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Two men stood on a sideways skyscraper. Neither looking at each other, while one was clad in all black; the other was dressed in pure white.

The skin of the man in black was normal enough elderly man, but the one in white had very pale skin; he was a very odd looking teenager.

Only one word was needed to start a conversation between the two very odd individuals.



His container, His king, had made his decision.

He would fight to the end with everything he has, to kill the imposter and protect everyone.

'A worthy goal I would suspect. But both Zangetsu and I don't care about that, we care about watching the kings back. Zangetsu would listen to anyone with the crown, and I want him to survive long enough for me to take it.'


The old man with black robes and sunglasses turn to him.

"You say something Hollow?"

"Yea I said something! Fuck! He's going to throw away all of this power for that pathetic town! And because of that we are going to fade away. The basic power will be there, but our minds will be consumed to fuel the power he needs!"

The old man counters "But that is all we can do, he is the one in control after all. I do not like it, but we would be destroyed anyways if we did not aid him."

"And that's the reason I said FUCK! We are screwed any way you look at it!"

Zangetsu turns his face skyward.

"Indeed….. At least there is no more rain. He is set on his course, and he will not falter." He turns back to Hollow. "Our sacrifice will not be in vain."

Hollow gave a very 'That's comforting' look to the old man. In turn, the man merely chuckles.

"Yes I know you don't care for that. You want to live no matter what; it's what you are, a creature, a beast whose only desire is to consume. You don't look fondly of sacrificing yourself for others."

"Yea! So? Somebody needs to keep that wimp in shape or else he would get himself killed… Not that I'll be able to do that much longer….." The two fell into silence.


Suddenly they felt it, the pull that would end them both.

The two spirits looked at each other one last time.

Zangetsu held out his hand to the Hollow, this surprised said Hollow because they were supposed to be mortal enemies. But after thinking of all the times they work together in order to help Ichigo, he should have expected this.

Hollow shook the old man's hand, nodding at each other they prepared for their final moments.


The fight was a quick but brutal one on the Spirits. They had their very being ripped apart, and put back together into a very small amount of space. Doing this broke the chain that once held Zangetsu, Hollow, and Ichigo together. Allowing them to become one, at the loss of each other.

Hollow saw a way out how ever. He would not be destroyed if they managed to defeat Aizen, the form would end, and they would separate before he would disappear! He sent the idea to Zangetsu via link, and he felt the response

"We will make it."


Aizen was down, soon broken from the inside out.

Hollow managed to steal a portion of his power, more that he originally had to begin with he would admit, but it was now his. Aizen's power was easy to take, because it was loose and flying around, the chain was broken so nothing was holding it to him.

Like any Hollow, he ate it all up, hoping it would stave off his death. The more he ate the more powerful he became, but soon darkness consumed him…


Hollow awoke; he was within the dark void between worlds, drifting….. Or falling, He was unsure. He soon found his power flaring up, spilling out of him. It was acting as a beacon, but also a rope, hoping to latch onto something. Hollow summarized it was because no matter how much power he enveloped, he would always be a shard.

Just as how Zangetsu was one, along with Ichigo. But Ichigo was the source of all of their power, Hollow was Ichigo, as Ichigo was Hollow. The only difference was Hollow was created, and was the manifestation of Ichigo's deepest desires, or urges. Hollow was prone to violence, always wanting to fight, to take. Ichigo had those feelings as well, but he kept them buried rather than act upon them.

On the flip side, Zangetsu was the embodiment of what Ichigo thought was strong. Level head, insightful, caring, always willing to lend power, and help when needed. A teacher and a brother.

'Ichigo was always holding back really.' Hollow thought to himself. 'He never wanted to hurt someone, only to protect. I guess I was born from need to hurt, in order to protect and survive.'

Hollows power continued to build, pressure reaching painful levels.

Upon remembering when Hollow was manifested within Ichigo, he chuckled.

O how he wished he could have messed with the king one more time. The fact that he had fought alongside of Ichigo long before he held Zangetsu would have thrown him for a spin.

