Cherry Blossom Temptation

Chapter 4- Pirate Lords and the Cook's daughter

"Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question, yes is the answer." Regular speech

"Girl let me see that thong!" Thought speech

"It's time to let it shine!" Hinata's inner pervert.

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Anyways, in the previous chapter we learned a little about Hinata's ancestry and the Hyūga gained a blade. What's this? Tsunade needs her and Tenten for a mission? Let's go and see where our heroine is now.

"Glad you could make it Hinata." Tsunade said, taking a deep swig of coffee.

Hinata performed a little bow out of respect for Hokage, her eyes locked onto Tsunade's deep cleavage. Her massive melons never looked so enticing before, as if they were inviting her in for a party.

"You can stand up now." Tenten hissed out of the corner of her mouth.

Blanching, Hinata rose unable to mask her blush from her teammates. In the room with her was an all kunoichi force, something both enjoyed and hated.

"More females, mean more opportunity." The Empress reminded her.

"But I only need one to complete the task." Hinata thought to her master.

"You'll soon realize that like Sakura. One just isn't enough." Hinata felt The Empress withdraw from her mind, satisfied that her words would make Hinata think.

"As you can see, I need a group of dedicated kunoichi for a mission." Tsunade put her mug down and rested her chin ontop of her interlocked hands. "I know the unspoken standard is two shinobi and one kunoichi on the usual team, but this mission requires some changes."

Hinata spared a look to her left where Sakura and Ino were standing, Tenten was standing to her right. Hinata wondered if the summoning of 4 of the 5 of the kunoichi on the Rookie Nine was coincidence, but immediately dismissed the notion. There are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason. She smirked to herself, that was something The Empress would say.

"What's the mission Lady Tsunade?" Sakura asked, taking the bait.

"It's a combination of different mission types in a complicated land; you'll have to protect a target, kill a target and find an object." Tsunade said pulling out a manila envelope and opening it. "The land is an island in the sea country, with a...unique view on the social caste. The target needing to be protected is a princess by the name of Suzina Hakichi of the ruling Hakichi clan. The target needing removal is her regent, Riochi Hakichi who is trying to take the throne. The object is an artifact from the 1st Great Ninja War, we believe it to have horrible power in the wrong hands and want it brought back. Any questions?"

"Yes, Lady Hokage." Ino said. "Why is the whole princess and her regent thing a concern to us? Shouldn't we just get the artifact and go?"

"Good observation, Yamanaka." Tsunade said calmly. "We need to strengthen our ties to the independent city-states in the Sea Country. We don't want to let our borders go undefended to the south and the city-states and their forces give us a buffer in case of a naval attack."

Still a bit confused, Hinata remained quiet however under Sakura's taunting gaze for fear of sounding stupid. Tsunade went on for a bit after that about appearances and how things worked in the city-state and then dismissed them to gather whatever gear they needed and start on their trip.

Bowing, all four kunoichi disappeared from the room in a blur of movement leaving Tsunade to her duties. She watched them head toward the gate until they were out of sight before turning back to her desk which was cluttered with paperwork. She had given them the envelope to study while they headed toward the island, but that did little for her desk.

She picked up the portfolio for a certain blonde haired knuckled and sighed. She swore Naruko's sole purpose in existence was to cause trouble, however this time it was a rather serious matter. An assassination attempt on one Sonya Uzumaki by a villager, a serious offense and one needing punishment on both the villager and Naruko (Naruto is going to be Naruko). She had told the brat she hadn't wanted to be Hokage…

(Timeskip 4 days)

"So beautiful!" Ino did a little jump of glee as we reached the beach. "I love the beach!"

Tenten groaned and face-palmed, mumbling something dark about killing me no doubt. She quietly dug into her pack and dropped a handful of yen into my outstretched hand.

"Double or Nothing?" I smiled, patting her on the back. I had bet her that out of Ino and Sakura, the blonde would be the first comment on the scenery of the beach. Tenten had accepted and not-so-graciously the bet.

