it off like it was nothing, and Ianto raised an eyebrow at him. They hadn't discussed what they were going to tell the other Torchwood members, they hadn't even thought about how they would explain Jack's soon to be strange behaviour, his growing stomach, or his lack of alcohol. Apparently Jack being ill was the story that they were going with at the moment. He made a mental note to discuss this later with Jack, there was only so long he could keep up the 'I'm ill' story.

"Can immortals get ill?" Gwen asked, placing her now empty wine glass on the table.

"Oh yes, not as often as I used to, I've been around long enough that my immune system has pretty much built up a defence against everything."

Ianto nodded his head along with what Jack was saying, this was something he didn't know himself, and he always liked to find out new and interesting things about Jack, although some revelations about the Captain he was not incredibly fond of, the ability to get pregnant being one of those.

"What about fatal diseases such as cancer or HIV, things like that?" Owen asked as he placed the tray of drinks down onto the table, from his position at the bar he could hear the others conversation, and he too was genuinely interested in Jack's past, particularly when it came to the medical side of his immortality.

"I'm lucky enough to have never contracted those diseases. I did once die from the plague though, December 1899, I was only visiting America for the week, that was unlucky timing." Jack shuddered just slightly from the memory, unnoticeable unless you were physically sat watching him, but his colleagues noticed.

Another thing Ianto didn't like to hear about Jack's pasts were his previous deaths, even if he knew that Jack was fine afterwards, and that he would in fact always be fine, he still didn't like to hear about it. Previous deaths and ex-partners. He didn't know which was worse. However Jack had cottoned on to Ianto's dislike for those topics being brought up in conversations, so he kept them to a minimum.

As much as he enjoying teasing the Welshman, he didn't enjoy Ianto being genuinely annoyed at him, which is what happened when he talked about past girlfriends especially, (although, to begin with there was a lot of; 'you're jealous', 'no I'm not', 'you're cute when you're jealous', 'shut up!', before Jack finally did stop).

"What was the plague like?" Owen asked, now really interested in what Jack was saying, he had read up on the plague, studied it and by now new practically everything there was to know about it, but for obvious reasons had never before met anyone who had actually had the disease.

The plague was, although it sounded bad to say out loud to other people so he just kept this fact to himself, Owen's favourite historical disease. He didn't know why, he just found it interesting.

"Let's just say I would rather be alone in a room with a hungry Weevil, than go through that again." Jack shuddered at the memory, picking up his glass of orange juice and taking a long sip, hoping that his comment would be enough for Owen. It wasn't the nicest time in his life, the person that he was back then, the person that he had to become in order to survive was not a very nice person, and Jack did not like to remember that. He also didn't like to remember a time when he didn't have Ianto and his current Torchwood Team there to support him, a team that he really cared about, and who cared about him in return.

It wasn't all the information about the plague and what it felt like to have that Owen had wanted, but he took the Captains answer as him not wanting to talk about his experience clearly it wasn't one of Jack's fondest memories. Owen wanted to probe further, but he decided to save that for another day, his friendship with Jack wasn't on a level where he could constantly ask him personal questions and Jack would be okay with answering them, at least not yet anyway.

"So, Tosh. Any plans for the weekend?" Gwen asked casually, catching onto Jack wanting to end the conversation about his previous deaths as she leant back against the wooden pub chair.

"I erm… I actually have a date." Tosh replied, smiling down into her glass slightly, rather embarrassed, but still proud of herself at the same time. Owen tensed next to her, choking on his beer slightly, and covering it up with a cough and small gesture to his throat as if that would explain his strange behaviour.

"Oh really? With who?" Gwen asked, a big smile on her face as she caught onto what Owen's reaction really was. She could already see the jealously in his face, and the pink tinge on his cheeks.

"It's nothing, just this guy I met at the post office," Tosh's cheeks were also tinted slightly pink as she told them this, mirroring Owen's, "He told me this really funny joke about postage stamps." Tosh giggled slightly as she remembered the joke that Todd had told her, Owen scoffed at that. Really? Tosh was going to choose this guy over him?

"Well, there's no point in waiting around for someone who isn't interested in me, and Todd is nice." Tosh told Gwen proudly. She wasn't over Owen, not in anyway. But she knew that Todd would be good for her.

Owen had already planned following Tosh on her date, just to make sure she's safe, he tried to convince himself, just looking out for my co-worker.


"So I'm thinking pizza for dinner, what about you?" Ianto asked as he rested his head against Jack's shoulder in the taxi on the way back to Ianto's flat.

They would have walked back, with the flat only being about a ten minute walk at the most from the pub, if it wasn't for the torrential down pour, and lightning lighting up the sky. 'Typical British Weather,' Jack had sighed as he grabbed his phone from his pocket and dialled the local taxi firm, 'Don't get this in America.' Ianto smirked at the Captain as he took shelter in the door way of the pub, 'No you get tornadoes, and hurricanes, and tropical storms.'

"You really don't eat enough vegetables Ianto, for such a skinny boy your diet is appalling."

"Did you just call me a boy?"

"Yes, I did." Jack smirked, giving Ianto a quick kiss on his head.

At that moment, as Jack sighed in content, he couldn't have been happier. The weeks of worry about what would happen to his relationship with Ianto when he found out about the baby were for nothing, because life was still exactly how it was before, not much had really changed.

Ianto stared out the window at the world passing by. He had to tell Jack how he really felt about the baby. How the really felt about Jack loving him. How positively petrified he was about where their relationship was going, and how quickly it was progressing. But how? How could he spoil the happiness that Jack had suddenly developed?

There was no way he could continue on living such a lie, it wasn't fair on the Captain.

~to be continued~

Authors Note #2; I also just want to thank all the people who gave me ideas for this story, honestly you have helped me so much in getting this story moving on a bit more, especially in some of the areas that I was struggling with, and character development, it really has helped me immensely. But definitely keep the ideas coming! I'm sure there's stuff you want to see happen in this, possibly stuff I would never have thought of. And if you do, I'll give you a big ol' clue about the baby's name and sex if you want.

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