A look inside

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Snape had never wished to keep this place, but thanks to the wards his mother had set into the warding stones, he was unable to do so. He was later thankful for them, so he could occasionally get away from the headmaster. It was a bitter sweet victory, because he ran from his current problems, and hide in the house of his worst memories.

But a safe house, no matter how many bad memories are within, is still a safe house. And now he was bringing two brats, very strange one, into his safe haven. He had first thought of taking them to Hogwarts, but Dumbledore would have known he was back, and would come to see him, or summon him.

That was out of the question as of right now, for Snape still did not have a clear understanding on what powers he has been dealing with.

Snape opened the door, and ushered the two boys in.

"Place Mr. Potter on the couch, Mr. Dursley" The boy shifted on his feet. "We are going to need something a little more… secure than that."

Snape raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe a cell room with a single door, and a lot of bars keeping it in place?" The boy tried to make it sound nonchalant, but failed abysmally.

'He will not be in the house of Snakes that is for certain.'

"Very well Mr. Dursley, Follow me." Snape moved towards the back of the house. When he made it to the underside of the stairs, he opened a door, which led to the basement. The two conscious wizards descended into the darkness.

Snape flicked his wand when the door closed. The candles on the side of the all suddenly burst into life, bringing a soft and warm glow to the now reviled, large cavern of a basement. Snape had charmed this place, to ensure he had enlarged every single inch of this room to its fullest extent, and added in many walls and rooms to it. The cavern had expanded to about a football field in the end.

In the end, he had several store rooms, of some of his more mundane ingredients. A room for bits and pieces he wished to keep, but were out of place anywhere else, two cell rooms capable of holding even the strongest giant, and one room for unwanted memories…..

Snape shook his head, bringing himself to the present. He grabbed the handle to the first cell, and yanked it open.

Dursley ran in after him, with Potter still over his shoulder.

Within the room, was a metal chair, slanted out like a lazy boy. With metal cuffs built into the chair, on the arms, and leg panels.

"If you deem him a threat, place him on the chair –"

Dursley didn't wait to be told. He had Potter on the chair, with the metal cuffs in place before he finished.

Once again, Snape raised an eye brow. 'Is potter really that big of a threat?' Flash back to the Goblin, and dragons, and suddenly Snape was slightly worried.

Dursley stepped back from his cousin.

"Ok, I think we are good…."

"You, think?" Snape allowed his drawl to seep out.

Dudley turned back to Snape, and shrugged. "Maybe."

Both stepped out of the cell and started to wait.


During this time Harry was inside of his world, searching for the trouble Bear called him on. It wasn't to hard, he just had to follow the red beams of energy.

He did his best to keep calm, throughout his attempts of catching up, but he began to lose his patience when he watched a skyscraper fall.

He sensed something approaching at a break neck speed, so he came to a full stop and braced himself.

What landed in front of him was not the masked being he was searching for.

"Bear! What the hell! What Happened!?"

Bear moved his mask to the side so his snout was out in the open again, with his left eye looking out the right eye hole in the mask.

"Harry, Hollow has lost it! Whatever that metal was, it didn't sit well with him. He just held his head one moment, and then went berserk the next! He almost broke my guitar!"

Harry would have laughed at the situation of the two souls, but with Hollow going crazy, he did not feel like that was a appropriate thing to do….. Plus he really didn't feel it, when he watched another skyscraper go down.

"Ok, we go, and bring him down hard, try to bring him back to reality. Ok?"

Bear nodded.

Harry started to run, but stopped and looked at his soul cutter.

"I don't suppose this is a good time to ask for your name?"




Snape had decided to conjure a pair of chairs, since this seemed to be taking longer than he would have liked. Dudley had sat down heavily on his, and shifted around in it for the past half an hour.

"Would you stop?" Snape finally voiced his displeasure.

"I'm sorry sir, but I am hungry, and I can't focus when I'm hungry…" Snape sighed at this.

"Up stairs there is a fridge. We passed it on the way up. On the far right is a ham, take off whatever you need." The boy still was seated, and looked around nervously.

"You will only be upstairs, and a 20 second trip away from Mr. Potter, eat something before you rob me of my last shred of patience." Snape would admit he bit out that last part a bit harshly, but he was losing a waiting game, with everything seemingly claw at his tolerance today.

The boy nodded, and slipped out of the chair.

"Please don't go into the room, before he wakes up." With that, the child ran up the stairs.

