Cherry Blossom Temptation

"First in last out" Regular speech

"Marines lead the way" Thought speech

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It was a sunny day in Konoha and Sakura was making her daily rounds checking up on everything as per Tsunadae's orders.

"Alright then bye Ino" Sakura waved as she left the Yamaka flower shop.

"Ino check" Sakura checked off another Konoha shinobi from her list which included just about everyone on the Rookie 9 plus Kurenai and Gai. She shuddered at the last one, he had managed to tie up two hours talking about youthfulness and when Lee showed up she had almost cried. The reason she only checked up on most of the rookie 9 is because Naruto, Neji, Kakashi, and Kiba were off chasing bandits that decided to attack Konoha traders after the village was virtually destroyed.

"Alrighty what's next" she said to herself next on her list was Kiba's Sister then Hinata.

"Nice legs beautiful!" Some random villager shouted at Sakura since she was wearing one of Ino's short skirts and top.

The clothes barely covered her newly formed D cups due to the fact that her ninja outfit was in line to be washed at the only cleaners in the village and Ino's clothes survived due to the fact that they were stored in a nuclear fallout bunker beneath her house.

The god forsaken villager was immediately kneed in the balls and kicked into the village hidden in the waves where he landed in the female bathhouse, was pulverized by the females and thrown in prison after being of accused of being a spy.

"Anyone else have any smart comment Sakura growled?"

All men within a 50m radius dropped what they were doing and bowed while covering their balls and in unison yelled


"Thought not" Sakura and smirked and turned around.

She was pleasantly surprised to see Hinata. Hinata's growth had not gone un-noticed by the males of the village or Sakura. She had finally grown out of the hoodie and developed curves in all the right places. Her butt was clearly defined by the ninja clothing she wore that hugged her body.

"Earth to Sakura" Hinata said for the 3rd time before Sakura snapped out of her trance.

"Hey Hinata!" Sakura replied waving frantically trying to hide her embarrassment.

"I was just about to come looking for you after I finished talking with Kiba's sister could you wait for me by training field 11?"

"Sure thing" Hinata replied slightly out of breath her hands as always were clasped together covering her waist.

After Hinata walked away if Sakura would've turned around for a split second to say something she would have seen the look in Hinata eyes, a looked that caused everyone to give her a wide berth, a look of pure lust.

Around the corner Sakura felt a chill crawl up and down her spine? Fearing Rock Lee was in the vicinity she hurried to the Inuzuka estate. The Inuzuka estate was moderately sized and placed near the training fields on the outskirts of the village. Right next to training fields 11 and 12 as a matter of fact. After knocking on the door she was let into the main house by a maid. From further within the house she heard crashing and yelling.

"What's going on?" she asked

"Mistress Tsume has bought several tons of aphrodisiac from a foreign country and is experimenting with it. Please follow me."

Sakura was led toward the master bedroom where she swore she heard….moaning? Directly across from the door were several boxes marked WARNING HIGHLY FRAGILE.

"These must be those aphrodisiacs." Sakura thought.

"This way please." the maid gestured toward the bedroom.

Sakura turned around to get the shock of her life. Bent over the bed was Hana (Kiba's sister) who was feverently lapping at her mother's snatch. Tsume (Kiba's mom) had both had both hands at the back of her daughter head pushing it deeper between her legs. Tsume's clone had a long black strap-on and was ramming Kiba's sister's pussy from behind and all of them were moaning. Even the maid who brought Sakura in was slouched against the wall fingering herself with a vengeance.

"WH-What? Is going on here?"

Lady Inuzuka looked up from the bed with a dazed look on her face.

"Sakura dear, why don't you join us?" She moaned licking her dark purple lips. "I've had an aphrodisiac imported from the village hidden in the sand. All I had-YES THAT'S THE SPOT- to do was spray some on me after I took the antidote which I do believe is on the stand by the front -SUCK IT HARDER- door."

Sakura was at a loss for words. She stumbled back, tripped over her foot and fell directly on top of a box. In front of her the maid closed the door and the moaning turned into screaming. Her mind going a mile a minute she raced out of the house the back of her shirt soaked with some liquid. Almost as an afterthought she grabbed the blue vial from the stand by the front door. Unfortunately she had no idea how to get to the front gate. After stumbling around for a minute she just decided to jump the wall.

