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II Artemis

To wake up knowing you have just fainted would end up on a list of my most memorable things. Artemis had just woken up and felt extremely mortified. Holly was choking back a laugh while taking a picture to show her friends, while Butler was mostly caring about Artemis at the moment.

Artemis quickly jumped up, straightened his tie, and went back to his normal composure. He instantly realized the situation and began thinking- more.

"Artemis, we should start to search the area," said Holly.

"I also agree with Holly," said Butler.

"I agree as well, I believe Butler should go with me, and you can go solo, Holly," asked Artemis.

"Okay, look, maybe I should come with you guys-shielded, just in case," said Holly.

"That would work," Artemis said firmly.

The three searched the park for anything "unusual". Holly decided to look with Artemis while Butler took a break, they all agreed.

"Here, take this," said Holly, handing Artemis a cloak.

Soon they heard sounds of metal being sheathed, little did they now they were demigods.

Artemis was soon shimmering in his cloak, only to ungracefully bump into another shimmering figure.

"Sorry, Ho-"Artemis never finished his sentence.

He had dropped his cloak and his mouth was covered by a hand. A sharp dagger hit the curve of his neck. The blade emanated coldness around Artemis's neck. The blade at the moment seemed less of a threat than the captor.

"Who are you?" asked Artemis, barely containing the fear from his voice.

The captive unshielded to reveal a blonde girl with sharp, penetrating eyes. Her face was firm, having no expression at all. She wore dirty tennis shoes, jeans, and a jacket- all to Artemis's distaste.

"The question is, who are you? Spill the secrets, or you are coming with me," said the girl, her voice was intimidating and wise.

"I do believe you know of me," said Artemis, trying to swallow his fear. "My secrets, however, are one of the things in this world one shall never know, nor discover."

The girl moved him to the premises of a scary, all dressed in black boy, he held tightly onto Artemis mouth and tied him in a thick, binding rope.

"Splendid job, Annabeth," said a deep voice.

Holly realized Artemis was gone. She searched everywhere. Once she gave up hope, she heard a high pitched squeal from the sky. She looked up and saw a monster she had never seen before.

She gripped the hilt of her Neutrino 4000 and quickly shot at the four foot beast. She continued to do the "hard work", but the attacks did little to nothing to the beast.

Holly was beginning to lose hope. Holly heard a sound and looked to her left; she hadn't noticed that shimmering before. The shimmering was hardly identifiable, but Holly managed to come to a conclusion: it was not LEP equipment.

The form shimmered to perspective, a girl stood in its place.

"Stay back girl!" shouted Holly, who forgot she was not shielding.

The girl instead stood there and took out a dagger, later saying something Holly later recognized as "erre es korakas", go to the crows. She used her dagger swiftly and efficiently, destroying the monster in less than a minute without a vigorous battle.

Holly noticed the girl put her cap back on and vanished. Holly was left alone in a New York park with a bunch of yellow dust dispersed all over herself.

Artemis woke up in- an infirmary? He remembered being knocked out by a boy with dark clothing, but other than that, he didn't remember anything afterwards.

He was given some short bread and tea. He readily drank it in with gratitude. Amazingly, it cleared his memory and he immediately recuperated. He sat up and heard gasps in the background.

He cleared his eyes and saw five kids, sitting around his bed. All five looked intimidating, but they all seemed to have connections with each other, but- how?

Artemis tried to get out, but was stopped by a blond, athletic teenager.

"Forget it, buddy," said the boy. "Let's take him to the princip- I mean, Big House."

The others nodded in agreement, they obviously thought of the boy as strong leader. All but one person nodded, it was the girl.

"Annabeth, are you nodding?" asked a kaleidoscope eyed girl.

The girl, Annabeth, quickly nodded and stared at my brown and blue eyes, thinking.

"Hey, you're coming with us," said Annabeth.

"No," said Artemis plainly.

"You know you must do so," said Annabeth, quickly mumbling erre es korakas, which Artemis overheard.

"Why should I go to the crows?" asked Artemis.

The others were shaking their heads in agreement to something while Artemis thought. How did I do this? I don't know any Greek- wait; I knew what language it was? Yikes, next I'll be speaking in Greek!

"Poio eínai to megálo spíti?" blurted Artemis. Where did that come from? (A/N: What is the Big House?)

"You'll see, graecus," said the blonde boy.

The five took Artemis to a large red building.

Artemis walked in and sat down at the table. He saw Butler and a red haired girl.

"Butler!" exclaimed Artemis.

"Hello, Artemis, welcome to the land of the Greeks: Camp Half Blood," Butler said calmly.

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