Chapter one

The way to school

"Right boys, are you all ready to go to school?". "Mum, you said that six times already" moaned Ziggy, the tiny bloodhound puppy, putting his tiny paws to his long, floppy, black ears. Ziggy had two brothers, Elvis and Scout. Their Dad had died, he got ran over by a BMW car just before Christmas, but they didn't talk about that now. Ziggy was the smallest and youngest out of his family.

Through the door they went and Elvis (the oldest pup, who was 5 and a quarter) yelled down the street "Oh hi Mush". Mush Costello was a Husky about Elvis's age, the family had met at the nearby park. "Oh look pups we're late and we dont want to be late on the first day now do we?" asked Mum. "Do we not?" moaned Elvis quiertly, he hated school from what he'd heard. "Well I guess not" replied Scout looking at Elvis. Scout had heard that school was all about work. Scout loved work, he loved it! Bess (the pup's mum) often told him "I bet you are the one pup on earth who loved work!"

Down the narrow high street they went and the family finally got to the tall, long building they were looking for. "Ah, here we are, the school" exclaimed Bess. "Mum, how will we know which classroom we're in?" asked Scout "You'll know because I'll be coming to your classroom with you, you don't want me going to the wrong class to pick you up now do you? Bess laphed turned to Scout, "do you know which teacher you have" she asked? "Emmm, Miss Kibble's class I think" ansered Scout, dying to get in school and start working. "Right then, that's class K, come on" smiled Bess, leading the three pups through the huge glass door which led them into the school.

By now the family had passed 3 lardge classrooms, they went on not knowing what strange things they would find next. When Ziggy looked round, he saw a large sign, he couldn't read yet so he tearnd to Bess "Mum, will that sign help us find our new classroom" he asked? Bess looked at the sign, "oh good boy Ziggy" Bess praised. The sign pointed to a large corridor, and read,Class K this way. The whole family followed the signs, left, right, left, right, right, left, they turned, until finally, out of breath, they reached Miss Kibble's classroom.

When Bess looked round, she saw a large glass door. "Oh typical", she moaned angrily, "we could have gone in that way". As Elvis looked round, he saw a familiar face. "Hi Mush", he ran into the class, shortly followed by Scout. "Bye then" Bess mumbled under her breath. When Bess looked down at Ziggy, she saw a tiny pup, who shaking and had his tail between his legs. "Why don't you go and say hello to Mush with Elvis and Scout" Bess asked kindly? Ziggy shook his head, his long ears went all over his fase. "Well, why dont I go in with you" smilled Bess kindly? "Well I guess that's better than going in alone" Ziggy whimpered.

As they walked in slowly, they saw the kind smiling face of Miss Kibble. "Why hello there little one" she said softly. Somehow Ziggy managed to say a little "hello" back. Ziggy crept into the class a little further, then he heard a familiar voice, "you finally came in then", when Ziggy turned round, he saw Elvis smiling at him "I thought you went back home with Mum". Then Ziggy saw an older, gray dog with black circles round his eyes walk into the class. "I've got the papers from Miss Pooch" he shouted across the class. "Oh thank you Buster, you are a good dog" Miss Kibble shouted back. Ziggy went up to her and asked "who's Miss Pooch"? "Miss Pooch is the year 6 teacher" answered Miss Kibble "she's so kind".