"You're on." The brunette smiled, "What you got?"

"First to barf on the ship." I said, butt-bumping the weapons mistress.

"I say Ino-no, Sakura!" Tenten said fire in her eyes.

The entire trip so far, I had been following The Empresses' advice and my own flirtatious instinct and been sidling alongside my target. I had chosen to get to know Tenten better so I could complete the Guardian's task with or rather ontop of her. I had chosen her for really no other reason than she was the first person I had seen after being given the task.

"I say Ino again." We followed the frienemy duo down the sand to our ship.

"No, I wanna switch to Ino." Tenten said suddenly, eyeing me up and down as if she was trying to figure me out.

"I pick Sakura then." I said calmly, as Sakura greeted the captain.

He shaved dark-skinned man late into his years, but possessing a strong gait and build. His crew were a wild womanizing bunch as expected, but they seem good hearted and hard-working enough.

"I'm getting my money back and then some." Tenten growled, her competitive nature showing through.

"We'll see." I laughed, waving Tenten up the cargo net.

Little did she know it was only so that Hinata could get another good look at her truly huge ass. Even through her dark-blue ninja pants, all Hinata wanted to do was grab a hold of her thick cheeks and just slide her dick into them.

"Atta girl, get aggressive." The Empress laughed making Hinata blush as she grew a little down below.

Finally onto the deck of the ship, Hinata admired the work of art with its formidable mast and sizeable crew. Trying to move forward, Hinata released a small yelp of surprise as she prevented from doing so by her pack.

"Here, your sword is stuck." Tenten said moving behind her.

There was a little bit of tugging and then Hinata was free from the cargo net where her sheath had been caught from its position on her pack.

"Why don't you wear it on your waist?" Tenten asked, curious.

"I don't know." Hinata said after an awkwardly long pause.

Staring at the blue-haired Hyūga with a confused expression on her face, Tenten was suddenly spun around by Sakura and Ino as they raced to the rooms. Behind them a pair of sailors hauled up the net which left the two to follow the path of destruction left by the rivals. Hinata had no idea when she would get time alone with Tenten to complete her task, she just hoped that opportunity would present itself and she felt that the cramped rooms of the ship were no place to do it.

Finally getting to their rooms in the lower part of the ship, they discovered why their two comrades were in such a rush to get to the rooms. They captain could only provide 3 rooms since he had recently taken on new crew members for his galleon which meant Hinata and Tenten would be sharing a room. Securing their gear into compartments, the two decided to relax in their quarters as the ship left the port.

"Say Hinata." Tenten said, opening up their sole window. "Do you- uh-get back pains?"

"What are you talking about?" Hinata said, studying her sword and trying to figure out what type it was.

"It's just that-my mom you see she was talking with her friend-well they were talking about big-breasted women got pains in their back because of the weight on their chest." Tenten rushed through it, embarrassed that she had brought up such a topic. "Forget I said anything."

"No it's alright." Hinata said, looking down from the top bunk. "I get pains sometimes, but not as much since I got a tighter bra. Here wanna see?"

Tenten, being an only child and a tomboy wasn't that well versed in feminine subjects and blushed at Hinata's offer. It was too late to refuse however as the Hyūga had already dropped down from the top bunk. It was a boon for Hinata as she was eager to improve her and Tenten's intimacy. From friends to pseudo-sisters to lovers was the goal.

Unzipping her jacket, Hinata revealed her lavender bra which struggled to contain Hinata's truly massive globes. Just as the rumors in the village said, not as large as Tsunade's but bigger than everyone else's by far. Envious, Tenten patted her own B-cups as she picked her jaw up off the floor.

"Do you want to feel them?" Hinata offered innocently as she unzipped her jacket even further.

