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Spread Your Wings, Time To Play

The Furious Five, that now only was four, stared at Po with widened eyes. He couldn't be serious, could he?

"Come on, guys," the panda encouraged. "It's simple!"

"And it's simple how?" Mantis asked with a look of disbelieve on his face.

Po threw up his hands. "We need the key and Tigress has it! So we just need to take it from her!"

"Yeah, that part makes sense. But it's your plan of how doing it that doesn't."

"Come on!"

"Monkey is right, Po," Viper told him. "It won't work."

"If you just gave it a chance…"

"Po." Crane made the panda look at him, and the bird shook his head.

The panda's smile faded. "But…"

"Tigress isn't just some nice, sweet kitten you can play with, Po!" Mantis told him sternly.

"Hey, I know that! She bit me!"

The bug continued, "Exactly. And she did also kill Master Shifu and Tiger."

"Hey, Fenghuang was the one that…"

"Does it matter?" Monkey asked, his eyes just as dark as they had been since his master and friend died.

"No, not really."

Viper cut in, "The point is that we can't trust her, Po. I really believed that you had figured that out by now."

"I am not telling you to trust her! I am telling you to trick her!"

"No offense, but I think that Tigress is a bit smarter than you…"

"Listen!" Po yelled, making them all quiet. "Tigress had the key. Without the key we are going to be stuck here forever. So we need to take it from her."

"You have actually already said that," Crane told him.

"I know! Give me a chance here! To get the key, we need to get Tigress close the bars, so I can grab her and you can help me take the key from her!"

"Then why don't just make her so angry that she'll come close enough to do that?" Mantis suggested. "I volunteer to make her angry!"

Po leaned towards him. "If she's angry, then she's going to have her claws out and I would like to avoid them."

"Don't you think she'll attack you anyway when you grab her?" Viper asked her friend.

"But if she's angry from the start, then she'll keep a better eye on us. We need to do it sudden, unexpected!"

"So you suggest that we'll make friends with her?" Crane said, still not believing the panda's plan.

"Yes!" Po sighed when he saw his friends' faces. "Do any of you have a plan?"

They all had to shake their heads.

"Then mine is the best," Po declared. "So… Who's with me?"

The Furious Five looked at each other. "Well, I am not using my charm on her," Mantis said.

"No, because that's my job," Po told him. "Believe me, guys; this is going to work perfectly!"

"I spy something gray."

"The wall."

Mantis' face darkened. "Yes. Your turn."

"I spy something hard."

"The wall," Mantis said in a singing voice.

Monkey groaned and fell to his back. "This game is so boring."

"My turn. Again!" Mantis groaned as well. "I see something black and white that can't make good plans!"

Po turned around. "Hey! It isn't my fault that she hasn't showed up yet!"

Viper looked sadly at him. "Po, it has been two weeks! I don't think she's coming."

"Nah… She's coming! I know it!"

"Unless you can charm the owl instead, I think your plan is dead. Hey, that rhymes!" Mantis said from his cage.

"No way am I going to try my luck on Fenghuang! I like my life!"

Crane sighed and stood up. "Then we are trapped, I guess."

"Then it's time for a new plan?" Viper said, getting up from the ground as well. "Any ideas?"

There was silence for some time before Mantis and Monkey started again.

"I spy something…"

She was bored. She was completely bored. Agonizing bored!

Tigress groaned and rolled over. She didn't want to meditate right now! And the first days of being in the Jade Palace, she had trained so much that all the equipment in the training hall had been destroyed.

Her mother had forbidden her to go to the village alone; why, Tigress did not know. The owl had just told her not to be near the villagers again after Tigress had told her about how she had gotten the Dragon Scroll. Her mother had been very stern in her voice, and the tiger didn't dare to doubt her.

She knew that her mother was just taking care of her. Even though, she still didn't know why the village could be dangerous.

Tigress was now that desperate that her thoughts wandered to the prisoners. How were they holding up? She hadn't been there in two weeks now. Not since the last time they offended her.

They were getting in her nerves. There was no way to deny that.

But then again… She was bored. She just needed to have her sharp tongue ready.

Or she could spend the afternoon with her mother… Nah. She had spent the most of her life with her mother. These prisoners were funny to teach. Spending time with them was a new thing to do.

And she needed something new.

She had now explored every part of the palace. And she had to admit it; she was starting to miss the cave that once had been her home. This place just seemed… Strange.

