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Horatio groaned and opened his eyes. He looked up at the roof of his bedroom and frowned. He remembered talking on the phone with Kyle and just after hanging up something... or someone... had hit him in the head. Everything had gone black. His head was hurting and he tried to move his hand down when suddenly something stopped it.

Turning his head up he looked at the handcuffs around his wrists and the headboard; his own handcuffs. His pulse immediately went up as he realized that there was only person that could have done this... Caroline!

He pulled at the cuffs and then tried to move his legs only find that they too were cuffed to the bed. He cursed and looked around. His gun was on his nightstand as well as his phone. If Caroline had managed to get inside his house that meant that... Calleigh! He hoped that his ballistic expert and friend was alive and unharmed.

He heard someone walk up the stairs and listened carefully. Eventually a woman appeared in the doorway with a smile. Horatio recognized her as Caroline Damon. She smiled and stepped closer to the bed. Horatio could see that she was naked. Horatio started breathing heavily with horrible thoughts of what Caroline could do came to mind. He just hoped that his team would find out before she managed to go through with anything.

"Finally awake." She smiled, "I've wanted to meet you for so long."

"Caroline, let me go."

"I can't. I don't trust you enough to do that. We both know that you've been playing very hard to catch."

"I uh, I need to use the bathroom. I won't run, I promise."

"I know you won't run, especially since I have a gun and your blonde CSI downstairs. I could kill her, you know." Caroline said.

Horatio sighed in relief; Calleigh was alive. Well, if he was to believe the words of a maniac that is. Caroline showed Horatio the gun and he saw that it was Calleigh's. Caroline sat down on the bed and put a hand on his chest. She smiled and let her hand caress his body. Horatio tried to move away and Caroline laughed.

"You're not going anywhere, Horatio." She said, "You're going to stay here with me."

"Caroline, don't do this."

"Why? We are meant to be together. You just have a hard time realizing it. It's okay though, once we're through with my plans we can be together forever." Caroline smiled, "And Kyle will be okay without you."

"Excuse me?"

"Kyle can have others to take care of him. We can wait for him to join us when he's old enough." Caroline said.

Horatio paled as he now knew that Caroline planned to kill him. He pulled at the cuffs with his arms and legs, but they wouldn't budge. Caroline smirked and then straddled him. Horatio froze.

"Caroline, get off."

"Oh Horatio, I can't do that. For years I have planned this." Caroline said, "Although, I didn't exactly plan to do this now, but fate has forced me to act faster."

"Please, don't do this. If you let me go I will help you."

"I don't need help! There is nothing wrong with me." Caroline growled.

She still held Calleigh's gun in her hand, but then put in on the nightstand. She then started to unbutton Horatio's shirt. He tried to move his hips to push her off, but Caroline stayed and laughed at him.

"Trying to get me off or trying to turn me on?" She asked and winked.

Horatio tried to pull his arms down again, causing the cuffs around his wrists to cut into his skin. He could feel the blood trickling down his arms. Caroline pushed the shirt aside and bent down to give Horatio a kiss. He turned his head as her lips touched his and she growled at him. A hard slap to the face was what he got and then Caroline tried to kiss him again. Horatio turned his head away again.

"Stop it! Or I will kill Blondie downstairs!"

Horatio glared at Caroline. She held his head in her hands this time and managed to kiss him. He didn't kiss back. Caroline then kissed his neck and let hands caress his chest. She pressed her breasts against him. At any other time and with any other woman this would have turned Horatio on, but now it was just disgusting. He tried to get her off him again by moving his body and making her lose her balance; Caroline just sighed annoyed at him.

She dug her nails into his waist and Horatio hissed in pain.

"Be still!"

"Let me go!" Horatio growled.

Caroline smirked and shook her head. She pinned her body against his and kissed him. Horatio growled and tried to fight her off again; he could tell she was starting to lose her balance and she had to fight to stay on. Although she tried to hide it. Caroline laughed and grinding her body against him.

Horatio pulled with his arms again and hissed when the cuffs dug deeper into his skin.

"You really refuse to give up." Caroline smiled, "It's one of the things I love about you."

"Caroline, you don't have to do this." Horatio said, "Take the cuffs off and I will give you what you want."

"Oh no, darling. You will give me what I want this way." Caroline smiled, "We're soul mates."

"It doesn't exist."

"Don't say that! It exists." Caroline said, "We are meant to be together and now nothing can come between us."

Horatio glared at her and Caroline just grinned. She let her hands wander down to his belt buckle and when she started to remove it Horatio felt panic creep up on him. He had to do something. He had to try harder to get her off!

He started to move his entire body and bucked his hips so violently that Caroline finally lost her balance. She fell off him down to the floor. Horatio could hear the head and footboard creek as he pulled at the cuffs. All he needed was a little more time and he could break free.

He froze when he felt the barrel of a gun against his temple.

"Stop fighting me!" Caroline growled, "This is what we should do. Unite as one and then spend forever together."

