This is the second story in my Godzilla Wars trilogy, and therefore a sequel to the first story, Godzilla Wars: The Reign Of King Ghidorah (.net/s/7997637/1/GODZILLA_WARS_The_Reign_of_King_Ghidorah) please read that story first, as characters and plot are directly connected.



The city of Sydney was on fire from the epic battle happening at its epicenter. Godzilla stood, eyeing the strange machine that stood before him. Dylan, who was piloting MOGUERA, flipped a switch, charging up the powerful maser cannons in the robot's arms. These were the machine's primary weapons, the most powerful masers yet to be developed. The battle hadn't been going on long at this point, Moguera's power cells still mostly full and the machine running at full capacity. Godzilla released his atomic breath, which Moguera quickly dodged. That was the one major advantage that the robot had- maneuverability. Its feet ran on treads similar to giant tanks. This allowed it to move down city streets without causing a lot of collateral damage. It sped down the street to its left, then turned right and before Godzilla could react, Dylan had his flank.

Jane Seymour stood atop a building, the battle going on behind her as she commented into the camera. Suddenly, a helicopter came up from behind her and Akio leaned out.

"Miss Seymour! I must insist that you get in the chopper!"

Jane turned to face him, frustrated. "Must I remind you that I am no longer just a civilian reporter? I am G-force's face in the media. It's my job to present a pleasant picture of your efforts, because people are starting to think that you're causing just as much if not more damage than you're stopping."

"I understand that just fine, Miss Seymour." He said, jumping out of the chopper and standing face-to-face with her "But it's my job to reduce deaths, and you were supposed to be covering this battle from the air, you got to close, defied orders, and now you gotta go."

With that, and with more protest from her, he lifted her off the ground and slung her over his shoulder, returning to the helicopter with her cameraman following behind. As he strapped her into her seat, still kicking and screaming, he looked out the window and saw something that terrified him. Back in Moguera, Dylan had activated the primary maser cannons. The robot's otherwise cone-shaped arms opened up and the two powerful energy weapons came to life, firing streams o the concentrated energy toward Godzilla. The king of monsters was taken off guard, and failed to block the attack. The maser sent him flying backwards…right toward the building and the chopper.

"Move move!" Akio yelled, and the helicopter barely escaped the impact, as Godzilla's body crashed through the building and then hit the ground, sending dust and debris up into the air. Jane was of course speechless. Akio turned back to her "Now, aren't you glad I put you in the chopper?" But Jane, stubborn as always, responded with "Shut up."

Dylan did not stop there. He continued his onslaught; not only with the masers but all the other weapons that Moguera had to offer…missiles, Gatling guns, just about every weapon known to man was featured on this machine, hidden beneath the blue panels that decorated parts of its body. Soon, all the ammo was gone, the battery was almost drained, and the cloud before him had become darker, adding smoke and fire to the previous mixture of dust and debris. Dylan eyed the cloud suspiciously. Had he done it? Was Godzilla dead? But then he got his answer, as the snout of Godzilla appeared through the smoke followed by the rest of his form, hardly even scratched. Dylan looked at his power meter; there was just enough energy for one last maser strike. He took aim, deciding that if he focused all the energy of the blast on a single point, maybe he could stop the monster's heart. He took fire, but Godzilla had learned his lesson. He ducked under the blast, crouching on the ground. When the blast was over, he pounced, toppling the machine to the ground. Dylan could not fight back; Moguera's power cells were now completely drained. As Godzilla clawed at the machine, the inside shook and raddled, explosions going off everywhere. Dylan accessed the escape hatch and just escaped before the cockpit itself exploded. His opponent vanquished, Godzilla raised his head to the sky and roared in triumph. Then, standing to his feet, headed for the ocean once more.

Dylan stood and watched the monster going back out to sea, past the wreckage of what was once the world famous Sydney opera house. As the creature's head disappeared beneath the waves, Dylan swore under his breath "Next time, you damned lizard…"