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Rating: K+ for a few somewhat fluffy parts.

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Make a Memory

"Where are you taking me?" Amy asked for the second time, feeling the car shift into a right turn. At first, the blindfold had worried her, but gentle reassurances in the forms of passionate kisses, soft hands upon hers, and verbal encouragement calmed her enough to go along with it.

Now it was simply itchy.

"Almost there, babe."

Lucy's hand met hers again making the smile always playing on her lips around the brunette to widen.

The car came to a slow stop allowing Amy to brace herself rather than follow the sudden momentum. The warm hand of her lover disappeared when the car shut off and she soon heard a door shut before hearing her own open. She expected to feel Lucy's guiding grasp on her hands again but instead was delighted with a pair of lips upon hers. The matching grins could be felt as Lucy pulled away, finally offering Amy help out of the Sky Mobile.

The blindfold was still firmly in place when both walked up the stone steps leading to a destination only Lucy knew. The first thing Amy had noticed when they headed to the car was the lack of light. When asked to put the blindfold on, what time it was hadn't been necessary knowledge but the sun had gone down seeing as the only thing to pierce through the blindfold for light had been the street lamps they had briefly encountered earlier.

"Be careful," Lucy warned. An arm came to wrap around Amy's waist, holding her close to the ex-villain's side. She told her when to step up and when there was a plateau to keep her from stumbling. Finally, they made it to the entrance where Lucy lead Amy to the side of a door and then slipped away from her touch.

"Lucy," Amy intoned. If she couldn't simply open the door and lead her in, that meant they were most likely breaking in. Given the fact that the hour was late, conclusions were all too easy to jump to. "Please tell me you're simply fishing a key out of your pocket?"

The responding voice wasn't very far away. "Actually, yeah, I do have a key."

Knowing Lucy, Amy specified, "One that isn't also classified as a lock pick?"

"Jesus, yes, a legitimate key." Amy heard the door swing open and was reassured with the press of smooth metal in her palm, the outline of a key very distinguishable. "Happy?"

After nodding her apology, she was ushered in a few feet and was met with the warm rush of the overworked heater compared to the cool autumn night.

A few similar tones rang out and she could easily picture Lucy at an alarm system disarming it. "Luce?"

"Just one se…" Her voice faded out slowly, other beeps sounding off. "There."

Having already confirmed the situation in her head, Amy couldn't stop herself from asking, "Do you normally have the front door key and pass codes to stop the alarms when you break in?"

Rather than annoyance as Amy expected, Lucy responded with a kiss to her cheek. "I told you, babe, we aren't breaking in. I have permission this time."

Amy always had an abundance of faith when it came to her girlfriend and her story was plausible so she accepted it with another nod. "Sorry, guess I'm just worried about old habits resurfacing."

"It's okay, but just so we're clear, I have no reason to steal anymore."

A grin slipped onto Amy's lips before she bit it off. "And why's that?"

Lucy laughed, then took Amy by the hand and carefully led her forward on the tiled flooring. "Well, according to one knowledgeable researcher, I was a 'victimized girl-child searching for the love of my father, but the more I stole, the deeper my feeling of emptiness.'" She rubbed her thumb across the back of Amy's hand. "Even if it wasn't the love of my father, I found something to fill that emptiness."

"Lucy… I–"

"No," she cut her off, "you were mostly right. I was searching for something. It just took finding you to know what that was."

Amy stopped and brought her other hand to Lucy's arm stopping her as well. Despite the blindfold, she could see in her mind the patient, loving look Lucy was no doubt giving her. She traced a path up her warm skin until her hand comfortably rested on Lucy's cheek. "I was searching for something too."

Lucy placed her other hand over top of Amy's and nuzzled into the touch.

"I felt incomplete with Bobby and knew there had to be something more. I let go of what I knew should be right to find something I didn't know existed." Softly, she added, "I'm glad I did."

"Me too," Lucy half whispered.

