"Hmm that turkey smells delish! What time is dinner again?" Gabriel asked as he tried to steal a spoonful of mashed potatoes from a pot. Kali hit his hand with a wooden spoon. "You, out of the kitchen now!" Gabriel pouted before kissing his fiancée. He had popped the question the night before they were set to leave to England.

Dean and Castiel decided to split their time between New York and Cobham Surrey, where the couple purchased a two story home built in the 1930's. The three bedroom house was part of a huge estate but was isolated from it. The dwelling was walking distance from the Chelsea training camp. Dean was already making plans to build Ben a swing set and tree house in the vast garden.

As part of their house warming, they decided to invite their family for Thanksgiving weekend. Since the holiday was not celebrated in England they wanted to continue their American traditions. Fer and Juan were invited, as well since they were practically joined at the hip with Castiel. The two Spaniards assisted Kali and Joy prepare the meal. Fer had a huge crush on Kali but tried not to be obvious in front of Gabriel. Truth be told "el enano" as he baptized Gabe, intimidated the hell out of the football player.

Joy had not released Ben since she and Sam arrived earlier in the morning. He currently sat on his high chair in the kitchen playing with a stuffed elephant his godmother gave him. Joy cried as soon as she set eyes on the baby, who she hadn't seen in a month. Dean and Cas had invited her to stay with them but Sam had already beat them to the punch. He had asked her to move in with him and she rapidly accepted. At least she would be able to care for Ben, when Dean returned to the States for Spring Training.

The men were gathered in the garden assembling two tables together for the meal. Gabriel gave Dean the stink eye as the both of them put chairs around the tables. "You know Dean; if you ever break Cassie's heart again I'm going to make a eunuch out of you."

Fernando popped out of nowhere with a tray of chocolate éclairs. He waved them underneath Gabriel's nose. The trickster salivated at the decadent treats. He snatched two and stuffed an entire éclair in his mouth. Dean quickly left Gabe's vicinity. He smiled as he witnessed his dad and Castiel folding linen napkins. John was teaching his son in law how to make turkeys with them.

Joy appeared carrying Ben. The ten month old infant's eyes brightened and he flapped his chubby arms as soon as he saw Castiel. "Cas!" he gurgled.

Castiel scurried over to him and took him from Joy. "How's my big boy?" He tickled Ben's tummy. Dean approached them. "I can't believe his first word was Cas. When are you going to say daddy?" He pinched his son's cheeks.

Gabriel sidled next to them. "Maybe when you stop pinching the little guy's cheeks" He tickled the baby's chin. "Coo chi Coo Topo Gigio"

Dean rolled his eyes. "Seriously Gabriel? First it was Chia Pet and now you are comparing my son to a rodent?"

"Took the little guy forever to grow his hair. You have to admit he is a dead ringer for Topo Gigio. He has the same cheeks and eyes." He turned to Joy. "You have to dress him in the mouse onesie I brought him."

Dean was about to punch the trickster. Castiel held his hand and glared at his older brother. Juan appeared with a tray of brownies. He waved it under Gabriel's nose. "Yum, freshly baked homemade brownies." He grabbed a couple and plopped one in his mouth.

At six pm the men brought out the food and placed the trays on the long table. Dean told John to do the honors and slice the baked turkey. Joy joined the assembled group carrying Ben, who wore brown corduroy pants and a baby turkey t-shirt. "What happened to the mouse costume?" Gabe asked. Kali kicked him under the table. He remained quiet for once.

Before everyone began eating, John told them he would like to say a few words. He genuinely smiled as he gazed around the table. "I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to share a bountiful Thanksgiving meal with my friends and family. I am grateful for my sobriety, my beautiful grandson and for my sons having found wonderful partners."

"We're grateful for having you here with us, dad." Sam stated. "Now let's have some turkey!"

Joy interrupted him. "Actually, there is something else we should be thankful for." She blushed as she gazed at Sam, who sat to her left. "I'm almost three months pregnant." She nervously nibbled her lower lip.

Sam's eyes became misty. "I'm going to be a dad?" She nodded.

He stood up and picked her up easily. He kissed her hard. His right hand covered her flat stomach. Sam turned to his dad and Dean. "I'm going to be a dad!"

Everyone rose and congratulated the couple. Castiel embraced Joy. "You're going to make a wonderful mom. Ben adores you."

"Thanks, CG" She kissed his cheek.

"Who would have thought a year ago we would've ended up with the Winchester brothers?"

"I had a hunch that you and Dean were going to hook up. Even a blind person could sense the sexual tension the two of you oozed everywhere you went," Joy said as she sat down.

Dinner was a raving success. The temperature began to drop so they cleared the table and headed inside. Sam, John and Gabriel volunteered to wash the dishes. Half an hour later, the trio joined the rest in the house's large living room. The others were playing charades. Fernando was trying to mimic "the Good the Bad and the Ugly" and was having a hard time. He started galloping and acted as if he was smoking. Ben surprised everyone by screaming "Fer!"

Dean stood up. "Really son, are you going to learn to say all of the Chelsea players' names before you say daddy!" He stared at his son quizzically.

Everyone laughed. Gabriel said, "At lease his first word wasn't the f-word. The little dude has been exposed to your potty mouth for too long."

Cas cut in. "Dean doesn't cuss in front of Ben anymore."

Gabriel wiggled his eyebrows. "That's because if he does then you don't put out for a day."

"No wonder Dean has been such a good boy lately," Sam stated.

"Bite me, Samantha!"