On the other side of the wall was a bamboo forest she recognized as the divider of training grounds 11 and 12. Deciding now was better than never she applied the antidote liberally starting along her back then circling her body. When she reached her breasts she spent more time on them than she did the rest of her body. She cupped them in her hands and gently flicked her nipples. She sank to the ground against an extra large bamboo tree and continued.

"What the hell was going on in there? A family shouldn't do that with each other….right?"

Her mind flashed to the look on Kiba's sister's face as she was fucked by her own mother and before she knew it Sakura's hand had move to her dripping pussy and was going at it without resistance. Despite her look Sakura was still a virgin and while the concept of masturbation was known to her she had never tried it. After a minute she felt it coming like a Lion roaring to get out of its cage. Her climax soaked her panties forcing her to take them off.

"What am I doing isn't it time for me to meet Hinata?" The pink haired kunoichi muttered to herself.

After straightening Ino's skirt Sakura rushed off in the direction of Field 11.

Hinata POV

"Oh Sakura did you forget about me?"

Hinata mumbled to herself as she paced back and forth. Sakura was late by a good 10 minutes and the tightness in Hinata's pants wouldn't go away. You see Hinata wasn't like other girls. She was born with both male and female sex organs and her father in the single act of compassion he had towards her in her life, allowed her to keep both parts.

"Ohhh I can't stand it. I hope Sakura is extra late because I need to get rid of this NOW."

Leaning up against a large tree stump she slid to the ground unbuckling her ninja pants as she went. Hinata's cock was 2 in. flaccid and 9 inches erect. When she got her pants below her waist far enough her cock popped free smacking her forehead as punishment for leaning down too far. Shivering as she felt the wind on her staff, she then pulled her shirt above her head and threw it to the side. Since her cock was extra thick in the width department she had to clasp it with both hands. She jerked herself off vigorously almost as she was trying to tear it off. The image that she jerked to was a picture of Sakura in a skirt that barely hid her ass and a shirt that clearly showed her nipples.

In her mind Sakura boldly walked up to Hinata and kissed her. The kiss deepened and Sakura's hand traveled to Hinata's crotch and grabbed a handful of her cock. Sakura sank to her knees in front of her and after freeing her snake from her pants she began to suck like a vacuum.

"Ohhh yes Sakura suck my fat cock"

"I'm actually not that good at it please forgive me"

"Shut up, I need your words just your mouth."

In real life Hinata was reaching her climax


She cried out as she blew her load a good 6 feet in front of herself. She stood up and stuffed her rapidly flaccid growing cock back into her pants and pulled on her shirt. Suddenly there was this smell. It wasn't an ordinary smell, but before Hinata could investigate her mind went blank.

Sakura's POV 2 minutes earlier

"Finally almost at the field"

Sakura slowed to a jog. She heard moaning up ahead. Having not forgotten about that earlier incident at the Inuzuka estate she slowed to a walk. She heard the sound of flesh slapping flesh and was perplexed. Creeping toward the source of the sound she saw someone leaning against a tree stump and judged by her hair as Hinata.

"I didn't know Hinata masturbated." Sakura thought.

"Oh Sakura suck that juicy ass cock" Hinata moaned

"WHAT is Hinata masturbating to me!" Sakura panicked

Held in place my curiosity and weirdness Sakura looked over the stump to see what Hinata meant by "Juicy ass cock." She let out a gasp at Hinata's rod. She had looked over the stump just in time to see Hinata release her load all over the ground in front of her then Sakura ducked down as Hinata got dressed. Sakura tried to sneak but stepped on a twig.

"Damn" she thought "I left my cardboard box at home what am I going to do?"

Sakura slowly turned around to see Hinata frozen in place.

"Hinata, hey Hinata you there?" Asked Sakura waving her hand in Hinata face.

But it was no good. Hinata had a thousand yard stare, but suddenly her nostrils flared like she breathing the greatest scent in the world. Hinata eyes turned jet black then a bright pink. Hinata then slumped to her knees as if she had just run a marathon.