Amy's thumb brushed across smooth skin before she leaned forward for a kiss, or at least what she had meant to be a kiss. She mumbled, "Sorry, babe," as she pulled back from the side of Lucy's nose just below her eye.

With another laugh, Lucy responded, "Here, allow me," before capturing her retreating lips with a bit more accuracy. She pulled back when Amy's growing smile became too hard to kiss around. Lucy matched the smile and took hold of Amy's hand again. "Come on, there's something I want to show you."

The tiled floor made smooth clicks under their modest high heels as both women leisurely crossed the open lobby area. The pure lack of any other noise spoke of the late hour and, if anything, intensified the mystery as to why Lucy had brought them there. Amy didn't have long to wait as she was soon pulled to the side of another door, this one sounding heavier and metal. It was a moment of trust as all signs pointed to a break in, but Lucy wouldn't do that to her, especially not after telling her it wasn't a robbery they were committing.

A hand slipped into hers again and led her forward a few steps, steadying her on the chosen stopping point.

"If I take the blindfold off now, will you promise to keep your eyes closed for another, oh say, fifteen seconds?" Lucy pressed a kiss to Amy's cheek, staying near enough to take in her heavenly scent.

"Depends. What's happening in the next fifteen seconds?"

"A secret." She released her hand and slipped the blindfold from her eyes. Amy dutifully kept her eyes closed, all the more voluntarily when Lucy guided her into another deep kiss. "I'll be right back, and remember, fifteen seconds. Fourteen. Thirteen…"

"Twelve," Amy continued as Lucy audibly dashed off. What was she counting down to? Had it been anyone but Lucy, she probably wouldn't have bothered to continue, but curiosity won out. "Eleven. Ten. Nine. Eight."

The sudden urge to open her eyes overcame her but she squeezed them shut in retaliation. There was no way she was going to make it this far into the surprise and ruin it all with only a few seconds left. "Seven. Six. Five. Four."




Amy's eyes snapped open when an automatic voice immediately responded, "Voice command identified."

"Wha-aaaaahhhh!" Amy began to question but yelped as the floor where she had been standing gave way.

The metal shaft gently began curving so she was no longer dropping straight down and then it swiftly ended, depositing her gracelessly on a mound of pillows. She looked up to find Lucy giving her the most dazzling Diamond grin to date. "Hey."

Shock was still the first and foremost emotion present on her face, but confusion soon set in. "What are we doing back at the bank?"

The smile softened as Lucy reached with both hands to help her up. "I wanted a familiar setting for tonight's agenda. The bank owner was all too happy to clear out the vault for the night and lend it to us considering the large donation he found added to the money I returned. Well, that and the promise of a repeat donation if he allowed for my favor."

Amy blinked, taking in the information but not quite understanding. "What's so important that you rented out an entire bank and dropped me a full floor?"

Lucy slid down onto one knee and massaged Amy's hands in hers. "I'd say this is pretty important." Before Amy had much of a chance to react, Lucy brought Amy's right hand to her lips before letting it go and searched her inside jacket pocket for her target. Her hand emerged clasping a small black felt box.

At the sight of Lucy kneeling on the floor before her, about to offer her forever, tears slipped from her eyes. Amy dropped down onto both knees, rested her forehead upon Lucy's, and allowed the tears to fall.

Lucy wiped away the tears she could and then took up her left hand again. "I've had many experiences in life I look back on fondly, the best of which include you, but tonight will hopefully surpass every other memory. We may have started out as natural enemies of the state, hell, of the country, but this love feels so right and to picture myself down the road without you has become impossible." She took a moment to squeeze Amy's hand and then continued. "There were three words I had never spoken to anyone outside my family before you, and I'm happy to say again just how much I love you." Toying with the box's crevice, Lucy added, "But now there are four words I want to try out for the first time."

Amy's breath caught in her throat as Lucy flipped open the small box revealing a diamond engagement ring with smaller, finite diamonds embedded around the curve of the metal. It was the most beautiful ring Amy had ever seen and it was accompanied with even more beautiful words.

"Will you marry me, Amy Bradshaw?"