Soon a small frown also crept onto Hollows features. It was a bitter sweet memory for even him. The moment Hollow was born was when Ichigo awakened to his mother draped over him, still, cold, and very, very dead.

Extreme sadness, and pain, grief and loneliness. The prime emotions for a Hollow to emerge. And emerge he did, but Ichigo was not dead, not a spirit, but he had enough spirit energy to make one, willingly, or not.

Even if he was not truly the son of the woman, he felt sadness and grief whenever he thought of her. He was a shard of Ichigo, thus he had the feeling Ichigo had deep down on the matter.

Back to Ichigo, he changed that day. He no longer had the loving mother he once had, the impact was Ichigos soul splitting itself in two, and all of those feeling of dread flowed between both parties, solidifying Hollow's existence.

The more Ichigo fought, and bottled up his emotions, the more powerful Hollow became. Hollow wanted what Ichigo wanted, a fight, an outlet of all the anger he had. But most of all friendship, and understanding.

Friendship came in the form of Chad. The gentlest Giant you would ever meet, willing to fight alongside the soul brothers, 'If you could call us that', always throwing ourselves into the fray, and coming out on top.

The power began to create cracks in Hollows skin; a dark, reddish black energy crept out. All the while Hollow fought to control it.

Hollow mused what would happen now. Would Ichigo be fine with him leaving? Would there be adverse side effects he did not foresee?

'Naaaaaa. Ichigo will be fine, Zangetsu stayed behind with him. He will be fine without me.'

Hollow could not figure it out though. What was he?

He was a figment of Ichigo…. But now he wasn't so sure. Now he was calm, and really looking deep into thoughts.

'They say the same magnetic charge repel each other, while opposites attract….. That sounds what happened. We were aggressive towards each other, while we both accepted Zangetsu without a problem.'

He imagined it was like breaking a magnet in half, and facing the same magnetic side towards each other. They worked fine beside each other, until they no longer were one, and faced off against each other.

'Hat and clog's broke us in half the bastard…. I bet we would have manifested the mask ourselves given enough time….. it really would have been the soul brothers….'

Hollow laughed at the idea, until the power became too much to consciously think.

Power began to spill from him freely, unable to contain, he had to rein it back in. The swirling force was difficult to suppress, truly wanting freedom from this broken container, it was thriving, kicking, and howling. He fought for what he thought was hours, until it began to compress once more.

When it had died down, Hollow was to tired to do anything, but drift in the darkness once more, completely unaware of what the power did to his body….. Transforming it into the Vasto lord form Ichigo took in Hueco Mundo, the hole opening up in his chest, black line snaking out of it across his body, the last regents of the black coat on his right arm, white fur protruding out of his wrist, and ankles. Instead of the orange hair, it was white; growing down his back, long enough to reach his waist. Black line's rode over his mask, down through the gap witch held his eyes, down past his jaw bone.

Gone was the inverted carbon copy of Ichigo, and what remained was the true form of Hollow…..


Hollow drifted for a long time. He never woke up. He needed a kick, or a boost in order to do so, and for what could have been a eternity, nothing happened. Until one day his spiritual power found something. Something so similar it was scary.

The power however acted on instinct, latching onto the familiarity, and began to shift Hollow towards it. Slowly, ever so slowly, Hollow picked up speed…..


Hollow felt himself falling. Acting with grace he had not known about, he twisted in the air, and landed on his feet. Creating a small crater where his feet connected.

As the dust settled, Hollow looked around, He was confused, and lost.

"Where am I"

He turned around, looking back and forth.

He was in the middle of a street. No one was in sight, and it was eerily silent.

He then took a look at himself.

"What happened to me!" He noticed his transformation. He then looked into a window to look at his reflection, and saw the black and yellow eye's he had always had.

'Separation from Ichigo must have done something…..'

Hollow decided he needed to move out, and find his bearings

Hollow took his first steps, climbing out of the small crater he created, and began to walk. He traversed the streets, one by one, with not a soul in sight. Not that he really cared, but he found the place very odd. The buildings were very different from the ones Ichigo knew of. Two floor houses, lawns, and trees.

'Trees! The hell? I don't recall this many in Japan let alone in one place…..' Hollow also had a glimpse at a few skyscrapers off in the distance.

