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Katniss' POV:


She stirs inside me and I feel a kick in my abdomen. I am 7 months pregnant. Peeta wanted her so badly and now that the war is over, there's no more hunger games, my little girl can be born into a safe world. I get scared often, feeling her stir in me, but Peeta is always at my side comforting me.

After we got married, Peeta and I moved back to district 12 to start a new life. The remaining people who survived the bombing of 12, also moved back. We live in a house near the new bakery that has been rebuilt. We have a new Hob as well but I haven't hunted in a while so I don't have a reason to go there. But when I do go, I visit Greasy Sae. Peeta works at the bakery and once tried to teach me how to cook, but I would always burn the food or do something wrong to make it inedible. So I gave up and now Peeta does most of the cooking and I help.

Gale moved with us back to 12 and lives a few houses away, right next to Delly. The two of them have gotten really close and I see then in the square sometimes. I haven't talked to Gale since we were in district 13. He has Delly and I have Peeta.

Prim and my mother live in a house not too far from the bakery. Prim still enjoys coming to the bakery to admire the cakes that Peeta designed. When district 12 was rebuilt, a hospital was added and my mother enjoys working there. And because the school has not been fully rebuilt yet, Prim helps mother at the hospital.

I look over my shoulder to see if Peeta is awake and he's still sleeping. I carefully get out of bed trying hard to not to wake him up. I tip toe to the bathroom, preparing myself for my usual morning sickness. My mother told me that this is one of the side effects of being pregnant.

When I start feeling better, I clean myself up and braid my hair in my normal braid down my back. When I walk out of the bathroom, I see Peeta lying on the bed, awake. He gets up and rushes to my side to comfort me.

"2 more months, Katniss. You can do it," He tells me. 2 more months are going to be an eternity. Before I can respond, Peeta presses his lips against mine. He lifts me up and carries me downstairs. He lays me on the couch and then walks towards the kitchen to make breakfast. I sit up and turn the TV on to watch the morning news.

A few minutes later, Peeta comes back in with a stack of pancakes and I turn off the TV. He pulls up a table and we eat breakfast.

"Okay, so what color are we painting her room?" Peeta asks. I haven't really thought about it.

"Pink." I reply. "But not like Effie's hair." I tell him.

"Like the sunset?" He questions.

"Exactly," I reply back. We finish the entire stack of pancakes and Peeta goes upstairs to take a shower. I do the dishes and push the table back where it belongs. When I finish, Peeta walks downstairs ready to go to the bakery.

I give him a good bye kiss and he starts to walk to the door but then turns around.

"If you need me, just call the bakery, okay?" He says.

"Thanks, but I will be fine!" I tell him with a smile. Peeta smirks back and walks out the door.

I decide to walk around the square, and get some fresh air. I go upstairs to put on a jacket and shoes. Then I walk outside into the chilly fall air. The lush leaves are falling from the tress, covering the path to the square but I know this road by heart.

When I get there, the square is really crowded. Then I remember that we have a small fall festival with food, music, and dancing. I stand off to the side, watching everyone dancing. Then I see Delly and Gale laughing, dancing, and kissing. I wonder if there are engaged. But when my eyes glance over to Delly's finger, I don't see a ring.

I find Greasy Sae selling some of her items that she made herself and we talk for the longest time. When I check the time, it is past noon. I plan to go back home, eat lunch, then visit Peeta at the bakery. He loves that.

I start to walk back home, through the maze of people when I feel a sense that someone is following me. I look back, only to see the continuous smiles of people who are dancing, and enjoying the festival. I continue to squeeze through the crowd of people but before I can make it out, I hear someone call my name.

"Katniss," and then I feel a hard hand on my shoulder. I whip me head around to see Gale.

"Ga- Gale?" I stutter. He takes his hand off my shoulder and looks down at my round stomach. Then he looks directly into my eyes.

"Katniss, I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in a while- wait, is Peeta here?" He asks in midsentence. I shake my head and Gale lets out a sigh of relief.

"I missed you Catnip," He says as he pulls me into a hug. The truth is, I missed him too. I'm positive that he loves Delly and moved on with me. Peeta still doesn't like him but Gale is my friend.

"I missed you too," I tell him.

"Congratulations!" He exclaims, with a smile, pointing to my stomach.

"Thank you." I reply.

"Is it a girl or boy?" He asks.

"It's a girl and she will be born in 2 months." I state with a smile. Overall, I am pretty excited to have a daughter, but there's always a though in my head that makes me nervous. What if something happens to her? What if she's not safe? But Peeta helps me push those thoughts out of my head.

"How exciting! Well, I have to get back to Delly. Nice talking to you again, Catnip." Gale says and walks back into the crowd.

I take my time getting home, even though I am really hungry. When I walk through the door, I hang up my jacket and take off my shoes. I make myself a sandwich and sit down at the table and eat. I think about being a parent and what responsibilities I will be in charge of. But the one thought that kills me is that I am responsible for her. If anything goes wrong, it's my entire fault. My eyes start to water and with that thought still in my mind, I rush over the bakery. I need Peeta's gental arms around me.

When I walk in, no one is at the front counter but when the bell goes off, Peeta walks through the kitchen doors. He starts to smile but when he sees the tears in my eyes, he runs over to me. His arms wrap around me and I let all my tears flow.

"What's wrong Katniss?" He asks.

"What if- What if something bad happens to her? What if she's unsafe? What if-" I am cut off my Peeta's lips on mine.

"Everything will be fine." He tells me. "I won't let anything happen to her, I promise." I lift my head off of his shoulder and I force a smile.


I kiss Peeta one more time before he starts to lead me into the kitchen.

"Where are we going?" I ask, even though I know we are going to the kitchen. Peeta smiles and says,

"Come on, I'm going to teach you to cook, again."

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