And yet, this was all this she had been fighting for. Maybe she could convince her mother to visit her old home sometimes.

But where was she? Oh, yes. The prisoners. It could be fun. It could be a good plan. At least it was better than meditating.

Getting up from her bed, Tigress walked out of her room. Her walk getting quicker and quicker, Tigress quickly found herself on the old stairs that led down to the dungeon. With her sensitive ears, she started to hear their voices.

"I spy something…"

Tigress came into sight.

"Orange with black stripes!"

"Huh?" The monkey was sitting with his back towards her, but now turned around to see the one who had captured them.

The little bug jumped excited in his cage. "No. It's a tiger!"

Tigress rolled her eyes by their stupidity. She stopped her walking on the middle of the cold floor and lay down on her stomach, her hind legs under her body and her head resting on her forepaws. The tiger looked at them with big eyes that were watching their every movement.

Po was the first one to speak. "Uhm… What are you doing?"

She didn't answer.

Monkey leaned closer to Crane and whispered, "I don't like when she is looking at me like that."

Tigress' mouth formed a satisfied grin. This sure was entertaining.

The panda tried to wave his hand in front of his face, even though he was about two meters away. "Hello?"

"Po, don't," Viper quietly said to him.

"Oh look! She's a statue! Can we throw things at her?" Mantis asked, jumping up and down.

Viper sighed and slithered as much as she could towards the tiger. When the chain didn't allow her to go further, she looked the tiger dead in the eyes. "What are you planning?"

"Who says I am planning anything?" Tigress asked, not lifting her head.

"You wouldn't be here if she wasn't."

"You were much sweeter before my mother arrived, do you know that?"

Viper calmly met her glance. "I could say the same about you."

"I'm not here to be sweet."

"Then why are you here?"

"Because I want to," Tigress replied flatly. "Problems with that?"

Viper was about to open her mouth when Po cut her off, "No. None at all."

"Look! The panda has learned how to behave!" Tigress smiled calmly.

There was silence again, where the tiger stared through the bars and the prisoners stared back.

"This is pretty awkward," Crane thought out loud.

"You don't say?" Monkey asked, but then turned to the tiger that still hadn't moved. "What is that you want us to do?"


Monkey raised an eyebrow. "You're not normal, are you?"

"Who said that I was?"

"You are so annoying!"


"Can't you just be, I don't know, nice?"

The tiger blinked and calmly said, "I don't need to be nice. Why should I?"

Viper spoke before Monkey could. "You don't have a lot of friends, do you?"

"No. Why should I?"

The prisoners shared glances. "That explains a lot," Mantis said.

"I got my mother and my uncle. That's all I need."

"You got an uncle?! And who is that? Tai Lung? Shen? Even though they're both dead… Or is it some new villain we haven't heard of yet."

"Shut up, Monkey!" she hissed back.

"Don't use my name. I don't like when you do that!"

"Monkey!" Po sternly said to make is friend quiet. They had to follow the plan.

Tigress narrowed her eyes. "Why are you so nice to me, panda?"

"Me? Wha…?" Po snorted, but still sounded nervous. "I'm not being nice! I don't know what you are talking about!"

"You know what I am talking about!"

"Well… I…" The panda sighed. "It's just not your fault!"

Everybody looked at him, obviously confused.

"That's a new one," Tigress told him. "Care to explain?"

"You were raised by Fenghuang, who's evil, and she made you evil, which means that you weren't evil in the start! So you were born good but then she came and made you un-good. And that wasn't your fault, because you couldn't know, because you were only a tiny tiger and she became your mother." Po finally sucked in a breath. "So it's all Fenghuang's fault!"

The tiger's eyes flashed dangerously. "Don't blame my mother!"

"Hey, try and think about it! If someone good had adopted you…"

"My mother is…"

Po cut Tigress off by saying, "Let's take Master Shifu as an example."

"Shifu wasn't…"

"You would have ended up completely different! Maybe you would have been a part of the Furious Five!"

Tigress snorted. "Like I would be among such losers."

Po just ignored her. "You would have been a good warrior instead of a bad. And Shifu would have been alive and… We wouldn't have been here!" he said, spreading out his arms.

"Keep dreaming, panda!"

Viper looked at Tigress, then back at the panda. "I actually think you are right, Po."

"What?" the boys exclaimed.

Viper then turned to Tigress. "And I feel sorry for you."

The tiger first widened her eyes, but then found her scowl. "A waste of feelings."


