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karin pov

(karin walking toward the kitchen)

"hi honey" said karin mother.

"hey mom"

"where were you"


"well I didn't see you in your bedroom"

"I went somewhere"


"with kazune?"


"ok…then help me put the chopstick on the table"



(karin put the chopsticks on the table)

"mom what are we having tonight"

"some chicken nanban, pork shogakyaki with rice"


(karin and her mother having their dinner)

"karin is something wrong"

"uh no.."

"then why are you eating slowly then, you don't like it?"

"n-no it good"


"karin…I think you better go to sleep after the dinner"

"huh why?"

"you have to go to college tomorrow"

"uh..I totally forgot…uh"


"well am finish"



"did something happened between you to?"

"between who?"

"you and kazune"

"no…nothing happened"

(karin washes her dishes and goes upstairs)

why doesn't anyone shut up and stop calling his name

(karin opens her bedroom door and runs toward her bed and coves herself with her pillows)

am also a human being its not like his a god!


(next day, morning, karin room, time 7:10)

"karin wake up you're going to be late for college"


(karin peeks out of her blanket)


(the light hit karin face)

stupid light

"karin wake up its 7:10"


(karin looks at the alarm clock)

"oh no.."

"mom I told you to wake me up at 6:00"

"I did but you told me to wake you up later"


(karin runs to the toilet)

uh I got a hour…uh

"mom did you do my breakfast?"



(after 15 minutes in the toilet)

what should I wear?

(karin opens her cupboard)


I'll just wear my Raglan-Sleeve T-Shirt with long Washed Denim Shirt

and for the short I'll wear red Herring Dark blue high waisted denim

(karin mother enters in her room)

"some karin you don't want to be late.."


"mom have you seen my black converse"

"karin… they are down stairs"


"come then"

"I'll just need to get my bag I'll meet you downstairs "


(karin mother leaves)

my Faux-Leather Trim Denim Tote

"karin have you found your bag"

"yeah…am coming"

(at the breakfast table)

"mom can you check if my book are in the bag?"


(karin mom looked in the bag)

"yeah you do"


"karin where's your phone?"

"oh its upstairs I'll get it"

"eat your breakfast"


"I'll get it"

(karin mother gets the phone)

"karin who gave you this cover of your phone"

"uh that…it was kazune"

"oh I never saw this one"

"when did he buy it?"

"last year on my birthday"

"but why did you use it now?"

"because I had my old cover on but on Friday I dropped my phone and my cover phone broke so I had to use that one"

"oh ok it very cute"


"mom its 8:05 I have to go bye.."


(karin leaves)

(karin looks at her phone)

uh this sucks…

jin pov

(jin in his bedroom, time 7:15)

"jin honey wake up"



(jin sister banging on the door)


"your going to be late for college"


(jin looks at the clock)

"oh dawn it"

"ha ha loser"

"go away"

"fine…uh go away…stupid I woke him up" (with a small voice)

(jin sister goes to her bedroom)

"uh I need to get ready"

(jin opens the door)

"mom can you leave the breakfast on the table"

"sure honey but get dressed!"


(after the toilet)

(jin looking through his cup bored)

I'll wear grey Contrast-Trim V-Neck T-Shirt

and I'll wear for the jeans…my black Slim-Fit Jeans with the black and white stripes

yup but..

"mom where did you kept my dark blue Cotton Blend Hoodie?"

"on the hanger"

"on thanks"

"also you bag is in the living room"


(after getting dressed jin goes down stairs)

"here's your breakfast jin.."

"thanks mom.."

"honey I'll get your bag is it the dark blue Buckled Flap Backpack"



(jin starts to put his shoes on)

"honey I got your bag"

"thanks mom.."


"I have to go bye mom"

"bye honey"

(jin opens the door)

"jin honey your gift"


(jin runs fast as he could to his bedroom and get the gift)

"honey did you get it?"



(jin leaves)

fuh that was closes…

(jin opening the black box)

I just can't wait!

kazune pov

(kazune in his bedroom time 7:00)

"kazune are you a wake?"


(kazune looked in the mirror)


kazune puts his white and blue Stripe T-Shirt with one red line and his black jeans with the white belt.

"honey I left your breakfast on the table I have to go to work ok"


"bye honey"


"my hoodie"

(kazune puts his light blue Striped Hoodie )

(kazune gets his bag white Buckled Canvas Backpack)

Am ready to go…

(kazune goes to the breakfast table and starts eating his cereal )

Eating here alone is boring..

(kazune's mother call him)

"hi honey"

"hi mom what wrong?"

"I forgot to tell you where I kept your lunch money"


"its on the living room table"




(kazune closed the phone)

The money…and my hat..

(kazune gets his grey hat and his money)

(kazune leaves)

(kazune phone starts to ring)


(id: himeka)


"hi himeka.."

"hi kazune so I was wondering if you want to walk together?"


"oh are you walking with Karin?"

"uh I dunno.."

"oh ok …"

"well I'll see you in college"



(kazune closed the phone)


(kazune sees some students form his old high school)

"look its kazune hey there!"

"hi kazune!"

"hi kazune how have you been!"

"hi guys…"

"how have you been doing kazune"



"are you going to college?"


"oh then where's Karin I thought she was going to college too?"

"yeah I thought you'll be walking together"

"yeah…where is she?"

"she told me that her mum will drop her off.."


"so aren't you five are going to college?"

"no...not all of us.."

"oh well I have to go I'll be late bye"

"bye also tell Karin we said hi ok"


(they left..)


(normal pov at college)

(time 8:10)

(micchi was at the front entrance waiting for jin)

Micchi pov

"uh jin is late.."

(jin starts running toward micchi)


"sorry…. uh…am.. late"

"why did you told me to come to college early?"

"I'll tell you later but is Karin here?"

" I donno"

"good I have to tell you something that happened between me and Karin.."



"ok….she dumped you!"

"yes…WHAT NO!"

"then what?"

"come here"

(jin starts pulling micchi toward the tree next to the bench)


"it all started yesterday"


"me… and… Karin.. are g-g-"

(jin blushing)


"going out"



"no way.."


"somebody pinch me.."


(jin pinches micchi)


"sorry but you did tell me to do that"

"huh..who did this happened?"

"well it happened yesterday"



"wait kazune look"


"Karin is with jin"



"over there"


(flashback ended)

"jin were you two at the gold green park?"

"yeah how did you know"

"I think saw you there"



"but what?"

"what about the picture of you and Karin kissing…did that happened or not?"

"it did and I got a picture"



"show me"


(jin gets out his phone and shows him the picture)





(micchi look at his watch)

"its time already we should go in"


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