Nicholas found himself at the pub, alone. Since most of the bar patrons were underage and Nicholas made them leave, Roy and Mary glared over at him from behind the bar as they cleaned up the counter.

He flipped through the Sanford Citizen; the town's local newspaper as he sipped on his cranberry juice. It wasn't until the sound of the door hitting the small bell caused him to look up as the sound of nails clicked on the floorboards, along with the sound of footfalls.

From around the corner, Nicholas spotted a female, about 23 he presumed. She was leading a large Siberian Husky dog, whom was wearing a leash; to Nicholas's authority, a good thing. He'd also been strictly enforcing leash laws in Sanford.

"Hey, Charlotte. I though we said no dogs in the bar!" Roy called as he came from the backroom.

The female; known as Charlotte, only smiled as she took a seat to seats away from Nicholas.

"Did you meet the new Sargent?"

"Oh, the twat next to me?"

Nicholas's expression was only shocked, a very pretty woman, using such language? He was absolutely speechless!

Charlotte stared at him a bit before laughing, "Oh, I'm sorry!" She spoke as she pouted a bit, and with that pout, Nicholas could tell she didn't mean to call him a twat. She only stroked the dog's ears as it sat on the floor next to her.

"Well, I'm Charlotte. And this is Rocky—like the boxer from the movie— not the Rocky Mountains."

Nicholas had no idea what she was talking about, but the door seemed to give him a dirty look. "My name's Angel, Nicholas Angel." He spoke feebly as he held out his hand, waiting for her to shake it.

Charlotte hesitated for a bit before reaching out to shake his hand.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Mister Angel."

"Well, Miss?"

"Charlotte, Charlotte Harris."

"Miss Harris, hopefully I'll see you around. On nicer times, I suppose?"

Charlotte giggled softly as she leaned against the bar, "I'm not a troublemaker, Mister Angel." She mused as she hopped off the seat. "Besides, you owe me." She called as she and her dog left the bar.

Nicholas didn't notice the napkin that she was scribbling on, but on it read: First rule of talking to me; you owe me dinner. Hope to see you on nicer terms than this, Mister Angel.

Nicholas's eyes nearly bugged out of his head, "T-That's not fair, that didn't count!" He stuttered as he stared at the napkin. Yet he had to respect her for being so bold, she'd been the only woman in Sanford to actually talk to him. Nicholas slumped back into the bar seat, wondering if he could find out where she lived.

Charlotte grinned as she strolled down the street, heading towards the cemetery, stopping in front of two men wearing black cloaks. The stood right in her way, "Oh, move it!" She hissed as she pushed past them. Another man in a black cloak was holding one just for her as she took it and slipped it on. Rocky the dog had wandered off the corner and laid down, putting his face in his paws, whining a bit.

The other man whispered something in her ear as she slipped the hoodie over her head…

Author's Note: I really had no idea why I wrote this, I think I'm digging into the dark side of Charlotte's character..