The baseball player knew right before his Louisville Slugger sent the ball rocketing out of the packed major league stadium that tonight was going to be his lucky night. The bat split in two as the Red Devils' fans went wild. The opposing team's pitcher spat on the mound and glared at cocky number 8. The 6'1 tawny haired phenom winked at him on his way to first base. Dean Winchester had just batted the first Grand Slam of his young major league career. He couldn't stop grinning. The green eyed Kansas native pumped his right fist in midair, when he reached home. All of the home team's aficionados chanted his name. Once he stepped into the Red Devils dugout his teammates patted his butt or fist bumped him. Dean was on a high he didn't want to get out of.

His forest green eyes moved on their own accord towards the team's VIP box. His smile grew wider as they landed on a recognizable head of disheveled dark hair. Castiel Novak, his best friend since middle school and personal assistant cheered along with the crowd. Dean didn't understand why but it meant the world to him having Castiel witness such a great accomplishment in his career. He licked his lips before heading to the table which held the Gatorade cooler.

At the end of the game, the Devils beat the Texas Rangers 7-4. As predicted Dean was named MVP. Most of his team mates invited him to Caledonia Scottish Pub for a victory celebration. He would ask Cas if he wanted to tag along; although he knew what his best friend's answer would be.

Dean had showered in the locker room and put on a pair of black jeans, an old Black Sabbath t-shirt Castiel had given him on his twenty first birthday and worn out combat boots. He found Cas leaning against the wall in the deserted hallway. The sports reporters already had interviewed some of the high profile players and Dean.

"Hey Cas"

Castiel beamed up at him. "Congrats, you were fucking awesome tonight!"

Dean embraced his closest friend. He closed his eyes and inhaled the evergreen scent that always naturally clung to the 5'11 man. His hands sunk into Cas' upper back. Castiel reciprocated the hug in the same manner. Dean realized they had been clinging to each other for quite some time. He broke the embrace. Their noses slightly rubbed against each other in the process.

Dean cleared his nose before speaking. "The guys want to celebrate at Caledonia. Are you game?" Castiel bit his lower lip and shook his head no. "Dude, you need to start having a life of your own. All you do is look after me. When was the last time you got laid?"

Castiel's electric blue eyes widened and the tip of his ears burned red. "I am happy doing my job and helping you in the process." He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

Dean arched a tawny brow at him. "Are you keeping something from me, Cas?"

"Go with your team mates to the pub and call me when you are ready to go home."

"I kind of wanted to celebrate with you."

Castiel smiled at him. "Tomorrow is your night off. I'll make you dinner and we can go see the new Statham movie."

"It's a deal!" Dean patted him on the shoulder. His team mates chose that precise moment to exit the locker room. Some of them greeted Castiel since they knew he was Dean's best friend and assistant. The Red Devils walked away leaving Cas alone. He gazed at Dean's retreating figure until it vanished outside the door.

Castiel decided tonight he would do the laundry and make a grocery list. Dean had away games next week so he wouldn't need to stock up much. He didn't travel with his friend when he was away. Castiel was also Dean's accountant and when he was alone, he would concentrate on the numbers in peace. Whenever Dean was home in his modest two story town house in Tribeca, classic rock would be blaring out of the stereo system or he would watch action movies with surround sound.

The dark haired assistant strolled over to Dean's master bedroom barefoot. He had changed into dark grey sweat pants and a black tank top. Both he and Dean were twenty five now but the latter remained a slob. Underwear both male and female were scattered around the carpet. Dean always brought at least one floozy home every week. Castiel picked up a black lacy thong with his pinky and tossed it on the white Hefty bag he carried.

He wasn't surprised at all to discover two condom wrappers underneath the sleigh bed. Castiel rolled his eyes and gritted his teeth. Every time he pictured Dean writhing in bed with one of the skanks he favored, Cas' stomach turned sour. In ten minutes, he had changed the bed's sheets and pillow cases. The floor was completely visible now. He would vacuum as soon as he put the first load in the machine.

Castiel started sorting the light and dark clothes, when his cell started ringing. The caller ID illustrated Gabe on it. "Gabe, what's up?"

"Why hello there, Hazel" Cas could distinctly hear his brother sucking on a Blow Pop.

"How many times do I have to tell you, I am not a maid?" Castiel set aside all of Dean's jeans and jogging pants.

Gabriel cackled. "I bet my left testicle you are sorting Deano's tighty whities as we speak." Castiel's hands froze as they tossed a pair of black boxer briefs on the folding table. "Your silence has answered my question."

"Dean doesn't wear tighty whities."

"Cassie, little bro, when are you going to put your master's degree to good use and get yourself a real job? Dean's a big boy and can take care of himself."

Castiel dumped the light clothes into the GE washing machine. "Contrary to what you think, I handle Dean's financial accounts, set up his appointments, as well as do the house chores."

"Don't forget you feed and burp him. Seriously, Castiel I want to ring your neck! You are a neglected housewife, who stays at home taking care of things while the hubby is at work and then goes out at night to fuck his groupies."

"Gabriel, if this is the reason you called, I'm going to hang up. I'm really busy."

"Yeah, by busy you mean throwing away used condoms and g-strings."

