Hi! I'm back. First off, I'd like to take the opportunity to take everyone who was really supportive of "Between Then and Now" I want you all to know that I love you all immensely and that you will all have a special part in my heart. Seriously. :)

Secondly, before you kill me for the insanely short chapter, I want you all to know that this is just a prologue and I'm working on the first chapter as you read this. Hopefully, I'll be able to post it soon before I have to go back to work.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans.

Robin, Nightwing, Boy Wonder, Boy Blunder, Richard, Dick

Richard John Grayson was many things. He was an acrobat – the last of the incredible act that was The Flying Graysons; he was the adopted son of Bruce Wayne - billionaire playboy philanthropist; he was the media-appointed Prince of Gotham City – who aside from his own father was one of the most eligible bachelors in the city; unknown to many he was also Jump's own Boy Wonder, the leader of not only the city's, but also the world's own league of superheroes – The Teen Titans; and later on would become Bludhaven's vigilante savior as Nightwing, the masked crusader of the night.

But to her, he was a mystery, a puzzling enigma that never ceased to amaze her whenever she finds herself lucky enough to be in his presence.

He was known to many by many names – and she felt privileged to have known all of his aliases, all sides of his multi-faceted life.

She felt fortunate to have known him. The real him.