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In America alone, Starfire estimated that there should be thousands of Graysons, and not all of them necessarily related to her fiancé, it was a common surname after all. It did not speak of any wealth or power, unlike Wayne, nor was it used in films and literature unlike Todd. It was just one of the many surnames that fill the records office of the United States.

Common. Ordinary. Regular.

But then again, those sent of words could never be used to describe her Richard. After all, he was obviously far from common, ordinary and much less regular.

And'r meanwhile, spoke volumes. It speaks of the fire that burns within her blood line, the fire that lights the palace during the dark Tamaranian nights, it spoke of fire that lit blazed across the planet as her people fought valiantly.

And yet, to her, it did not feel so special, to her it felt like just like an ordinary title. It does not hold the same appeal as Grayson did for her. Or maybe she was just biased.

"Kori, are you ready?" A voice, which she knew to be Raven's, called out from the other side of the door "It's time."

Starfire took another deep breath, one to calm her nerves, as she gazed at the mirror one more time as hologramed eyes looked back at her, vivid green eyes staring back her as she raked her eyes up and down her ivory white skin – or at least the parts that weren't covered by her white, a-line, wedding gown.

She then reached out behind her to lift the veil over her face before turning towards the door to be met by Raven who had a smallest hint of a smile on her face "C'mon, let's get you out there – before they do something else to mess it up." Knowing the Titan Network, they wouldn't have to wait long; Especially with Flash in the room.

The minute her eyes met with his, everything had become a blur to her, she could barely remember what the preside had been saying – aside from when they had been called on to say their vows as well as their 'IDo's, only until when someone announced "Please welcome the new Mr. and Mrs. Grayson!" did she snap out of the dreamy trance that she had been in.


And suddenly, Grayson didn't seem such a common surname. Not really.

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