Chapter 1: Arriving in Las Vegas

Ever since I could remember I've been a tinkerer. I've always loved figuring out how things work especially old antiques. So throughout middle school and high school I've been preparing to be a restoration expert. Now that I graduated early at the age of seventeen, I'm ready to get on with my rewarding life, which is what I'm doing at this very moment. I just finished up my last college class and am now getting ready to hop in this plane to head to Las Vegas!

After kissing my mom and dad goodbye I walked off to board the plane. I'll miss them but I have been waiting for this my whole life. My college and high school teachers recommended me to one of the best restoration artist in the business, Rick Dale. He owns Rick's Restorations and apparently he likes my work. So he decided to hire me as his new trainee for a while.

I sat down in my seat on the plane next to an older man, "You seem kind of young to be going to Las Vegas."

"I'm only seventeen, I'm moving there for my job." I answered quietly opening my sketchbook and scribbling some new ideas.

"No gambling for you then," he laughed, "What's your job? An artist I'm guessing."

"Yeah sort of," I popped in my ear buds as he stopped talking and began reading a book.

I always felt awkward talking to people about what I do; some just don't really seem to get it. The worse is the boys my age at my schools they always considered me one of the guys since I took engineering classes and the welding classes, stuff like that. Unlike the pretty preppy girls I'm average with black hair with swooshing bangs, a few red streaks in it, pale skin, 5'4" and 115lbs. I like wearing purple and black clothes and getting my hands dirty.

"We will be arriving in Las Vegas, Nevada in five minutes. Please make sure all tray tables and seats are in the upright positions. Please put away all belongings and buckle your seatbelts. Thank you for flying American Airlines." The stewardess announced throughout the plane. I can't believe it was so quick, I'm so nervous!

After exiting the plane with my carry on, and finding my other suitcase, I spotted two men holding a sign with my name flowing a crossed it. They saw me staring at them and smiled and walked over to me.

"I'm guessing your Mikael Sinclair?" the older of the two asked.

I nodded as the other spoke, "Why'd they name a girl Mikael?"

"Well the doctors said I was a boy, but as you can see they were wrong, but my parents already loved the name but, it doesn't matter just call me Mickey." I spoke with confidence and shook both of their hands.

"I'm Rick Dale and this is Brettly," he gestured to the younger man.

"It's nice to meet you both."

"So do you have everything? My fiancée Kelly is finishing up the guest room for you."

"Yeah I'm all set." I shouldered my messenger bag and Brettly grabbed my suitcase.

"Oh, thanks."

"No problem newbie," he winked at me and followed Rick, as did I.

"She's no newbie Brettly, she's almost a pro." Rick commented as we neared an old, restored truck.

"Wow! A 1951 Ford F-1! It's beautiful, did you restore it Mr. Dale?" I asked excitedly.

"See told you she wasn't a newbie, and yes I did." He beamed me a smile and smirked at Brettly.

We all hopped into the small truck, Rick driving, me in the middle and Brettly on my right. He slung his arm around my shoulders and he started making jokes. I'll admit he is funny and this is sure and interesting start to my new life.