Blushing, Tenten couldn't help by nod an affirmative. She had never been into girls or guys for that matter, but this was just a thing between friends right? Hesitantly raising her hands Tenten palmed each of Hinata's breasts through her bra as her jacket fell down around her shoulders. Moaning softly, Hinata mentally smiled as Tenten fell into her trap.

"That feels really good." Hinata moaned, not having to fake pleasure.

Tenten marveled as her hands sunk into Hinata's soft tits, squeezing gently as she studied them. She still felt awkward doing something so intimate with Hinata, but that awkwardness was slowly being replaced by another feeling she hadn't really felt before.


Turned on, Ten gave Hinata's tits another squeezed eliciting a soft moan from Hinata as she let Tenten take charge.

"Harder." Hinata whispered, the boat rocking gently as the mainland slowly disappeared on the horizon seen through their view-port.

Emboldened, Tenten pushed Hinata back on the bed with her tits and straddled the seemingly helpless Hyūga. The Empress was helping keep her erection down so not to scare off Tenten, but it was task requiring absolute focus so Hinata was on her own and in dangerous waters.

Saying the wrong thing could ruin the mood instantly and set her back days of hard work. Instead, Hinata draped her around Tenten's neck as the brown haired kunoichi continued to be mesmerized by Hinata's breasts. Working her way underneath the bra, Tenten slid the bra up and let Hinata's tits bounce free.

"Holy shit these are huge!" Tenten thought to herself as she stared down at Hinata helpless form. Just the sigh of the blushing laying topless beneath her made Tenten feel powerful, as if she could enact her wildest desire and no one could stop her.

Tweaking Hinata's nipples, Tenten didn't even feel the smile come to her lips as Hinata cried out softly in pleasure. She could easily reverse the entire situation on Tenten, but it felt good to be on the bottom for once so Hinata played the innocent girl and let Tenten feel as if she was commanding the experience. Pulling the brown-haired kunoichi in closer and before Tenten knew it she was locking-lips with Hinata.

The world exploded for the weapon mistress of Konoha, Hinata's tongue seemed to be in her mouth before she could even blink and it knew how to work. Suddenly it pulled back, enticing Tenten's own tongue forward into Hinata's mouth as their kissed prolonged into a tongue-battle. Hinata let Tenten flopped around in her mouth for all the good it did her.

*WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP* The sound of someone pounding at the door.

"Come on guys, we're exploring the ship!" Sakura yelled through the thick doors before yanking the cabin door open.

Inside, Tenten was staring at the window while Hinata was calmly putting on a new bra (much to a certain Haruno's envy) and zipping up her jacket.

"Sure, where's Ino?" Hinata asked calmly so Ino would have time to stop blushing and calm down.

"Ino-pig is in her room blowing chunks, so I guess you when this bet too huh Hinata." Sakura laughed, actually enjoying herself on the rocking ship.

"Yup, but I've already got my prize." Tenten stiffened, noticeably as her whole face turned bright-red.

Leaving the cabin, Hinata left a confused Sakura to look back and forth between her friends before follow Hinata. Walking up to the main-deck, Hinata smiled as she planted her hands on the rail of the ship and leaned over.

"So pretty." Sakura murmured doing the same. "So Hinata, you've got your sights set already? You're such a playboy, it hasn't even been a week and you're already trying to get Tenten of all people?"

"Tenen will make four." Hinata cockily as the smile dropped off of her fiancée's face and form one of annoyance.

"T-that many?" Sakura laughed, trying to play it off.

"Something wrong honey?" Hinata said scooting closer to Sakura. "Are you getting jealous that you can't keep me for 9 months?"

"No-No, it's fine." Sakura laughed, waving her hands in front of her face.

"Oh, in that case I won't have to have sex with you on the mission. Great!" A passing sailor carrying a barrel raised an eyebrow and smiled but otherwise said nothing about the snippet of conversation.

Realizing that she had been duped, Sakura angrily tried to grab Hinata but the Hyūga had already moved into the hustle and bustle of the ship leaving an angry Sakura sexually frustrated. Hinata allowed herself to be carried through on the current on the ship, watching the workings of the warship in awe. She soon found herself at the wheel, the ship arrayed before her.

