Samurai Champloo: Eternal Ties

Chapter 1: Reunion

It is a very sunny day in Edo. Mugen is burning from the heat and is starting to feel sick. "How fucking long am I suppose to wait for these two. I'm the one that's suppose to be late not them." He proceeds to walk inside a nearby resturant with a irratated look on his face.

"What would you like today, mister?" The waitress said.

"Just water!" he replied loudly out of irration.

"Umm… OK."

This is the same city where all of them met six years ago. Mugen is feeling nostalgic, which is very unusual for him. The water was to served to Mugen by the irate waitress. She had given him a look that Mugen hated. The look that someone gives you when they think they are better than you, he hated that look.

"Here's your water…" she said with a hint of attidude.

"Hmph." He replied coldly.

Mugen was sipping on the water when he heard two people walk into the resturant in back of him. The voices of a girl and man. The two people walked in front of him. It was Fuu and Jin. Emotion shot through Fuu's heart as they were reunited for the first time in six years.

"Long time no see." Jin said to them. Jin wanted to draw his sword and point it at his rival that sat in front of him, an old habit that survived the test of time.

"I'm so happy, guys. Maybe it'll be like old times, when we use to kick ass!" Fuu shouted at the top of her lungs. Everybody in the resturant was staring at her in cotempt. Jin and Mugen both shot her a glance of cotempt also. The "old times" were kind of a pain for the two swordsmen. Fuu and Jin decide to sit down and order sake.

"So Fuu, why did you send somebody to track us down and tell us to come all the way to Edo, other than the fact that you want us to be your body guards again. It's been six years." Jin asked curiously.

"I don't want you to be my bodyguards; I just want you to travel with me. What happened is that somebody stole something of mine and I want it back. The item is very important to me." She was trying to not make it seem as bad.

"Obviously if you want it back so badly. Why should we travel with you? I could be getting in bed with a woman right now." Mugen stated.

"Yeah, right. I doubt you guys got anything better to do… you guys are bums after all. Mugen, you have a huge bounty on your head and Jin you're not doing anything worth while." She retorted.

Both of them looked at each other because they knew she was right. Mugen was wanted for a recent street brawl that left a man without an arm and Jin was sitting around bored with life. One had to travel, the other wanted to travel. Might as well do it it together with Fuu.

"Fine." Jin sighed. He doesn't want to travel with his old rival and this nagging girl but oddly enough after the three of them seperated six years ago he became bored. For those six years he was just a ronin living in the street in shame. He wasn't repected. "I'll go with you."

"Fuck. I'll come. But, the only reason I'm coming is because I have to get out of Edo." Mugen said.

Fuu was on the edge of tears. She had longing to go on another adventure with these guys. Though it seemed she could care less for these two, it's the complete opposite, they had a special place in her heart. The group decides to leave the resturant with high hopes.

"Excuse me! You guys didn't pay for the sake!" the waitress shouted but, the three of them could care less.

Later that night the group rented a hotel room to sleep in for the night. They were set to leave Edo in the morning. Jin was already sleeping, Fuu was sitting ousitde and Mugen was in a bar socializing with women. They were being their usual selfs. Fuu was walking outside when four men approached her.

"Hey, baby. My friends and I might need some company tonight." One of the drunken men said.

"Then keep each other company, assholes." Fuu tried to walk away when one of the men grabbed her agressively. "Let go!" she shouted.

"Come on. Treat us nice. Stop being mean."

"HELP!" Fuu's cry was heard all around. The cry reached the bar and the hotel where Mugen and Jin were. It woke Jin from his sleep. He walked angrily out the hotel towards the scream. Mugen heard the scream loud and clear but ignored it for a minute and then decided to go check it out. The two converged at the spot at the same time.

"Looks like she got herself in trouble already. I'm not helping her, I'm not her bodyguard." Mugen said with a smirk on his face.

"I Agree." Jin said. He was still angry at how he was woken up.

"Stop looking and help me!" Fuu shouted at them.

"We're not your bodyguards, remember?" Mugen replied.

Fuu thought about what he said. They just put her in a corner. If she said that they were her bodyguards now they would want something in return. But, if she refused she could get raped right there.

"OK! You guys are my bodyguards just help me out." She accepted her fate.

"Haha. Say no more." Mugen was happy with this deal.

"Not again." Jin sighed.

In a millisecond the swordsmen drew their sword and started attacking the men. The men drew their swords too. It was a fight and it was going to get bloody. Two men tried to cut Jin legs off but he dogdged it with grace. Jin grabbed one of the men and drove him into his own ally's sword, then the fast thinking, ronin, stabbed his sword through both of them. Mugen kicked one guy in the head and slashed him across the chest. He looked like he was taking pleasure in killing this guy.

The last one alive was holding Fuu hostage with a sword to her neck. He was terrified of Jin and Mugen. They took out three of his friends in less than a minute. The man didn't know what to do. Should he kill the girl then run or should he run with the girl as his hostage?

"It's all over. Let the girl go. You saw what we did to your friends, right?" Jin was trying to reason with the man. "Let the girl go and you'll live."

"I don't believe that bullshit." The man replied with fear in his voice.

"Or I could just cut your head off!" Mugen yelled. Mugen had far less patients then Jin.

"Fine. Take your little broad." The drunken man released Fuu and then tried to run. But, before he could go anywhere Mugen decapitated him. By now people were watching on the street in shock at the gruesome situation. Police were heard shouting in the background.

"We have to leave!" Fuu said hastily.

"This is your fault." Jin said calmly

"Fuck that. I already got a bounty, let's go!" Mugen shouted. As Fuu, Jin and Mugen run they know they have just entered a new adventure.

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