Snape once again wondered at what Harry Potter was to garner this much attention from the goblins, and where, for that matter, he had so much knowledge on the wizarding world, while in the same breath was asking about something else that was simply boring, and simple.

He knew about the wands, but not of butter beer. He gave a vague understanding about brooms and their charms, but had no idea about the floo network.

Snape wanted to tear out his hair when attempting to land a thesis about the boy.

But then… he was given the best chance right now. He was asleep, in a near unbreakable chair, with his cousin up stairs. He could have a 10 second peak, and be further then he was before….

He blocked out all of the warnings he had received that day, as he opened the door.

"What could possibly be that harm….?"


Dudley was making a nice ham sandwich when he heard a "thump".

Hoping it was Harry back on his feet, he raced down stairs, with a hopeful expression on his face the entire way.

What he had walk into, was an open door, with his teacher on the ground, and Harry blinking.

"Harry?" He called.

Harry turned his head away from Snape, and zeroed in on Dudley.

And on the left side of his face….. Was a white mask. With his left eye completely black.

"Awwww, come on… that's not fair."

Dudley frowned when "Harry" began to move his arms. And the metal started to whine.


Harry and Bear had made good progress, they had managed to lad a few good blows on Hollow, but Harry didn't truly understand how much power Hollow packed, and withheld when they spared until this moment.

Harry was proud of his power; he had always been able to stand up to the strongest of hits. Hell he remembers getting hit by a car, and landing in a tree without a serious injury, even though the people were going over 50km/h over the limit.

Hollow used to give Harry a few bruises if he got hit about three or four times, in the same spot in a spar, but now, he would have a fractured arm, on the smallest glancing blows.

Harry came in with another Haymaker, hoping to hit the back of Hollows head to knock him out. Bear was occupying the front right now, and this was his best shot. But Hollow decided on something different. Hollow shifted down, perfectly lining up his hollow hole with Harry's fist, while crossing his arms on his chest to catch the powerful kick from Bear.

Harry's hand shot through the hole, and hit Bears feet, helping the load on Hollows arms. Both Bear and Harry stood, shocked at what happened.

Hollow made his move, kicking Bear away, and grabbing the hand still currently poking out of his chest.

Harry was sent flying as Hollow made a new sort of judo through using the hand in his chest as leverage, and spinning his body. Letting go at the optimal time, Harry gained a new look at his world, 70 feet in the air, and upside down.

He was traveling a good clip when he decided. Something caught his eye on the way down. 'Snape?'

Said man had his eyes bulging out, and jaw unhinged, starring at the flying boy.

Harry's thoughts before he hit the ground were of 'How the hell is Snape in here?' Then Harry made a new crater.


Severus had simple lifted an eye lid of Harry, and used passive Legilimency, and suddenly he was standing in a battle field, with crashes, and red beams flying all around him.

He hadn't the foggiest idea what was happening here. and to be frank, it was giving him a head ache.

It did not help when he looked up, and to his surprise, Harry Potter, fully clad in Black bandages and all, with more than a few injuries, sore over him, while his head was pointed to the ground.

They made eye contact for a second, and from what Snape saw, Potter must be equally confused as he was…. Just not about the same thing…


As soon as Harry pulled himself out of the crater, he sped to the last location he saw Snape. Soon, he had eyes on his target.

"What the bloody hell are you doing here?!" Harry was heated, If Snape could get in, then what stopped others from getting into his mind?

"First, tell me where we are Mr. Potter." If Harry didn't have nearly all of his attention on Snape he would have thought that he was calm, and collected. But Harry did notice that said potion master was clenching his fists rather tightly.

Harry looked back to where he was last thrown from, and back to Snape.

He could

Tell Snape nothing and hope he followed Harry's orders until he got Hollow under control.

Tell him bits and pieces, and hope the info would keep his satisfied until they were both out.

Repel him out of the mindscape, and hope Dudley would take care of him, unless Dudley was injured somehow. If that was so then it would lead to

Snape would then go to Dumbledore or someone of power, and Harry could not have that.

Kill Snape, which would was energy and a possible ally in the future.

Knock the man out, and hope Hollow does not consume him, if Harry and Bear are knocked out.

Or…. Tell him everything, and hope whatever they cover will be enough for him to trust Harry to get him through this….

Harry hated these decisions.

"Fine!" Harry yelled.

Harry grabbed Snape, and flashed stepped away from the close battle, Harry was sure Bear would be able to handle Hollow for now.