"How are the winds Captain?" Hinata, leaned against the railing.

The black man sent an amused glance down to the bust blue-haired before returning to piloting the ship.

"What would you know about winds girl?" The Captain laughed a hearty, full laugh causing his crew to chuckle as they passed around him.

"Not much until you tell me." Hinata retorted. "Are they in our favor, what's our speed, ETA?"

"I have no idea, I'm just sailing and hopefully the wind takes me to where I need to go." The Captain smiled, not looking at the annoyed Hinata. "Isn't that right boys?"

"Aye Captain!" Came a reply filled with laughter.

"Men are all the same." The Empress growled. "They think they're so high and mighty and that their jobs are beyond the grasp of a female. Hinata, I want you to do this…"

Hinata stuck her finger in her mouth and held it up into the air, her eyes closed as if she was thinking. After a long while, she opened her eyes once more.

"We have South-Easterly winds propelling us towards our destination. Our speed is 10 knots, an impressive feat for a vessel of this tonnage. Taking into account the distance between the port we left and our destination and if we keep our current speed then we should be there by tomorrow's dusk." Hinata planted one foot on a pile of barrels, staring off at the horizon. "Those clouds do not bold well however."

There was a dragging sound as the jaws of all the nearby crew-men scraped along the deck of the ship, they sailors as well as their captain flabbergasted at Hinata (or rather The Empresses') naval know how.

"Perhaps this is a question you can answer Captain." Hinata cocked her head towards him. "If that isn't beyond your grasp."

"Supper is at 2000 hours every night." A sailor said as he ascended the steps, he hadn't heard Hinata's short tirade and therefore was a bit confused on why his mates looked so shocked as the ninja walked off.

For the next few hours Hinata explored the ship, politely refusing assistance from the sailors. The Empress was all she needed, the goddess seemed to know everything there was about ships and naval combat and when questioned on how she gained her knowledge she answered "The world isn't one solid chunk of land, world conquest could and still can only be achieved through the use of ships to transport ships and engaging in naval combat as well as amphibious assaults."

Soon the dinner bell was ringing and most the sailors were heading down to the mess for the meal. Anticipating dinner, Hinata had been waiting at a table for the past ten minutes as she chatted up the cook's daughter. She wasn't the prettiest wench around, but she was one of the few other females on the ship. She a little over 20 years old and had been on the ship almost all her life, only leaving whenever they landed at a port and even then staying in the harbor.

She had been excited by Hinata's stories of adventure all over the Ninja continent. She was possessed so little knowledge of common topics such as movie theaters and forests that Hinata found incredibly alluring as well as her developing figure. Her lack of knowledge made her an easy target and Hinata had already formulated a plan by the time supper was called.

The hall was quickly filled and those who were late coming were forced to take their meals to the poop-deck. Excusing herself, Amelia giggled as Hinata swatted her butt as she stood to help her dad dish out the food. Now sitting beside a group of hard boiled sailors who looked like ex-pirates, Hinata pretended to be deeply interested in her food as she eavesdropped on the conversation.

"It's about time ain't it?"

"Yeah, the boss says his contact will be waiting for Redemption a few miles away from the city's harbor."

"How many people do we have on our side?"

"Only the boss knows, wants to keep it hush-hush until tomorrow."

"And how are we splitting the booty?"

"Which kind?"

There was a chorus of harsh laughter and I felt their eyes turn onto me, burning a hole in my ass. I was too shocked to even pretend to try and eat the rest of my meal, a mixture of some sort of bird meat and some decent biscuits. As the mutineers switched to ale, I slowly stood up and left the mess hall. As soon as I rounded the corner into a hall, I turned around to check to see if they suspected me. Sure enough some weasel like character got up as soon as I left the room and followed my exact path, her rat like eyes didn't seem to be inebriated at all.

