Chapter 11: Wedding Bells and Shot Gun Shells.

Part 1

hey! so this one is in 2 parts cause im lazy and ill write more if i get a review :p


"Are you sure you should be flying with a bum leg and arm?" Rick asked Tyler as we walked to my room.

"I'll be fine, not like I'm walking to Kentucky!"

"I won't let him get hurt, promise," I giggle at Rick's worried face, "my daddy won't shoot him or anything."

"WHAT!" Ty, Rick and Kelly yelled.

"I'm kidding," I laugh at Tyler's open mouth.

"Guys better hurry or you'll miss your plane," Kelly tuned in.

Tyler grabbed his duffle bag and I grabbed mine and headed to Rick's truck. Eventually, we arrived at the airport I first met Rick and Brettly at. Then it dawned on me, I'd finally be home after months of living with Tyler. Would my room be the same or did my friends go to college? I haven't talked to them since I left.

"You okay babe?" Tyler asked, his head tilted and eyebrow cocked.

I smiled sweetly at him, "Yeah just thinking about home."

Ty smiled at me and grabbed my hand. We found our seats after getting on the plane, put our bags up and sat in the small seats. The plane was crowded and loud so thank God Ty brought his iPod. He handed me an ear bud and pulled me closer towards him. I blushed and pushed the ear bud in my ear. Ty slung his arm around my shoulders lazily and pulled me to him.

"I'm glad you're coming with me Ty."

"I'm happy to my love."

"How's your arm and leg?" I ask rubbing his sore arm.

"They're alright," he swoops in and claims my lips in a quick kiss.

"You're so silly Ty," I giggle in his ear.

"Am I aloud to kiss you in front of your family?"

"Personally I'd wait a day, just in case."

Tyler's eyes grew wide as he thought of what could happen. I let him wonder as I dozed off on his shoulder. Every so often I could feel his fingers stroke my hair and twirl it around them. I'd open my eyes a little and catch him staring at me with a pink tint to his face. Giggling, id close my eyes and snuggle up to him again. Tyler Dale sure is adorable…