How the fuck does Gabriel know exactly what I'm doing? Castiel thought to himself. He looked around the laundry room for hidden cameras. "In case you are wondering how I know all about your glamorous job as Dean's maid, it's easy to decipher. Hello! He is the biggest slob I know and I have personally seen with my gorgeous honey orbs all those times he brings skanks over." He remained silent for a few seconds. "I have to admit I was jealous as hell when he brought the two Victoria Secret models for a threesome." Gabriel sucked harder on his lollipop. "Bastard was so rude; he didn't even invite me to join in the fun."

Castiel put the phone on speaker as he readied the Black and Decker vacuum. "Little bro, you should be knighted for all the shit you put up with. Why you do this I have no idea. I thought at first you were secretly in love with Deano but you are asexual. So that theory flew out the window. Why do you do it, Cassie?"

Castiel gulped nervously. "He's my best friend and I'll be there for him as long as he needs me."

Gabriel made a gagging noise. "Before I throw up, I want to invite you to my photography exhibit. It's going to be held in Soho two weeks from tonight. You better show up, Castiel or else."

Castiel smiled at his favorite brother. They were the only family they had left. Their mother died after a long battle with ovarian cancer and their father passed away two years ago from a massive heart attack. Gabriel would kill anyone who would try to harm his baby brother and vice versa. Maybe that is one of the main reasons Castiel remained by Dean's side.

The two of them met at the age of twelve at Lawrence Memorial Hospital's cancer ward. Their mothers were receiving chemotherapy at the same time. Mary Winchester had been afflicted with lung cancer. She fought the disease as courageously as Rachel Novak did. Unfortunately, the silent killer took her away from her boys and husband, as well. Dean and Castiel bonded after losing their mothers; ever since, the two of them had become inseparable.

"I am e-mailing you an invite to the exhibition later tonight and please don't take the trench coat. Whenever you're invited to a fancy gathering you bring the hideous thing. I know it was dad's but still Cas…it's ugly as fuck and hides your cute little body. Now you may start vacuuming. Take care of yourself, kid."

"Bye, Gabe" Castiel started the Black & Decker.

It took Dean a while to brighten up at the pub. His team mates were having a ball. He wanted Cas to be here with him. At least they would celebrate tomorrow night. He smiled as he drank a cold Corona. Uriel, the Red Devils' catcher patted him on the back. "Why so glum, Winchester? That cute little brunette at the end of the bar has been staring at you most of the night." Dean followed the beefy man's gaze. The girl was around twenty one and had huge clear blue eyes and plump pink lips. Her ebony hair was cut in a pixie style. She smiled at him. Dean nodded at Uriel and went over to the young woman.

He sat on the stool to her right. "Hi, I'm Dean." They shook hands. "Lori, and I know who you are." She bit her lower lip.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

"Yes, please. I would love that."

Dean gestured to one of the bartenders. Lori ordered an apple martini and Dean another beer. Three hours later, the two of them were pretty plastered. Dean barely managed to call Castiel. His best friend answered sleepily.

"Cas, I need you to pick us up at the pub." Dean laughed and Castiel heard a female giggle in the background.

"Here we go again," he thought to himself. "Give me twenty minutes."

"Thanks, man. You rock!"

Castiel drove the Impala to the front of the pub. Dean and a petite brunette were making out on the sidewalk. Cas inwardly cringed. He descended the sleek black vehicle which belonged to Dean and opened the back door for them. Dean could hardly stand. Lori continued giggling. Castiel found her to be extremely annoying already.

He made sure the two drunken idiots were settled in the backseat before closing the door. As he drove towards the town house, Castiel's traitorous eyes continued landing on the rearview mirror, whenever he heard moans coming from the backseat. Lori was straddling Dean devouring his mouth. Every time Cas' bright blue eyes gazed at the rearview mirror, Dean's forest green orbs were staring right back at him. What the hell was going on?

Dean surprised the other two occupants of the car by what he said. "Lori, give Cas your address. I have to get up early for practice." He gently removed her from his lap. Lori pouted. She gave Castiel her address. Cas was flabbergasted. Dean never turned down anyone!

The Impala pulled outside a brick apartment building situated ten minutes from Dean's place. Lori handed Dean her phone number in a wrinkled napkin. "Call me, gorgeous." She kissed him one last time on the lips and left the vehicle.

Castiel drove away. He observed Dean throughout the drive. His best friend had a confused expression on his face. He ripped the napkin in half and tossed it out the window. Castiel couldn't help himself and smirked. Dean remained quiet until they entered the town house.

"Good night, Cas and thanks for picking us up." He headed to his bedroom.

"'Night, Dean"

Dean locked his bedroom door and removed his clothes. He threw himself on the king size bed. He'd had a raging boner all evening. He lied on his back. His hands slid down his smooth well-toned body. What the fuck was wrong with him? He never turned down a one night stand. So why the hell did have Castiel drop Lori off? He closed his eyes as he slid off his boxer briefs. His right hand held on to his aching erection. He jerked himself off thinking of Lori and her big blue eyes and pretty pink mouth. As he was about to climax, her face disappeared and was replaced by Castiel's. Dean jerked himself harder until he came.

"What the fuck?"