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I think I forgot a disclaimer for my last story… oh, well! I don't own anything but the idea from my last story, nor do I own anything but the idea from this story! No characters, settings, objects, personalities, or anything!

By the way, nobody is supposed to know of the existence of Yukio or Rin, and they are all still exorcists in training. A few rumors (or ghost stories) have been floating around True Cross about the abandoned dorm room on the other side of the city. Mehehe~ I've been nursing this idea for a while now, time to start the story!

This is True Cross Academy. Most of the structure is for the regular students, the other fraction is for the cram school students. Most regular students here don't know of the existence of demons or the cram school, but the students of the cram school know full well of the danger. We are the exorcists-in-training. At this point, most of us are still just exwires. My name is Izumo Kamiki, and my friends are Shiemi Moriyama and Noriko Paku. The other three idiots I'm stuck with are Ryuji Suguro(a.k.a, Bon), Renzo Shima, and Konekomaru Miwa. Our teachers are exorcists, and one of them goes by the name of Shura. Shura is a trouble-making woman who enjoys digging into the secrets and rumors of students, and making them worse. She usually spreads them around, when she's not feeling too aloof or apathetic, that is.

One of the new rumors is about the abandoned dorm room down in the lower regions of the city. None of us (including regular citizens) are allowed anywhere near it. Some of the students can catch a glimpse or two of it from their dorm room windows, and none of what they say they see is anything practical. Some students say that aliens come there at night, because of the occasional spark of blue light. Others inquire that they saw a giant cat on the roof. All of the exwires, however, know that low level demons and high level demons alike are attracted to it. We guess that that was the reason it was locked up.

Some students are getting bolder. With ghost stories, come dares, and with dares plus ghost stories, there comes friendly (and slightly illegal) tests of courage. That is precisely why I, of all people, am here with Paku and Sheimi, standing in front of the large, locked black gates blocking the way to the abandoned dorm.

After these first two chapters, I think they'll get longer. R&R, PWEASE! I LOVE YOU ALLLL! 3 3 3