"Here is a brief understanding, I will not repeat, you will follow instructions after if you wish to live, and you will tell no one after this is over, or else you will perish, with whoever you told your secret to, even if it is Dumbledore. Understood?"

Harry unleashed his aura upon Snape, to ensure the man knew he was serious.

Snape nodded in Understanding.

"I will expect a magical oath after." Harry took a deep breath. "I have a Spirit in me, it is called Hollow, right now, it is the strongest thing I know about, over on your left, there were three skyscrapers, he destroyed them." Harry motioned over to the space filled with rubble. "He is powerful enough to defeat a person called Tom Riddle, another spirit within me. When they met, they fought, and Hollow consumed Tom Riddle, Hollow gained Toms memories, and Skills. Hollow and I are usually on good grounds, but right now, that wand gave him a nasty case of berserker. He has flown off the handle, and is on a rampage, I have another soul in here, helping me fight him, it is a bear, and I call Bear. Yes I know it's so original, but I was five when he told me what he was, and I have not found out his name since, because the thing says its power is still too much for me to handle."

Harry breathed again.

"We are in my Mindscape right now, it's where the three of us live or so to speak "Hang out", Right now, its not it in the best condition, because we are having a life or death battle. And now you have walked in, despite the warnings Dudley must have given you when you two left the wand shop! You are in serious danger, and I don't know if I can protect you!"

Harry threw up his hands in exasperation.

"This is what I need you to do, I need you to leave, and keep my body from killing people, because of right now, it is going to be in a animalistic state, attacking whatever it sees. The three of us Hollow, Bear and I are in some way, occupying its mind right now, and we are battling for dominance."

"Can you do that?" Harry had a death glare set on Snape, that would have turned others to little girls.

Snape was quiet, but got back on the ball fast.

"I cannot leave, I have attempted, but am unable to." Snape confessed.

Harry knotted his eye brows in confusion, until he stumbled upon a memories that hollow had made his mind like a vault, people could come in, but not leave without three spirits consents.

Harry looked like he was going to murder someone.

"Fine! Ok, let me think." Snape nodded. Harry went through plan after plan, but nothing stuck…until!

"Can you use magic?"


"What can you do in a fight?"

Snape did not like where this was going, Harry could tell, but he complied.

"I have a smattering variety of spells I could use in combat. Mostly dark spells"

Harry nodded.

"Can you fly?"


Damn! Harry needed Snape mobile. If he was invisible, would not help, if he was standing still, Hollow would send a wide beam, and obliterate Snape.

"How good is your Transfiguration?"

"Not th-" Crash!

Harry turned just in time to catch Bear with his body. Harry did not waste time, and used some healing arts to help the massive ball of fur.

"Snape! I need a construct!, a moving wall of stone, I don't care, so long as it can throw a punch, or charge something! And for your own damn sake, keep moving man! You stay still, you will die!"

Harry had to give Snape credit, He jumped right into action, conjuring, a stone like spider, and made himself small, but moving. It was a good thing he made the spider when he did, because the next, Hollow, came in, and dive bombed it. Crushing it with his feet.

Harry and Bear were back on their feet in no time, rushing Hollow to give Snape more time to recover, and bring something else to his defense. Harry reached Hollow first, and decided to act as a distraction, he spun in place, and brought hit foot into contact with Hollows leg. The white beast retaliated in kind, and kicked while Harry's leg was about to make its escape. Harry was given the spring board effect, and once again, looked at his world upside down.

Harry saw Bear get a clean a hard hit in, making Hollow stumble back, and roll to get back on his feet. Harry also noticed, Snape was standing still, with shock written all over his face.

'Damn! I forgot to prepare him, for what the shock value Hollows presences had! He's to open!'

"Snape move it! Your about to die you fool!" Harry fell head first into the ground, with the ground going up to his neck.

Harry felt himself get pulled out a few seconds later by the man he was just yelling too, his wand in the air, and a new stone statue in the spiders place, this time a dog. Snape turned back to Hollow, to focus his attack, and survival. Doing so cut off the magic, that pulled Harry up, causing him to fall to the ground, Harry landed in a crouch this time, and sped off to fight once more.


Snape was dumbfounded.

He hates to admit to it, but even more to be cause in a moment of shock.

But he just witnessed a massive 7.5 foot beast walk into a clearing right after a bear was caught by a scrawny 11 year old. But the beast had a white ting to its skin, like it was…Bleached.