"You're all fools!" Tigress finally got up and started walking towards the door. "I don't believe any of you!"

But then she heard the snake call out, "Maybe you need to wake up then."

Tigress stopped in the middle of a movement, her brain taking her back to an old memory.

"Wake up! Come on, Mom! Wake up!"

The little tiger kept shaking her mother, pushing her with her little paws. "Come on!"

Finally, the owl opened her eyes. "Tigress, what did we say about waking in the middle of the night…?"

Tigress rolled her eyes. "Just look!" She sprung towards the exit of the cave, jumping and down. She was obviously excited.

Sighing, Fenghuang got up. Why did the cub keep getting up at night? What was wrong with sleeping? It had only been some weeks since had taking Tigress to her new home, but the tiger should have learned that the owl wasn't that nocturnal.

"What can you see, dear?" Fenghuang asked after letting out a big yawn.

Suddenly the tiger jumped away from her. The owl followed her outside, shuddering slightly as the night air met her.

That was when she noticed that her talons were wet and cold. Fenghuang looked down.

"It's snow!" Tigress happily exclaimed as she threw herself into a bunch if the white stuff.

Fenghuang just looked at the playing tiger, utterly confused. "Yes, it happens often when you are living on a mountain." She paused for a moment before asking, "Do you like the snow, Tigress?"

The cub nodded. "I used to watch the other kids play with it… They didn't want to play with me."


"Would you like to play?"

Why did the cub have such big eyes? Fenghuang had to look away when she said, "I'm not that much for playing with snow."

Tigress couldn't hide her disappointment. "Okay."

Fenghuang moved her body slightly. "Maybe you should come inside. It's too cold for you to be…"

"Just some minutes? Please? I promise I'll come back in then," the tiger begged.

"You have to be ready to tomorrow's practice…"

"I will. Just two minutes?"

The owl sighed. "Fine." What was it with kids and snow? She then watched as Tigress jumped back into the snow.

Tigress growled happily. This was so much better than watching the other children play! Maybe living on a mountain wasn't that bad if there came snow. Remembering what she had seen the other kids do, Tigress picked up some snow. With her paws she formed it into a ball.

It looked exactly like what she remembered. Now what had they done with it? Lifting it up, Tigress made herself ready to throw it.

But when she saw her mother's lifted eyebrow she dropped the snowball immediately.

Turning around, Tigress started to shove some snow together. She remembered how the children had made figures….

Suddenly she was covered in snow. Quickly fighting her way out of the cold snow, Tigress found herself wet, cold and shivering.

She looked at her mother, who was busy shaking snow of her wing. Tigress glared at her, but the owl just continued looking innocent.

"I believe that you have gotten enough of the snow?" Fenghuang asked sweetly.

Tigress murmured something that wasn't loud enough for others to hear. When she walked past her mother, she suddenly got an idea of how to get revenge. Leaping at her, she was ready to push her into the snow.

But the owl just simply stepped aside, and the little tiger feel head first into the snow. When she got up, her mother was holding in a laugh. The tiger scowled when she asked, "I thought you said you didn't like playing with snow."

"Yes, but I changed my mind. Now get inside before you catch a cold."

Tigress quickly did when she was told. While warming herself with a blanket she asked her mother, "Can we play again tomorrow? So I can get my revenge?"

"We can play, but forget everything about revenge. I am and will always be the winner of a snowball fight."

"You're just bragging."

"Maybe." The owl smiled. "You better get back to sleep. We have a long training day ahead for us tomorrow."

The tiger let out a disappointed sound.

Fenghuang gently stroke the cub's head. "Don't sound like that. I have to teach you how to throw a snowball, don't I?"

Tigress blinked as her mind came back to the prison cell. The prisoners were still there, of course, and were looking at her.

Growling to tell them that she still was there, Tigress turned to them. "You better listen. I am not evil. My mother is not evil. If you really need point out someone who could be it, then look at yourselves. And by the way; if you continue acting like this, I might regret taking the decision that I did. And for your own fault, you better hope that I won't change my mind."

"What are you…?" But before Po could finish, Tigress left the dungeon, slamming the door after her.

"If she keeps doing that, she might break the door," Monkey told them, relaxing now that the tiger was gone.

Sighing, Po looked at his friends. "Well done, guys," he said sarcastically. "Really well done."

"What? It's not my fault that I don't like her!"

Both Po and Viper did a face-palm.

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