I noticed and was left hungry for all the little gaps in the plotline they left throughout the game. Here we explore what exactly happened at the seminary after Vashyron and the Cardinal attempted to subdue Zephyr and how he didn't die after being shot. Also explains how in the next story he ends up with Vashyron. Enjoy ~

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Vashyron couldn't stop himself from shaking; there was nothing that could explain what they were witnessing. A million different thoughts were racing through his mind, a thousand different possibilities and a hundred excuses to explain this situation. He should be dead! Had the two rounds used been defective somehow? Had his gun malfunctioned? No. Everything had been thoroughly checked and then double checked before coming here, this kind of mission would be deadly if even an experienced hunter came unprepared.

So then why? Why was this kid still alive!

The boy groaned, whimpering and shaking on the hard stone. His hands clutched at his head, and even unconscious he continued to mutter what were nothing but random phrases to the two men standing next to his body. Cardinal Lagerfeld stood next to Vashyron, claiming that it was his fault this… this monster or whatever it was, still breathed. Had judgment been passed on this boy, was this the will of god?

God. The blonde laughed nervously. He had believed in a god once, but that was a long time ago now. His faith had died with the rest of his team. Or had it died with Victor? There was also a good chance that his own survival of that ordeal defied the very ideals of death and god itself. Vashyron suddenly felt a strange sense of familiarity in this uncertain situation, except now he was the one hell bent on killing his target. In a way this kid was like himself, on the losing end of a war he couldn't hope to survive let alone make a living in. Given a second chance by god or whatever deity had taken pity on him.

"We can't just leave him here! We have to kill him, finish him off!" cried the Cardinal. When Vashyron didn't move the old man made a grab for his gun, tearing it from the blonde's still shaken grip and aiming it at the boy's head, then re-directing it to his heart.

"We'll make sure he dies this time, I'll kill him as many times as it takes. Only then will his sins be forgiven."

The Cardinal drew the trigger back and the bang of the gunshot which followed echoed off the walls of the seminary.

But the deadly iron uselessly rebounded off the stone several feet from its intended mark leaving the boy untouched. Lagerfeld blinked in surprise, staring at the hand on his wrist. Vashyron wasn't even sure why he had done it himself, but he had intercepted at the last second. His body was no longer shaking, and his brown eyes were focused intently on the body beneath him.

"What do you think you're doing!" Lagerfeld yelled, anger in his voice, "We have to kill him!"

Vashyron tightened his grip on the Cardinal's wrist, making the old man snarl and pull away from him. The hunter kneeled, reaching out towards the kid and then hesitating. What was he doing again? The creature whimpered again, curling in on itself tighter.

Well, if it really was the will of god or just sheer, unnatural interference then he would be an idiot to defy it wouldn't he?

"It's bad luck to refuse a miracle handed down by god himself, don't you agree Cardinal?"

Vashyron leaned over the boy, collecting him in his arms and lifting him off the concrete.

Lagerfeld regained his courage enough to grab the other man by the sleeve of his jacket, halting him. "What do you think you're doing Vashyron?"

"Well we can't just leave him here to die-"

"He'll die anyways, there is nowhere for a demon like that to live. He doesn't belong with the rest of us, where will you take a murderer? Who would be willing enough to throw away?"

Vashyron looked down at the figure in his arms. He seemed much less dangerous now then he had before, the way he was shivering and clinging to the man made him even seem almost harmless.

"I'll take him home. He'll stay with me."

"Are you mad?"

The blonde turned, his eyes meeting the Cardinal's with a casual glance.

"These days who isn't?"

"This wasn't part of the job, you were supposed to subdue it remember? Not adopt it! You won't get any money from us!"

"Keep it, I'll take him instead. I can do more with a slave then I could with your dirty cash any day."

Vashyron pulled away from the older man, taking steady steps towards the exit. He really was losing it wasn't he? In what possible way was this a good idea?

"Stop hunter!"

He heard the sound of quick movement, the click of the gun as it was aimed at his back. Vashyron stopped. Awe shit, it was going so well up to this point, why did the Cardinal have to go and wreck it? There was absolutely no way he was going to die for someone he didn't even know for sure was human. Nuh uh. Not gonna' happen. Not a chance in hell.

"Shoot me then." Damnit.

"You'll regret this." The Cardinal warned.

This was an easy thing to do. Just put the kid down, let the crazy old guy kill him, claim a shitload of money to spend on women and wine, and then live his life like only a normal, ignorant hunter could.

"When the time comes I might, but I guess I'll let god decide that for me when it does."

He started walking again, nearly sure enough that the Cardinal wouldn't shoot him to proceed calmly, yet not so sure that he wouldn't as to slow his pace. It was now official, he was definitely a madman.

So :3 this is my first Fanfiction posted on this site. I was a little taken aback because I wrote this two days ago and was inspired to post it but then I realized I had to wait out the whole weekend so I could host the stories here. Q Q

This story of course came from my first playthrough of RoF which I had just completed a few days ago now. I have felt the want to write fanfictions before but just not quite this much. Think of this game as the one that pushed me over the edge. :D

On a more important note, I know that this story lacks detail, and if I guess some people were really bugged by it I would add it, but it's a mistake I often forget. Let me know what you think and if you have any requests or just want more more more then send me a mssg or leave a comment saying so. I am very eager to do a separate story about zephyr and vash getting together, there is a bunch of fluff and shonen-ai type stuff going on but nothing that actually has them getting together. I want to challenge myself to do it in-character too.