Horatio watched as she put the gun next to him on the bed and then straddled him again. His chest was heaving, his heart hammering his in chest and his body was getting tired. But he refused to give up. When Caroline reached for his zipper, Horatio decided to try something new before she could pull it down and he spat her in the face. The look he received could have killed.

"What the hell did you just do to me?" Caroline asked.

The tone of her voice was like venom and Horatio could see she was like a bomb ready to explode. Her patience with him was running thin.

"Stop this madness, Caroline. You're about to rape a police officer." Horatio said.

Caroline grabbed the gun and slammed it into his head. Horatio's vision got blurry and he groaned. The room was spinning and the pain that radiated from his head was unbearable. He could feel blood oozing down his neck. He was panting now and couldn't even move. He tried to shake his head to clear his vision, but it only made it worse. He could feel Caroline's cold hands on his chest and she was saying something. He was too dizzy to hear what it was.

"That was a bit too hard." Caroline said, "Can you hear me darling?"


"I will make it up to you." Caroline smiled.

Horatio closed his eyes and tried to breathe. He could feel Caroline caressing his cheek. His head was pounding. He opened his eyes quickly when he felt Caroline pull down his zipper.

"Please don't." He slurred.

"Why? This will feel good."

"Just... um, give me a few minutes." Horatio said.

He needed to stall time. Time for Calleigh to wake up downstairs, time for his team to realize that something was wrong. Time for him to come up with something to make Caroline stop. His head was pounding and he was getting really tired.

"Okay, a few minutes." Caroline sighed.

She continued to caress his face and chest. Even kissing him. He started to feel sick, he wanted to vomit. He was sure that he had a concussion.


In the meantime downstairs, Calleigh was starting to wake up. She was on the floor in the living room. Her head was pounding after Caroline had hit her and she groaned as she sat up. Her gun was gone. Caroline was in the house! There could be no one else.

Sitting up slowly Calleigh noticed that it was very quiet. Where was Horatio? She jumped when her phone started buzzing. She was grateful for not having the sound on.

"Duquesne." She whispered.

"Calleigh, why are you whispering?" Eric asked.

"Caroline is here."

"Come again?"

"She is in the house. Knocked me out. I just woke up." Calleigh said.

"Calleigh, we traced the 911 call made this morning. It took a while but we finally managed to do it." Eric said, "It was made from inside the house."


"Yes. Caroline called us, but she was already inside." Eric said.


"Don't know, but nothing surprises me anymore." Eric said, "We're on our way. Don't do anything without backup."

"I will if Horatio is in danger." Calleigh said and hung up.

Calleigh quietly stood up and walked into the kitchen. She pulled up a chair to the cabinets and got up on it; she knew Horatio kept an extra gun on top of the cabinets. She grabbed it and checked for ammo; it was full.

Quietly as a mouse she started to move upstairs; hoping the creaking steps wouldn't give her away.


"Your minutes are up. We have to do this now before Blondie wakes up." Caroline smiled.

She kissed him deeply and Horatio turned his face away. This time Caroline ignored it and reached for his pants. She slid her hand inside his trousers and started to stroke him.

Horatio willed his body not to respond and did his best to shake Caroline off him. He could see how angry she got when he wasn't responding to her touches.

"Feels good, huh? You will soon enjoy this." She said.

She grinded her body against him and then started to pull his pants down. When she saw that Horatio's body was reacting in its natural way to the stimuli she smirked victoriously at him. Horatio tried to shake her off, with all the power he had. Caroline kissed him through his boxers and then licked her way up his chest.

"Stop it!"

"This will be good, you'll like it." She whispered.

Her hand slid inside his boxers and she started caressing him. Horatio tried to think of anything but what she was doing to him. Willing his body not to respond.

"Stop!" Horatio exclaimed.

"Relax baby, you will soon beg me for more." Caroline smiled.


Caroline stopped and looked towards the door. She stayed on Horatio, but her hands moved to his chest. She glared at Calleigh; angry that she had interrupted her.

"He likes it. He responds to me."

"No!" Horatio growled, "Get off me!"

Calleigh took a step closer. Caroline leaned her body against Horatio, pretending to lean down for a kiss. But before anyone could react she grabbed the gun lying beside the redhead.

"I want him." She said.

"You can't have him." Calleigh growled, "Now get off or I will shoot."

Caroline aimed the gun at Horatio. He didn't dare to move. Calleigh aimed her gun directly at Caroline's head.

"One more step and I shoot him." Caroline warned.

From downstairs they could hear the door being kicked in and Speed yell "MDPD". They came running up the stairs, but stayed behind Calleigh when they saw the scene in front of them.

"I will shoot him!" Caroline exclaimed.

"You do that and you will get a bullet in your brain." Calleigh warned, "You can walk away alive or leave in a body bag.

"I didn't do all of this to leave alone." Caroline smirked.

In the same moment that she pulled the trigger Calleigh pulled her trigger and two shots were heard. Caroline's lifeless body slumped down on top of Horatio. Speed and Calleigh instantly rushed to him and pulled Caroline off him.

"Oh my god!" Calleigh exclaimed, "Call an ambulance!"

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