"HINATA! Are you alright? Speak to me"

Hinata eyes snapped open and focused on the busty pink haired girl in front of her.

"Oh hey Sakura. You smell nice today"

Hinata used Sakura's shoulder as a ledge and pulled herself to the standing position.

"Hinata are you okay? You kind of past out after I saw you…"

Sakura blushed furiously unable to finish the sentence.

"Sakura I want your body" Hinata said in a dead serious voice.

"WH-WHAT?" Sakura yelled recoiling.

Hinata said nothing she just sauntered up to Sakura and kissed her full on the lips. Sakura was too surprised to struggle and the tiny fight she did put up only served to deepen the kiss. Hinata's hands latched onto Sakura's mountains and began to kneed them in her hands. The two stumbled backwards until Sakura's back rested against a tree. Suddenly Sakura realized exactly what was going on.

"The aphrodisiac!"

She thought instead of yelling because her mouth was a little preoccupied.Sakura managed to break the kiss and say

"Hinata this isn't you it's a drug!"

"Does it really matter?"

Hinata replied now grinding on Sakura against the tree. Sakura was shocked at Hinata's response. Was this the real Hinata?

"Don't you see Sakura I've loved you since we went to the academy together and now that you know I going to let you know just exactly how much I love you."

Hinata let go of Sakura who slid to the ground. Hinata then began to unfasten her pants for the second time that day. Meanwhile Sakura was trying to crawl away her voice had abandoned her and left her unable to call for help. Suddenly two hands seized her, picked her and slammed her against a nearby tree. Sakura saw stars and as one hand held her up against the tree the other lifted up her skirt and roughly started fingering her.

"What a little slut you are!" Hinata whispered in her ear "You don't even wear panties!"

"No it's not what it looks-"

Sakura tried to reply but was cut off as she felt something hard and long squeeze between her ass cheeks and begin vigorously go up and down using her bubble butt as a mere cock sleeve.

"Alright now looks like you're ready" Hinata moaned as she slowly inserted her cock and felt Sakura's hymen.

"I'm your first?" Hinata asked "That makes this all the much sweeter."

Sakura mind tried to comprehend what Hinata meant but was cut off as Hinata shoved the whole 9 inches into her pussy. Sakura's mouth made a perfect "O" as she was lifted into the air by the force of the thrust. Before Sakura could scream Hinata shoved the fingers, which had been in Sakura's lower lips, into Sakura's mouth, said fingers were still wet and dripping from Sakura's pussy juice.

Tears now streamed from Sakura's eyes as Hinata continued to ram her cunt with her cock and Sakura's virgin blood flowed freely. She had managed to spit out Hinata fingers and was now pleading with Hinata to stop.

"Please Hinata you don't know what you are doing! Stop this now I can help you!"


Hinata punctuated each syllable with a thrust from her cock. In a frantic attempt to get free Sakura through back one of her elbows in an attempt to strike Hinata. The Hyuuga easily caught it and used her Byakugan to shut down Sakura's right arm. Hinata felt a sensation in her cock that she knew all too well.

"I'm about cum! Take my cum Sakura and bear my children!"

Hinata then buried her cock balls deep within Sakura, her balls slapping against her ass with a *CLAP!* seemingly sealing Sakura's fate. Hinata unloaded what felt like a pint of cum into Sakura's womb. There was so much cum that Hinata's cock couldn't plug Sakura's pussy completely and the cum came spurting out. At first the white and red mixed together but after a minute the white semen prevailed as if intent on giving Sakura's pussy a clean slate.

Hinata finished and pulled out of Sakura sending wave upon wave of cum came out of Sakura. With that much directly in Sakura's womb she was bound to get pregnant and being a medical kunochi she knew this. Hinata let out a satisfied sigh and laid back flat on the grass, her cock covered in her cum going soft. Sakura let loose a sob of despair as Hinata's cum stopped pouring out of her. Sakura struggled to her feet as she tried to walk, but collapsed face first into the grass her ass pointed in the air. She had been violated in a way that will leave her scarred for life yet some reason her body ached for more to be filled pumped full of semen once again.