Putting on a little show, I slowly walked back to my room, conscious of the fact that he was always 20 paces behind me. Getting to my quarters I found it empty, Tenten probably somewhere eating while trying to figure out how she was going to get any sleep tonight with me in the room. Closing the door behind me, I looked out the eye-hole to see Mr. Weasel popping a squat on a pile of boxes directly outside my team's rooms. He pulled out some sort of wooden figurine and proceeded to start whittling away.

A released a curse underneath my breath, my thumb fingering the guard of my blade in frustration. The door was the only was in our out of the cabin and the fucker was just waiting for me to leave. Sure I could beat the shit out of him or even kill him outright, but then the mutineers would know I knew and therefore the Captain knew. With that in mind, I turned my head to the second opening in the cabin, the port-hole.

Sticking my head out, I looked down at the churning blue water surrounding the ship and up at the 3 levels of ship I would have scale in order to get to the Captain's quarters. It would be a hard climb, designed so pirates wouldn't be able to easily get onto the ship secretly at night. I most definitely wouldn't be able to do it with my sword bumping into my legs with every movement.

"Moment of truth girl. Leave me here and do what you have to do." The Empress commanded.

"Are you sure?" Hinata had grown accustomed to her ancestor's snarky quips and databank of information on everything.

"I'm not going to hold your hand and walk you through everything. Now get out there and accomplish your mission." Hinata felt a faint pressure recede in her forehead as The Empress retreated deeper into her mind.

Throwing her sword (which she still had no idea what type it was, she should ask Tenten) on her bed, Hinata gauged the path of her climb using kunai as improve finger and footholds along the side of the ship. Taking a deep breath, the kunoichi dragged herself out her cabin's window and closed it behind her with her foot.

Now on the outside of the ship with her foot, Hinata suddenly felt like this was an extremely bad idea as she clung to her port-hole. Digging out a kunai, she stabbed the side of the ship, digging deep as possible into the quality wood. Doing the same for her other hand, Hinata began the slow process of scaling the side of the ship as the sun set on the horizon behind her. The port-holes above her alternated in position so she had climb around them, careful not to stab the wood to hard for fear of alerting their inhabitants.

After what felt like 20 minutes of pain-stakingly slow climbing (it was really 10), the blue-haired kunoichi finally reached the Captain quarters. Peering into the dirty window, she saw the dark-skinned man pouring over maps in the center of the room, oblivious to the fact that she could end his life in a second. She knocked on the window and after a few seconds, he yanked it open and stuck his flintlock pistol out at her before his head.

"By Neptune's beard lass, what are you doing out here?!" He asked incredulously.

"Are you going to invite me in or what?!" Hinata snapped her arms sore.

Pulling back, he allowed her to pull herself through the tiny window and collapse onto the floor. He thumped over to a table and poured two glasses of a brownish fluid.

"No thank-you, I don't drink." Hinata said, rubbing her shoulders.

"I didn't offer." He grumbled, downing both shots of the alcohol. "Now how did ya end up on the side of my ship?"

"I climbed from my room."

"But that's just above the lowest deck!"

"I'm painfully aware of that fact Captain."

"I assume it's something important if you didn't want to be seen coming here."

"Mutiny usually is." Hinata breathed and then launched into explanation of what she had seen and heard in the mess.

The Captain had started off standing, but by the end of her story he had sat down with his bottle of rum. His eyes were hard however, like 2 black coals recently lit in a grill. He clenched the bottle tight with one hand while the other fingered the hilt of his curved sword.

"I feared this would happen sooner or later, told the first mate too much new blood I did." He grumbled as he stood. "I'll call a meeting of those I know to be loyal and inform them of the problem at hand. If what yee say be true lass, we'll be engaged in combat by tomorrow and they'll need to be ready. In the meantime, lie low and tell your assassin girlfriends to prepare their magic. We're gonna need it."