With the familiarity Hollow felt towards the buildings, he headed in that direction.


Hollow had made some progress towards his goal.

But suddenly he felt a presents.

He spun in place, locating the soul in a house down the street. Walking towards the potential informant, Hollow noticed the Street became darker, dirtier, and more destruction the farther he traveled.

Soon he was outside a small house. It had collapsed in on its self from a fire, smoke still coming out of the ruin. The entire house was in shambles, half of it was still standing, but it looked like it could collapse at any moment.

"The fuck?"

It seemed the Presence had heard him, and soon emerged from the ruin. It spoke to Hollow.

"Who… Or what are you?"

Hollow looked at this… Man? He had no nose, pale skin, red eyes, and no real lips to talk about. He looked like a snake tried to become human, and failed halfway through…. Still, Hollow complied with said creature.

"I don't have a name, but I am a Hollow. What are you creature?"

The being in front of him was suddenly outraged for some odd reason.


Voldemort breathed out a sickly black smoke. Hollow looked closely and found it started to eat away the area around them.

Hollow decided he did not like the idea of that touching him. He pointed his index, middle figure, along with his thumb at each other, and began to charge a Cero. Voldemort cut off the smoke, and watched in interest, but suddenly Hollow fired the Cero straight for him.

Voldemort felt the tremendous power growing and tried to get out of the way. He succeeded only slightly. He dodged left, but the speed of the Hollow flash was too great, it obliterated the entire right side of his body.

Panting, the Voldemort creature looked at Hollow with great hate and pain.

Hollow using that attack, also destroyed the smoke. He walked forward, looking expectantly on the body of his soon be prey. Using the Cero cost Hollow, making him hungry, and the only food around, was Voldemort.

Hollow quickly closed the distance between the two. Hollow grabbed the Dark lord by his throat. Voldemort panicked, he thrashed around with his half body, hoping in vain to escape, the monster that stood before him, with his life/soul in his hands. Hollow raised his free hand up to his victims head, effectively blocking his sight with his palms, figure like claws moved to the back of Voldemorts head.

With a small twist (to hollow at least), Voldemort stopped moving. Sensing his prey no longer putting up a fight was all the incentive he needed to begin to dine…..


Flashes passed thru Hollows mind, people screaming, being cut down, and killed. Chaos, reigned supreme, nothing was spared.

Hollow enjoyed it.

He was a creature of conflict, and violence. He had no problem with the new memories he had gained from the "Dark Lord", instead he thrived with them.

He had gained a very insightful look into a completely different and new world from his own. The most prominent info he could gather at the moment was his location.

'I'm in the soul world of a child named Harry Potter….. From one inside, to another, fantastic….'

Hollow was at no stretch, joyful about this new situation, but he would accept it.

He did have to rationalize with himself however.

He came to the conclusion that since he was only a shard, he could not sustain himself. Normal hollows are full plus souls, turned bad. Hollow at the moment was like a hybrid, he was born inside a living being, he had hollow ability's, but he still retained power form Zangetsu. It could have been from the time they merged to train Ichigo, possible from the final form when the three of them became one, maybe because the three of them were closer than any other's have been before, or because they have all had the original source, which would have been Ichigo.

Now that he thought about it, Hollow had always used Zangetsu. There was never a instance where he would not have the old man beside him fighting, since Ichigo awakened his Shinigami powers.

Hollow realized how odd it must have been really, the trio of souls, so very different, and unique, were barely separated by those lines of Hollow, Shinigami, and Human.

Shaking his head, Hollow decided it was for the best he found a new home.

"It's time I found this new King, or at least a way to talk to him. He must be powerful enough to have defeated that snake Voldemort."


Hollow found his new king alright. It was a little baby playing in one of the skyscrapers, not even two years old, playing with blocks.

Hollows bone like jaw dropped, almost becoming unhinged.

'This…. This .. thi- This little kid killed Snake face!'

Rushing through the man's memories, he confirmed it. The little shit stain in front of him managed to survive a powerful attack, and make it bounce back at said attacker.