A mask with horns that screamed "You will die, and become my food!", with a billowing black coat, with matching pants, with ripes, and shredded pieces from both, black lines running aross its chest that matched up with the ones on his mask. Large, eye holes with no sign of a eye! Just Black, bottomless hole!

Claw like hands that can carve through solid Quartzite! The hardest stone he could come up with, besides Diamond, but he did not have the energy for that.

And a bloody, soding Hole in its chest! The thing looks human; it should not be able to live with that thing in there! Even zombies drop, if a large hole is opened in the chest!

'It will be a simple thing, have a good time, and try to smile Severus. If I make it out of this, I am making that mans lemon drops, taste like urine!'

Snape silently seethed, and another stone creation was destroyed, almost all spells he tried had failed, and only conjugation seemed to work on this beast.

'But not ropes, or steel would keep this thing down, it was to strong…. No wonder Potter looked like he should rip off my head; I'm out of my league here. But how is potter getting back up!?' Snape watched as Potter was punched through a tree. One with a diameter of three meters.

'That should have killed him! But he's getting back up!'

Snape observed the bear, as he instructed his goat to wander into the path of the monster. The thing didn't even show the slightest sign of slowing as stopped the useless thing out of its way, not even glancing at it.

Snape was running low on magic, he could feel the strain, even though this place was throwing of gargantuan amounts of energy, that helped him, his body was just not used to processing that much of it.

But Potter suddenly appeared on his side, and patted him on the back, and he felt lighter, and more energized. He noticed a green glow around him, and felt more power running in.

Snape shook his head. 'I look for answers, and I get are more questions!'

Snape swore the potter name a few more times as the tree that fell over, was thrown at the two of them by the Hollow thing.


Harry was worried, impressed, but worried. Snape was not holding up too well, Bear was really slowing down, and he just used the last of his power to help Snape going. It did not look good, especially when Harry watched a tree soar towards them. He reacted in time, and tackled Snape to the ground.

Bear thankfully intercepted Hollow before he could charge the two of them.

Harry flipped back up hoping to rush to his soul cutters aid. Harry did come to his aid, or the aid came to him, Harry had to catch the wall of fur that was thrown at him again.

Harry was down, he couldn't move any more. He could tell bear was down, and he watched as Snape was also thrown back, even with all the power Harry gave him, he was no match for Hollow.

'How powerful are you Hollow?'

Harry felt his stomach fall, when he saw a white ball of energy hovering in-between Hollows horns.

"Damn…. See you in hell guys." Snape looked up in time to see the ball, and bear watched in morbid fascination as Hollow unleashed his power.

All three were blinded by the bright wall of light, and power.

And suddenly there was nothing but darkness.

(Though of ending it here, but I don't feel like being mean to you guys today… lol)

Harry noticed it was not all darkness… in fact, it was really a cloud a dark energy, completely surrounding them. He looked to bear.

"This you?" Harry muttered out weakly


Any idea? The massive bear shook its head. Harry turned to Snape, and opened his mouth to ask, but the man beat him to it.

"Not I."

Harry turned back to the cloud, it moved away from them and closer to Hollow. The cloaked figure in question was shaking.

'Is he in pain?'

Hollow began to circle the cloud, to inspect it. Both Hollow and the cloud were about 10 feet away from the pile of the recently defeated. But Harry could clearly see both Hollow, and the cloud. He watched as Hollow began to reach out to the thing, to try and grasp it. when a hand flew out of the smoke constructing itself as it came out.

Hollow did not retreat, or lash out at the thing, instead he tilted his head looking down at the arm. When suddenly, harry knew Hollow was back in his right of mind. That arm kicked him out of his stupor.

Hollow tore off his coat and threw it into the black cloud, and made a ball of pure energy, and shoved it into the black cloud.

The cloud swirled, and twisted, like apparation just a really long process of it, and when it ended, there was a man standing there, he looked to be around 16 years old….. But his image shuddered, and he became older in a flash.

The man now looked to be in his 40s, with sunglasses, and a longer, and more unshapely black cloak then Hollows.

Hollow was the only thing keeping the man up, by the looks of things. The man was swaying, and buckling. He old man looked in Hollows eye finally after a few moments of steadying with Hollows help. And he looked confused.



The two odd beings looked at each other for a moment, and then gave each other a hug, like Brothers meeting years after separation.


Hollow would never admit to crying for joy (However Harry would never let it go, and bring up for future reference), so Harry just got the group moving to a good place to sit down.

