Tears prickled at the corners of Karen Block's eyes. She didn't want to move to Westchester just before the sixth grade. She missed her best friend, Lacy. Karen knew that she was thought of as a pushover almost everywhere, including at Camp Lakeview, where nobody even remembered her. She decided to just say that she was new again next year. She was shy and she used to play with stuffed animals. But she wanted change.

She remembered an episode from her favorite TV show, Glee, when she learned that the character, Quinn, used to be a nerd and that Quinn was her middle name. Karen decided that at her new school, she would go by her middle name, Massie. She told her parents to call her Massie from now on, and began to work on her new personality.

Now that her dad had a new job, she was very rich and she even got to have credit cards. She decided that anyone that acted the way that she used to was a freak, and she changed up her style, too. She dyed her mousy-brown hair chocolate-brown and got it cut to just below her shoulders. She only wore fancy clothing. She was ready.

On the first day of school, Karen wore a cream-colored halter top and a purple skirt. She looked everyone in the eye, searching for future members of her new clique. She saw potential in a cool girl named Dylan with glossy red hair, a cute mini skirt, and attitude. Karen went over and introduced herself.

"Heyy, girl, I'm Massie Block. Can I just say that your skirt is ah-dorable?" Dylan grinned. "Thanks. I'm Dylan Marvil and I just love your outfit." Karen gave a smile that showed off her newly-braces-free teeth. Karen looked her in the eye. "Want to sit with me at lunch? I was thinking of the table in the back." Dylan's jaw dropped. "But-but the cool girls sit there. Like Alicia Rivera and Layne Abeley." Karen rolled her eyes. "Cool? We'll show them cool. And Layne Abeley? What kind of name is that?" She changed her voice to a high voice. "Oh, I'm Layne Abeley and I'm so kew-el!" Dylan laughed but then looked seriously at Karen. "But I don't have a best friend, and I sit with a bunch of kids that don't even like me too much. I'm supposedly a 'clothes-obsessed geek'. Why do you want to be my friend?" Karen thought about it. "Because, Dyl, you've got style."

Karen got to lunch early with Dylan, so they were sitting down eating when the "kew-el" girls arrived. "Who are you and what are you doing in my seat?" snapped a brown-haired girl in a denim skirt. Karen smiled sweetly and decided to try out her new sense of humor. "First, what's your name?" The girl glared. "Layne." Karen rolled her eyes. "Well, 'Layne', are you a piece of chewed gum?" Layne blinked. "Uh, no." Karen swallowed. "Then why are you trying to stick to this seat?" Slowly, the dark-haired girl next to Layne laughed, along with Dylan. Layne narrowed her eyes, but the girl behind her smiled a Karen. "I'm Alicia Rivera, and you are?" Karen grinned. "Massie Block. Ditch Layne and be my friend?" Alicia hesitated then grinned. "'Kay."