Hollow walked towards the little one, wondering what to do with him.

'Eat him? Gain the kids' soul, thus giving me a body? Should I wait until he is old enough to defend himself against me?' one after another, thoughts passed through Hollow's head, possible things to do.

Suddenly the kid looked up. Straight into Hollows black sockets, and tilted his head. Hollow remained motionless, waiting to see what the child would do.

To Hollows interest, Harry attempted to stand, promptly making himself face plant.

Hollow chuckled with amusement.

Harry made a few more attempts, each better than the last. Until he managed to get to his feet.

Harry wobbled over to Hollow, slowly but surely managing to get to Hollows legs, which he promptly latched onto.

If it was physically possible, Hollows black eye sockets widened in surprise. He looked down on the little guy who now clung to his leg like a life line. Hollow, the ever compassionate being he was, tried to yank the kid from his limb.

Tried to…. But he didn't succeed.

Harry was latched onto the leg of a bewildered Hollow, and no matter how much strength Hollow put into removing the young boy, the kid would not comply.

Hollow stood there, trying to find out what he should do. As it stands, he could not harm the kid. It would leave a bad taste in his mouth, to kill someone who had no defense or will to fight was not something he would do. Something both he and Ichigo shared deeply.

He could not forcibly remove the kid without hurting him also…

'What have I gotten myself into…'

Hollow decided he would sit down, and wait for the black haired kid to let go, since that was pretty much the only option left to him.

As he sat down cross legged, Harry immediately detached himself from the leg, hoped into Hollows lap, and hugged his torso.

Hollow once again was bewildered.

'Does he even recognize I have a skull for a face!... What an interesting kid.'

Hollow opened his mouth to speak to Harry, but soon found water on his stomach.

Harry had started to cry. Silently, mind you, but the tears would not stop, and they were plentiful.

Hollow figuratively blinked a few times.

He awkwardly patted Harry's head a few times, trying to let Harry know everything would be ok. It seemed to work somewhat. The tears began to lessen, slowly, until they had completely stopped. Harry had taken his face out of Hollows stomach, and looked up to his face.

Hollow did not know what to expect from this kid now. Everything was so surreal it was hard to be sure what would happen. He had thought he would have seen Harry cringe, or flinch. Maybe even look away from Hollows mask like appearance.

But no. Harry looked directly into Hollows black sockets and smiled, and hugged him tighter. Glad to have someone to hug, and not push him away. Hollow recognized something deep within those eyes, something he saw in Zangetsu, in Ichigo, his friend Orihime, Aizen too…. Hell, he even saw it in Starrk when they met for a few seconds, but he also saw it in himself.

He saw pain and loneliness.

Hollow was buried when Ichigo reigned. Ichigo had done so to keep himself in control. Aizen was too powerful to be around others, same with Starrk. Zangetsu was not called upon for a long time, until Ichigo found out his name, and the girl had lost her brother at a young age. One of her major pillars in her life….

Hollow reached down into his very soul to find out what he should do now.

He still had eye contact with Harry, he was not surprised to find his answer.

"Heh… Ichigo and I really are brothers I guess. Our desire to protect overrides any want to eat you…. Ya know?"

Harry gave a toothless smile.


(9 Years later)

A kid picked up the mail left behind from the mailman. Sorting through the letters, he noticed one that was addressed to his cousin. It was odd because his cousin never got mail…..

"Hey! Harry! You have a letter!"

A young boy around 11 years slowly descended the stairs from the second floor. He had longer black hair, piercing emerald eye's, black bandages around his forehead under his hair and on his arms encasing them from the finger tips all the way to his sleeves were they continued onward.

His interest was piqued. Not many people knew he even existed, let alone where he lived. Even fewer cared.

The one who called him down was his cousin Dudley.

Harry smiled at his cousin who he considers close to him. Originally they had not gotten along to well.

Harry was a punching bag to Dudley, and he was really weak, but Dudley soon realized that it got harder and harder to punch Harry. It was like his skin got tougher over time. Soon it was like punching a stone wall. Soon anyone who hit Harry would break their hands, including his dad Vernon.

