Authoress Note: Another requested story.

Schroeder sighed as he opened the mail.

"Rats." He sighed. "Another rejection letter. I guess that means that I'm not good. Maybe I should practice more."

He went back to his toy piano and started playing. His hands were shaky as he played though. He thought he wasn't good enough.

"What's the use of practicing if I'm not good!" He thought. He sighed and stopped playing. He just stared at the keys of the piano. He was so fixated on it that he didn't notice Lucy come in and lean against the piano.

"Why aren't you playing?" Lucy asked curiously. Schroeder froze. He didn't want to tell her anything so he started playing. His playing was kind of shaky, but Lucy didn't notice. She didn't notice much about his music, she just like being with him.

After a while Lucy said flirtatiously, "How about a kiss?"

Schroeder wasn't thinking straight when he did this. He did kiss her. Lucy blushed like mad. Then he went back to playing.

"You..actually..kissed me.." Lucy said in amazement. Schroeder stopped playing and froze.

"I did..what!" He thought in shock. He turned and faced her.

"You do like me.." Lucy said with a flirtatious smile. Schroeder froze again.

"No I don't I-I.." Schroeder had no idea what to say. Lucy smiled again.

"Yes you do.." She giggled. Schroeder felt his face get hot.

"I do not!" He yelled back. Lucy started getting angry now. She stood up and face him with her hands planted firmly on the piano.

"Then why did you kiss me!" Lucy yelled in his face. She had a good point, and he didn't know how to respond.

"I-I.." Schroeder struggled. He was shaking again. Lucy slapped him across the face. He realized acting his way wasn't good for any of them.

"Well I still wish I could get into music school. Maybe I should practice more. But should I kick her out? ...Nah she brought me back to my senses...even if she had to kiss me, yell at me then hit me to get it done." Schroeder thought, Then acting as if everything were normal he played his piano.

The end.