Sakura brushed it off as a side effect of the aphrodisiac. Suddenly 2 hands firmly grabbed her ass.

"Ready for round two my little slut?" Hinata whispered in her ear.

Hinata proceeded to instead of just slam into her pussy again, but to insert one finger in her ass. Sakura instinctively knew what Hinata was planning and began to struggle once more.

"Hokage Sensei, Naruto, Kakashi please anyone help me she managed to yell in a moderately loud voice."

"It useless." Hinata cooed "No one can hear you scream out here."

With that said Hinata began inserting another finger in Sakura's ass, then another. With the 3 finger pistoning in and out of her ass Sakura right then and there came.

Complete and total silence and even Hinata's boner deflated. Sakura was in semi-denial that she just came, because that would mean that she actually enjoyed getting raped. Hinata was in shock that Sakura was actually enjoying this as well. At the beginning there was a creeping sensation in the back of her mind that this was wrong, but now that Sakura had orgasmed she had just released the beast.

"Time to finish up don't you think?"Hinata whispered.

Taking her fingers out of Sakura's ass one at a time she lined herself up with Sakura's ass. She rested her soft cock on the entrance to Sakura's ass and watched as it slowly got hard again. Positioning herself so the erection wouldn't have room to flop up or down, but only grow straight forward into Sakura's abused asshole. By the time her cock reached 5 inches the head was in.

"Somebody, anybody come save me." Sakura pleaded with nobody.

Deciding that was enough foreplay Hinata dove straight in and started wrecking Sakura's ass. Hinata felt ever spot and curve that insanely tight ass and was surprised that she didn't come immediately. She was hitting all of Sakura's spots and her balls were creating a symphony of slapping sounds on Sakura's butt.

Right then and there Sakura realized that enough was enough! She was the apprentice of the Hokage for Kami's sake! Sakura twisted over so that she looking Hinata in the face and her legs were in the air. Grabbing the back of Hinata's head Sakura brought it in for a kiss. Surprised Hinata was helpless as Sakura flipped her over and started riding her like a pack mule. Sakura's breasts flopped up and down as she rode and gyrated on Hinata's cock.

"I'm about to come!" Said Hinata

"Me too!" yelled Sakura in ecstasy.

Hinata felt Sakura climax and shake like she just had been shocked. Hinata convulsed as well and both girls had the greatest orgasm of their lives to date and so good was Hinata's orgasm that she passed out.

2 hours later

"Ohhh" Hinata groaned as she awoke.

Why was she so cold and why did her cock feel so good? She looked down to see that she was naked and that the love of her life Sakura Haruno was sucking her dick.

"Sakura! What are you doing!" She yelled

"Gphing eh ack" Said Sakura through a mouth full of cock.

Hinata groaned and came again and was surprised when Sakura swallowed every single drop. Sakura released Hinata's cock with a small *Pop!*.

"I said Getting a snack now come on honey let's get dress"

Honey? Since when did Sakura call anybody honey? These were the thoughts going through Hinata's head as she got dressed.

"I take it you don't remember anything do you? Sakura asked

"Ehhhh" was all Hinata could manage.

"Let me bring you up to speed" said Sakura as she pulled up her skirt "I checked up on you and as I was leaving you confessed your love for me and we had unbelievable sex where you came inside multiple times and I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant"

Hinata lost all color at the pregnant part

"Sakura I'm so sorry" Hinata tried to say but was cut off

"Don't worry about it, but to make it up to me I can now use you as my personal dildo alright?"

Seeing no alternative Hinata agreed.

"Good now come on your treating me to dinner" Sakura said with a smile.

They held hands as they left the training field and into village as the sun fell from the sky.

"So you do realize you have 9 months right?" Sakura asked once they got back to the village.

"9 months, what do you mean?" Hinata said confused.

"I mean you have 9 moons to fuck whoever you want, but when this child arrives you belong to me." Sakura explained.

"Well I better get started then." Hinata said with a smirking.

With that Hinata and Sakura entered hand in hand into a 5 star restaurant.

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