Bristling at her jutsus being called magic, Hinata bowed and exited the Captain's quarters and onto the main deck of the ship. The sun had long set and her comrades were probably worrying about her, Ino not so much and Tenten for different reasons most likely. Still, Hinata had something urgent to take care of and it had to be down tonight. No telling what state the ship would be in 24 hours from now.

Disappearing into the maw of the lower decks, Hinata skillfully maneuvered through the ship, hugging the shadows and ducking into empty rooms whenever somebody came. She made good time to the mess despite her secrecy, the men were already getting deep in their ale cups and becoming oblivious to the world. While the mess was trashed place of tables, chairs and half-finished cups of ale, the kitchen had more than a few lights burning at the cook and his daughter cleaned dishes and prepped tomorrow's breakfast.

Creeping up to the window, Hinata listened to their conversation.

"She was so nice father!" The brown-haired girl said to her gruff care-taker as she cleaned plates. "She's seen so much and has been to so many places!"

"I'm sure she had Anoi, but I don't what you hangin round wit dem witch-kin. Tis bad-luck and you're sure to be cursed." The peg-legged and loving father warned his daughter.

"Daddy" She gave an exasperated sigh. "They're not witch-kin, they're ninjas."

"Didn't know there was much of a difference." He said slamming a potato down. "Now I forbid you from talking to any of those girls again and that's final!"

"I knew you wouldn't understand!" Hinata could hear the tears of teenage angst in her voice. "You never do!"


By the girl had barged out the kitchen, ripping off her apron and chucking it into the darkness where it came to rest at Hinata's feet. Stalking after her distraught prey, Hinata was delighted to learn that their rooms were off to the side of the mess so they wouldn't have to go anywhere else on the ship. Quietly trying Anoi's door, Hinata was surprised to find it locked. Going through the cook's room instead, The Hyūga swung out through the window and shuffled over to the girl's open window.

"Hah! Hah! AHH!" Sounds of fighting floated from the window and into the cold night air where the sound of the waves masked most of them. "I am the great ninja Anoi and I come to defeat evil with my magic!"

Hinata was faintly reminded of Naruto as she watched the cook's daughter dance about with knives as if they were kunai. Crawling into the room, Hinata sat on the sill of the window and watched quietly, a smile on her face. Anoi continued on her quest, oblivious to the world as she dueled assassins and rescued princesses.

"Don't worry my fair Princesses Hinata; I shall never let them take you again." Anoi brushed her hand lovingly against a blue haired wig on a mannequin head. "You want to share my bed? Don't worry my fair lady, I shall teach you the art of heavenly pleasure."

"Oh shall you?" Hinata couldn't contain her mirth any longer.

Anoi released a loud cry of surprise, dropping her 'kunai' and trying to cover up the blue wig with her body.

"H-how long h-have you b-been sitting t-there?!" Anoi stuttered, her face turning pink.

Hinata fell onto the bed, feigning innocence as she held her shoulders.

"I've been waiting for eternity for you to show me your skills in the art of pleasure oh great ninja Anoi." Hinata did her best helpless princess impression. "Please be gentle with my body."

Anoi turned dark-red, looking as if she would feint from embarrassment as she struggled to explain her acts of valor upon the vicious bed-post dragon. Clutching her stomach, Hinata fell back onto her pillow and felt something hard underneath. Ignoring Anoi's ridiculously slow dive to prevent her from lifting the pillow up, Hinata retrieve a small black dildo from under the girl's pillow.

"Oh what do we have here?" Hinata, asked mischievously as she allowed Anoi to snatch it away and stuff it in her drawers.

"Oh Neptune, Oh Neptune. Please you CANNOT tell my father, I won't hear the end of it and he'll never let me near another one of the crew again." Anoi pleaded shaking Hinata's shoulders.

"Stop worrying, I have a dad too I know exactly what's going on." Hinata assured the girl. "I in fact came here to teach you a little magic."