Gabriel cornered Dean. "We didn't finish our earlier conversation. I mean it, Dean. You better not hurt my baby bro ever again. That punch I gave you will be nothing compared to what I will do to you next."

"I love your brother and we have solved our problems. I am no longer afraid to hide, who I really am. I'd rather die than hurt Castiel."

"You better, kid or I'm coming after you. Michael Myers ain't got nothing on me. Capiche?"

Before Dean could answer, Juan came up to Gabriel with a slice of pumpkin pie slathered with whip cream. Gabriel fetched the plate from his hands. He narrowed his eyes at the young man in front of him. "Don't think I haven't cut up with the game you two have been playing all day." He pointed at Juan and Fer. "I'm not one of Pavlov's dogs."

He placed the plate on a coffee table. Gabe wrapped his arms around both of their shoulders and put them in a head lock. "I love these guys! I officially declare you two honorary Novaks."

Juan and Fer's faces turned crimson. "Release us, enano."

Gabriel playfully shoved them aside. "I already found out what enano means and I am not amused."

"Too bad; at least you aren't being compared to a rodent puppet!" Dean bellowed.

John motioned his eldest son to be silent. Ben had fallen asleep in his grandfather's arms. He left the living room to take his grandson to the upstairs nursery. Two hours later the adults went to sleep, also. Gabriel and Kali slept in one bedroom and Sam and Joy in the other one. The nursery was located in a sitting room, which was adjacent to Dean and Castiel's room. That way they could be close to Ben in case something was to happen. John slept on the couch and Cas' two best friends left to their townhouse which was only two miles away.

Dean laid in bed staring at a magazine centerfold of Cas. His boyfriend was the latest spokesmodel for Armani underwear. Dean truly appreciated the black and white picture of Castiel wearing tight black boxer briefs while giving his back to the camera. Everyone seemed to be enthralled with his wings. Castiel appeared out of the bathroom. "Dean, can you please put that magazine away. Every night you gawk at that darn picture."

"I can't help it, babe. Your ass is perfection in it." He pulled his lover to the mattress. Dean leisurely removed Cas' underwear. Castiel lay down on the bed. Dean bent Cas' operated knee and peppered kisses on it. "Your body is more beautiful now that you are playing again." He kissed Castiel's muscular torso.

Dean took his time licking Cas' hipbones. "Jesus, baby…you have the sexiest hips." His fingers traced them. Castiel arched his body off the bed.

Castiel flipped Dean over and now he straddled the baseball player. He grinded his erection against Dean's causing the taller man to moan out his name. Dean stretched out his left hand and opened one of the bedside tables. He retrieved a bottle of lube and tossed it to Cas. The blue eyed man rapidly opened the container and squeezed some lubricant on to his hand. In no time he was fucking Dean into the mattress.

Dean started to scream as the headboard banged against the wall. Castiel smirked. He kissed Dean hard. "I thought I was the screamer in this relationship." The veins in his neck became more pronounced right before he came inside Dean. His body convulsed a little. Dean's vision went white when he climaxed. Castiel licked cum from his lover's toned stomach.

Their perspiring bodies laid languidly on the king sized mattress. Dean played with Castiel's hair. "You were really on fire tonight."

"I rewarded you for not cussing in front of Ben for an entire week."

Dean kissed Cas' forehead. "I can't wait to see what you'll do after I cease cussing for a month."

Castiel sucked on Dean's clavicle. "You'll have to wait and see."

The two of them continued their sexcapades in the shower. Afterwards, they dried each other and fell asleep. At around three in the morning, Castiel heard Ben whimpering through the baby monitor. He had started teething and woke up every night due to this. Castiel put on a pair of flannel pajama pants and a tank top. He headed to the nursery. When he got there he could see Ben trying to sit up.

"Hey there, Ben Bear…are you in pain?" He grabbed the infant and headed to the mini fridge. Cas fetched a teething ring from inside. He sat on a rocking chair and placed Ben on his lap. "This will help you." The baby stopped whimpering when he began chewing on the ring. Castiel slowly rocked back and forth. He sang "Catch a Falling Star" to Ben.

Dean soon joined them in the nursery which had been decorated exactly as the one in New York. "We both missed having you sing that to him." Castiel smiled as he continued singing to the baby, who gazed at him with big green eyes.

"You want to hold him?"

Dean nodded. Castiel stood up and gently placed Ben in Dean's arms. "I love the two of you so much," the tawny haired man whispered. "We're finally a family."

Castiel stood behind him and enveloped his arms across Dean's tapered waist. He kissed his shoulder. "Yo los quiero a los dos tambien."

"Cas, you know what hearing you speak Spanish does to me. Not in front of the munchkin."

"Okay, I'll save it for later."

Ben put his pudgy hand on the teething ring trying to remove it from his mouth. Dean took it away and Castiel placed it inside the fridge. Ben stared at his father and gave him a gummy smile. "Dada"

Dean's heart swelled with intense love for his son. "Did you hear him, babe? He finally said it!"

Castiel smiled and kissed Ben's cheek. "Say it again, Benny Bear," he said to the grinning baby.

Ben patted his father's cheek. "Dada"

The proud papa was actually crying. "You're such a softie, Dean. That's one of the reasons I adore you."

Fernando and Juan had been teaching Dean a little Spanish. He turned around to look directly at Cas. He licked his lips. "Yo te adoro tambien."

Castiel gave him a megawatt smile. He kissed Dean on the lips before the two of them sang to their dozing son.

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