They tried to starve him, but Harry just shrugged the hunger off. He showed no weakness, or any real care towards them and their efforts. He continued as always, never bowing to their punishment.

Dudley remembered the day when Harry changed everything.


Dudley had lost a lot of respect from the other kids, losing three of the five supports, a mob of kids soon descended on him. They beat down the two bullies into the ground, letting years of frustration out at the former powerhouses of the playground.

After 5 minutes, Dudley had two black eyes, broken nose, and three fractured ribs. The mob was starting to slow down, many happy to see their former nightmare withering on the ground, but everyone of them stopped when they noticed a body moving through the crowd to the center .

Soon the body was at the center of the group, kneeling down Dudley looked at him through his swelling eyes. He suddenly recognized the form as


"Hey cousin, You need help up?" Harry tilted his head to the side while he looked at the prone form of his piggish cousin.

Dudley narrowed his eyes in suspicion…. Well he tried to, the swelling didn't help him when he tried, and took away a lot of the effect.

"Why would *cough cough* would you do that?..."

Harry snorted at this. He leaned in closer to Dudley, and stated "Because we are family…. Do I really need more reason than that?"

Those words sent Dudley's head spinning. He had done everything to torment Harry, and for years Harry did nothing…. Not even retaliate, and now he was offering him a hand in his time of need.

Dudley only nodded; words failed him at the moment.

Harry smiled, pressed the palm of his hand onto Dudley's for head. When it made contact, there was a very faint green glow.

Dudley immediately noticed a difference, he no longer had pain wracking his head, and the few bumps on his head began to disappear.

Harry stood, walked over to Trill, the kid who stood by Dudley through the punishment, and healed him too.

Harry lifted them both off the ground, stood them on their feet, dusted them off and look at the mob still assembled.


A few of the smaller, and scared kids scurried off, but those who absolutely loathed Dudley stayed behind, desperately wanting to continue, despite the kid dubbed the "Iron Curtin". The unbreakable by bully standards, was still in the way.

Harry moved with the two semi-broken kids in tow. When the others did not move out of the way Harry raised an eyebrow.


Dudley didn't really remember much, but he did remember Harry defend him and Trill. Harry didn't throw a punch or a kick. He only raised his arms and legs when needed to stop the assaults towards Dudley.

'There were a lot of bloody hands and legs by the end of that day.' Dudley involuntarily let a shiver jump up his spine. 'Harry had lot of blood on him… None of it was his….'

How ever there was good that came from that day. Harry helped Dudley in his study's, improving them greatly, and after a few more attempts of assaulting Dudley and Trill, Harry went on the offensive. He became a Sentinel, with Dudley and Trill; the three of them took down anyone, but also protected those who were being bullied. Dudley's parents actually accepted Harry after Dudley told them how Harry was helping them. They even became slightly caring towards him…

Back to the present:

"Harry! Were you expecting mail today?"

"Cousin… when have I ever gotten mail?"

"Ughhhh….." Dudley raced through his mind for the answer. "I don't think you ever have Harry." Dudley looked at the piece of paper. "You think this is safe to open?"

"I don't see why not, pass it here."

Dudley threw the letter like a Frisbee. Harry snatched it out of the air, and walked to the kitchen table to sit down.

Petunia and Vernon were already seated.

Harry read the outside of the letter.

"Uncle Vernon, Auntie Petunia, would you have any idea what… Hogwarts is?"

Both of them froze for a moment, before slowly turning towards Harry. They both shared a look.

"Well if your acting like this, then it has to be abnormal…." Harry pondered what that would mean for him.

"And that would probably be really different from what goes on around here…. I mean no offence, but that sound awesome already." Harry turned to his aunt. "I'm going to love it aren't I?"

She let here eye's meet his. "Your mother was ecstatic when she got hers. I'm sure you will have fabulous time when you say yes."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "You KNOW I'm going to have a good time?"

"Without a doubt."

Harry's eyes bulged at this. He was never told about his mother, and now he had a piece of her past in his hands. He wasted no time in ripping the parchment open, and devoured the words on the letter.

