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Winx Club: Sparlix

Chapter 1: Bloom's Bad Dream

Bloom's POV

My heart was beating. I was running for my life. The Trix were attacking me. I had no powers. Then, the Trix caught up with me. "Ice coffin," Icy shouted.

I started crying and said to myself," I'm helpless and frozen. There's nothing I can do to save my friends." The Trix said to Icy," Good one. Now let's go get those lame other fairies.

The Trix attacked them and then the Winx were history. Then Magix became history.

Flora's POV

"Bloom, Bloom, wake up, you're having a bad dream," I said. "Flora, is that you?" Bloom said. "Yes, it's me, now get up," I said. "Ok, Flora," Bloom said.

"Ms. Faragonda has an important announcement for us. Now go get dressed and eat," I said. After Bloom got dressed and ate, we went to get the other Winx.

We saw the other girls were sleeping. "Wake up, Ms. Faragonda has an important announcement for us," I said. They all got up and ate. Then we went to see Ms. Faragonda.

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