Chapter 1: The Long Conversation

It was a cold and rainy day and Woody had just arrived from a long day at Boot Camp. Tired and bored out of his mind, Woody decides to go up to Bonnie's Room to take a nap. Meanwhile, Buzz arrives and looks for Woody. Suddenly Buzz heard loud snoring coming from Bonnie's room. "I wonder who that could be," Buzz asked himself. In order to see who it was, Buzz went up to Bonnie's room and opened the door where he found Woody sleeping peacefully. Seeing that Woody was in a peaceful sleep, Buzz decides to play a trick on Woody to wake him up. To wake Woody up, Buzz goes in the closet and gets a huge Horn. Then he slowly tiptoes to the bed and climbs it cautiously. Then he slowly walks up to Woody, puts the Horn to Woody's ear and blows as hard as he could. HONK! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!, Woody screamed! "Buzz how dare you!'' Woody exclaimed in shock. "Sorry Woody. I was just trying to wake you up, and this was the only idea I had." Said Buzz. "Well next time think of a better idea that isn't so freaking loud." Woody said with anger. Knowing that Woody was tired and bored, Buzz decides to grab a pack of Goldfish cards for him and Woody to play.