On the envelope there was


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock,
Supreme Mugwump,
International Confed. of Wizards)

Inside Harry found two letters. The first was worded as followed.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

The second letter stated everything he would need.


First-year students will require:
sets of plain work robes (black)
plain pointed hat (black) for day wear
pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)
winter cloak (black, with silver fastenings)
Please note that all pupil's clothes should carry name tags.

All students should have a copy of each of the following:

The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)
by Miranda Goshawk

A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot

Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling

A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch

One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi
by Phyllida Spore

Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
by Newt Scamander

The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection
by Quentin Trimble


1 wand
1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)
1 set glass or crystal phials
1 telescope
1 set brass scales

Students may also bring and owl OR a cat OR a toad.


Harry was very confused. He was a wizard!

'How did this happen! This complete bogu- wait a second…' harry had a few flashbacks to odd happenings. Things that floated around the house, furniture that happened to fuse with the wall, half was in the living room, and the other was blocking the hallway. Rooms mysteriously changing color, and broken things fixing themselves.

'Ok not complete bogus I suppose. But very unexpected….'

A second voice erupted from Harry's mind

"For you maybe, I always knew you would get the letter."

'Thanks for the heads-up you useless bum.'

"Keeping you on your toes kid"

Harry was about to retaliate to that comment when Petunia made one of her own.

"The old fool Dumbledore is still alive? He must have been at that job for 60 years by now."

Harry turned to her

"You know him?"

"No, I just recognize the name from your mother's letter." She turned away to finish the dishes.

"Do you know how to get these items?" Harry looked between both his guardians

"I do, but I can't get into the street, neither can Vernon. It is protected, and made to ensure that people without magic cannot enter it. You will need to write a response letter to the school, to get someone to help you. That's what Lily did as well." She answered the question before harry could ask it.

She smiled when Harry nodded furiously and ran from the room to his bedroom.


A lone man stalked the stone hallway, soon to find his target. He donned a black cloak and robes that seemed to billow in the non existence breeze. He had greasy black hair that hung to his shoulders.

This man was named Severus Snape, potions master, and teacher at Hogwarts.

He was by no means happy at being summoned this early in the morning, to listen to an order.

'The blasted meeting could have waited till morning! I was this close to falling asleep after the Bloody Baron called me out!'

He silently seethed as he was now running on only 2 hours of sleep and also had an empty stomach.

Soon he had found his way to the gargoyle; he muttered the words "Strawberry pudding" and ascended into the spiral staircase.

Just as he raised his hand to knock on the wooden door, an old voice rang from the inside.

"Come in Severus."

Shaking his head he proceeded through the door.

"You called for ma Headmaster?"


"Headmaster? Are you alright?"

The overly joyful man was today unnervingly calm. He would tend to ask if you wanted a lemon drop the moment you entered his office. Today was not one of those days, and if anything it scared Severus, The Headmaster had acted like this during the war…

"Severus, I received a letter today. From one Harry Potter…."

Snape placed a sneer on his face the moment he heard the name "Potter".

"… I understand you dislike the Potters, but you must first hear me out."

Severus nodded.

"Like I said, I received a letter from Harry Potter. In the letter he has asked for a teacher to guide him to Digon ally, and to help him get supplies. As you know this is not unusual…."

Snape knew there was more to it.


Dumbledore sighed

"But…. He has asked for you….. By name… to help him."

The two wizards sat in silence for a time.

Dumbledore was running through everything to piece together how Harry knew Snape. The best he could have found out, was through his Aunt. But as he remembered she detested Severus.

And Snape….. Snape was blown away. Not that he showed it, but this was the last thing he suspected would happen.

"The child wishes me to go to him, and help with supplies?"

Albus nodded.

"Is this a personal request?"

"It could be…"

Dumbledore eyed Snape, waiting for his answer.


Harry heard the door bell ring; he rushed down to see who was at the door.

As Harry onpend the door, he allowed a smile to crawl onto his face.

He saw a pale man, with billowing black robes. He had a larger nose than most and black greasy hair.

"Hello professor. I knew you would come…."


Hey, this was just a thought, and its been bugging me. So here it is!

It might just stay like this, but I should return to it.