Harry was walking down the cobbled path again, the one he took every night. Like every night he tried to stop, tried to force himself to wake up but couldn't. Once again he was trapped in his eight year old self's fragile body. Again, like every night, the Peacekeepers came. They came and with them, the pain. Little Harry Potter woke with a start, and a shriek of remembered agony.

Harry lay panting in his bed, heart beat racing like a rabbit. He ran his small shaking fingers over the warm natural thread of his sheets. Slowly he sat up, and stared around his room. It was dark, illuminated only by the full moon hanging outside his window. He swung his legs over the side of the bed, and lay his feet on the cold wooden floor. A shiver raced down his spine, and he would be lying if he said it was only from the cold. He choked back the frightened sobs, like he tried to do every night, but like every night, Lucius somehow heard his pain and again, rushed to his rescue.

Lucius Malfoy was his best friend's father, and his savior. When Harry was eight he had been attacked by the Peacemakers for a crime he hadn't known he had committed. He had been whipped and beaten, but then Lucius was there, raining down on the others like an avenging angel, and all the small child could do was sob brokenly and pass out. When he had awoken he had found himself in the head Peacekeepers manor, and you can imagine his terror. It turns out however, that Lucius was Draco's father, and the head Peacekeeper. Ever since then Harry had been an unofficial member of the Malfoy family. When Harry's parents were publicly executed for plots to overthrow the Capitol, the Malfoy's had taken him in for good. Harry still lived in terror of the Peacekeepers, but less so when he was with surrogate father.

Harry whimpered, still recovering from his nightmare, even as Lucius' elegant fingers caressed his inky locks of hair and murmured in his ear. Slowly, he became coherent again, and flushed when he realized that he and Lucius were in the exact same position that they were often. Harry hadn't had a nightmare in months, but with the upcoming Reaping he was more stressed than normal.

"Sorry. Sorry." The small fourteen year old murmured, lips trembling slightly. Lucius hushed him, and it was exactly like it used to be. They stayed silent for a few moments, taking comfort in the others embrace and Harry realized that Lucius was just as stressed about the up and coming Reaping as he was. "Go back to sleep Lucius. We both have busy days tomorrow." Harry whispered softly, but he knew even then that when he woke up tomorrow Lucius would be curled up right next to him, and that will mean another fight with Draco for him, and a fight with Narcissa for Lucius. They slept soundly for the rest of that evening.

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