Anoi's face lit up as if she had just discovered her birthday and Christmas were on the same day.

"Really? I could be a ninja too and go out and explore the world and fight evil rulers?" Anoi's words blurred together until they were barely legible, her cute hazel eyes wide in excitement.

"Let's take this one step at a time." Hinata laughed.

She produced a kunai and an explosive seal from her leg holsters. She instructed Anoi on how to carefully wrap the seal around the kunai's handle. Since Anoi had no chakra, she couldn't activate the seal the traditional way. There was another way however, by use of blood. If she bit her thumb and dragged it on the seal it should begin burning because all humans had trace amounts of chakra within them. Anoi listened carefully, not desiring to accidentally curse herself with magic.

"I could get in trouble for this, it's forbidden to teach magic to outsiders." Hinata said softly as Anoi sat down on the bed beside her.

"Thank you so much Hinata, you're like the coolest person I know and the only one who understands me." Anoi said hugging the Hyūga.

If she could see how Hinata looked at her, Anoi probably wouldn't have been as thankful. Hinata stared down at Anoi with a look of victory in her eyes, she had slowly unraveled the layers of the teen and now it was time to take her reward from the girl inexperienced in worldly affairs.

"You know I'm not like other girls." Hinata said wrapping one arm around Anoi. "I'm a little unique down below."

Anoi looked up at Hinata confused at what she was saying, but understood none-the-less. The look Hinata was giving her was universal, she'd seen it hundreds if not thousands of times from the crew. It said 'I'm going to throw you onto your bed and make you mine'. Anoi never thought she would see it from Hinata and she never thought she would be so unopposed to being bedded before she could marry.

Surely Hinata was better than any of the crew with her intentions, after all ninjas had needs as well. Anoi was all to conscious of Hinata's wandering hand as it trailed below her waist.

"H-how so?" Anoi struggled to giggle, but her voice came out hoarse from her nervousness, her throat suddenly dry.

Hinata said nothing, instead she gently cupped Anoi's plump ass causing the girl to flinch by otherwise remain quiet. Slowly standing up, Hinata turned around to face Anoi who reeled back and gasped at the bulge in the kunoichi's ninja pants.

"No way." She breathed, her hands clapping onto her mouth. "That can't be real."

"Oh, but it is." Hinata smiled as she rolled down her ninja-pants and panties.

Even with just a little chub, Hinata's member looked intimidating. Her balls hung low from days without release and her dick twitched and dripped precum in anticipation.

"So how about you show me just how thankful you are of my friendship." Hinata smiled she stepped out of her clothes. "Unless you're just like your father and just want me to go home with my witch friends."

"No never, but I've never…done anything like this before." Anoi said, still shocked. "Are you going to take me bed?" The question was more of a hopeful anticipation than anything.

"Not tonight, but we'll see." Hinata promised. "Now way don't you come over here and put your mouth to a better use than talking."

Blushing, Anoi's body forced her to her knees, still clad in her modest serving clothes from dinner. She was no fool when it came to oral pleasures, the crew talked about their conquests often enough that she knew exactly how things worked behind closed doors. However know how something works and actually doing it are two different things entirely.

Putting up a translucent air of sultry calmness, Anoi grasped Hinata's growing chub and felt the phallus jump and grow in her calloused hands. Stroking the sleeping dragon to life, she failed miserably to hide her shock as Hinata's cock stood fully erect in front of her face. Working up the courage to actually commit the lewd act of placing her mouth on her idol's cock, Anoi continued her long sensual strokes as precum gathered on Hinata's glands.

"Calm down, take a deep breath." Hinata advised, feeling Anoi's shaking hand along her member. "It's not going to bite you…not tonight at least."

Her flimsy disguise of confidence torn from around her, Anoi looked away and blushed as a heavy splatter of precum landed on her neck and rolled into her cleavage. Out of nowhere, Anoi felt Hinata's hand grab the back of her head a signal for her to stop stalling. Breathing deeply, Anoi opened her mouth wide and went down on Hinata's proud member.