The group of them, made it to a small house, all limbs, and prides intact. Although Snape still kept a steady eye on Hollow, and the new arrival Zangetsu.

They sat down on individual chairs, Bear taking the widest one there.

"So…." Harry tried to start out.


"Right… im going to call you old man, because I can't remember that for now. Who are you?"

"Have you told them our history?" The older man looked to his right were Hollow sat.

"No, there has never been a reason too, with me believing no one was here with me….."

The man nodded, accepting Hollows words.

"Would you like the short version? Or the longer one?" The man stared directly at Harry, with his cool gaze, one eye hidden because of the light shining off of the glasses.

Harry hummed and hawed, but decided on the "Shorter version please, just the basic's, so you can keep the privet stuff to yourself."

The old man nodded in thanks.

"Hollow and I fought together in a few wars a long time ago, there was another member on our team who brought the three of us together… not by choice at first, but we were very powerful together. We fought and grew together, and stood against many. In the end, to defeat the leader of the opposing side, we combined our energy, transforming our mutual friend, into one of the strongest worriers in the realms. The power was too much to contain, and soon after he won, the power flew back to each of us. Hollow.." The man motioned to said person "Was lost to us after that, we do not know why."

"After that conflict, another war started. This one was brutal, and bloody, and in the end, it was draw."

"What? With who?!" Hollow shouted, and stood up.

The man was silent for a few moments, choosing his words.

"The archers. They survived the conflict years before." Hollow looked shell shocked. He fell back into his seat heavily.

They cam out of no were. Their first real invasion killed the first division captain. His vice captain also. 6th was a casualty, Kenpachi Zaraki was also hurt badly, but he recovered fast enough, he became a more powerful man by defeating his predecessor the 4th captain, were she died. And the last you would know of was Sado. Who was lost to us, as he attempted to traverse the in-between worlds."

"I will spare you the details, but the archers had a power to destroy souls, and that threw the balance of worlds out the window. It was a slow decay, and was found a way to stop and annul the effects, but it took time, and a lot of energy….. it escapes me for now what that was…" Zangetsu was lost in thought, until he gave up.

"The time sealed away has robbed me of my memories. Anyways, we managed to stem the tide, we would repair, and they would destroy. It was about 5 years this went on, until we lost so much ground, that all the worlds were destroyed."

The crowed was still at this news.

Harry was the first to speak after.

"So when you mean a draw… you mean…"

"There was no one left to enjoy the winnings of the war. Everyone was obliterated."

Harry nodded in understanding. Wondering what it would be like to fight on that level, knowing if you slipped up, it meant the end of the world.

Harry's head shoot to look at the window as he sences something.

"Hollow, Bear, I need to get Snape out of here, and to talk with him. Help me out here." Both nodded, and Snape was gone.

"I will be back later to talk with you…" Harry looked outside "You four later.. Ok?"

There was a chorus of "yes", and Harry left his Mindscape.


Harry awoke to the sight of a kitchen, looking around confused he saw shattered glass, slabs of meat strew across the floor, what he decided was mustard in his hand, and a cook book lying at his feet, with a very looking Dudley looking over a moaning Snape.

Harry looked at his cousin, still in a daze.

"What happened?"

His cousin looked up.

"He!" points at Snape. "Looked into your mind, and that woke up your body. And left me to defend myself!"

Harry looked down again, then back up.

"What did you do?"

"I calmed your body down, had lunch with your body, watched you throw up all over the place, fall over, and punched him, when he woke up!"

Harry just sat there with a blank face, until he could not hold it any longer, and burst into laughter.


The Hollow and Bear watched and Harry left, wondering who it was they sensed outside. Zangetsu, not needing a invitation, walked to the door, and ushered a body in.

"This" Zangetsu introduced "Is someone I have spent the last few hundred years sealed with."

Hollow searched the being in front of him; it was an ice like construct with no face, long thin body, and arms, with silver lines traveling up and down its torso, and over its breasts, alng with-

'Breasts? What on earth?'

Sure enough, this being was a girl, feminine body even more apparent now then before.

"What is your name friend?" Bear the ever friendly one broke the ice… figuratively speaking.

The girl spoke with a soft voice, which sounded like crystal.

"I don't have a name"

Hollow remembered this same response from himself years ago…..

"O boy…."

Zangetsu had trouble hiding his smirk when he heard his friends response, he failed when it turned into a full blown grin.


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