Releasing a grunt of approval, Hinata smiled as Anoi head went down and then came back up for air. The girl's eyes were wide, exhilarated, frightened and aroused by the fact that fact that she actually committing the act of fellatio. Her nervous pushed aside for a little while, Anoi eagerly dove back down on Hinata trying to swallow as much as her thick dick as possible. Hinata released soft moan of pleasure, the sloppy blowjob giving her some pleasure but not much.

"Use your tongue." Hinata grunted, as she forced Anoi down deeper on her member.

Despite Anoi's efforts, Hinata was rapidly becoming frustrated with the girl's inherent lack of skill when it came to fellatio. Tightening the grip on back of the girl's head, Hinata plunged viciously into the back of her throat, her balls slapping against the surprised teen's chin. Reacting instinctively, Anoi tried to push Hinata away but the horny Hyūga wasn't having any of that as she tightened her grip.

Turning the brown-haired girl into little more than a fuck-toy, Hinata slammed her dick down her throat with quick powerful thrusts, grunting louder each time. Struggling in her attempts not to push Hinata away, Anoi gagged loudly as Hinata fucked the shit of her face with little regard.

"FUCK!" Hinata shouted in pleasure. "Don't worry, this will be our little secret."

Anoi's face was turning red from lack of oxygen, tears of reflex running down her cheeks as she struggled to hold out under Hinata's relentless assault. Rivulets of saliva ran out her mouth and onto her clothes/floor from her mouth which was being held open. Giving one last ferocious grunt and thrust of release, Hinata opened her mouth in ecstasy as her cock swelled and released its gooey load.

Her eyes rolled back as Anoi felt strand after thick strand jizz flow down her throat and into her stomach. Quickly filling up, her load bubbled back through her throat and out of her nostrils as it sought release. Her balls going lax, Hinata moaned contently as she let Anoi go, her cock soft and covered with cum.

Falling forward, Anoi coughed up the cum which had flooded her mouth. Slowly recovering, Anoi couldn't help but wonder if sex was always this hard on the female although Hinata's sweet cum did make it slightly more enjoyable. Looking up she was found Hinata pulling up her pants and straightening herself out already.

"Did I do such a bad job?" Anoi panicked.

Reading Anoi's eyes, Hinata hurried to console the inexperienced young girl.

"You did good for your first time and there is nothing I desire more than to rip your clothes off and reach into the deepest parts of your cunt with my dick." Hinata smiled, as Anoi blushed at her vulgar words of encouragement. "Tomorrow will be a busy day however and I must get going."

Without further ado, Hinata jumped out the porthole and into the night just as the cook burst into the room brandishing a cleaver.

"I heard yelling and thumping in here!" He roared, expecting to find some man trying to bed his daughter.

Instead he found his daughter on her knees with stains all over her clothes and a mess of saliva around her mouth as well as down her chin.

"DAD GET OUT!" Roared all over the ships as the cook was booted out of his daughter's room.

Collecting himself, he dusted his clothes off and sighed as he stood up.

"Rikio, you were right. Females are a strange species." He grumbled as he fingered the locket that had once belonged to his lover and Anoi's mother as he went to bed.

Elsewhere in the ship, Hinata was creeping along the halls, careful to avoid stepping on men too deep in their cups. The route back to her cabin was largely quietand soon she was opening her door, her guard gone. Quickly closing it behind her, Hinata hopped onto the top-bunk as Tenten lay motionless beneath her. She couldn't fool Hinata however, people asleep weren't that still which meant she was avoiding her. That was fine, Hinata had made the weapon mistress feel something she had never felt before, lust. And the lust wouldn't go away until it was sated.

Ignoring The Empresses' congratulations on a job well done, Hinata slowly fell asleep. She drifted off with a warm feeling of accomplishment in her stomach, Anoi would never forget and thanks to her the girl was more infatuated with her than ever.