One-shot, was going to do it for my one shot drabble 'The World According To Flora Reinhold' but I thought, I've tried so hard on this, it's going to be a story!

Goodbye Little Village

"Are you alright, Flora?" the Professor asked, Flora, holding her by the shoulders.

They stood in front of her Mother's grave. It was in a beautiful part of the garden, under the trees, were only a bit of sunlight came through which shone onto the gravestone. It made the atmosphere unrealistic, but beautiful, but in Flora's eyes, it was perfection. Flowers of all different colours grew around the grave and the Professor and Flora both had to watch their step, to avoid crushing the flowers.

"Yes, I think so," Flora whispered.

Flora said and went forward, to her Mother's grave and stroked the statue of her Mother, which was placed on top of the gravestone.

Even though it was sad, Flora was glad she had came. Ten months since this tiny village had been her home, she knew that it was now not her home. And she knew what she needed to do.

"Professor?" Flora said, turning around to him.

He had stayed back, to let Flora visit her Mother privately.

"Yes, dear?" the Professor answered, coming forward.

"This village, needs to stop."

"What do you mean?"

"The robots, they need to stop working and this village, it isn't a village."


"Bruno is keeping this village running for who's purpose? No one's. There's no real people here, except Bruno. It's unfair on him to keep a village full of robots working when no one sees it. The village was needed to keep me safe, but now it doesn't need to keep me hidden, I've left here and am living in London. Tell me, Professor, what use is there for this village to exist?"

The Professor was silent. Flora was right.

"Exactly, Bruno needs a life, a new life," Flora said.

"What about the fortune?" the Professor asked.

"That's Bruno's. He deserves it. He has kept this village running under his own wishes, he can use it to start a new life away from this place," Flora explained," Once we even touch the fortune, the village stops."

Flora and the Professor walked around the village, and Flora took in every little detail about all the people. The way they walked, the way they smiled, the way they frowned, the way they spoke. The way how unaware they were to the fact that they were unliving creatures.

Flora said goodbye to them. Or rather, whispered it under her breath. They were robots, they may act like they can feel a think but they can't. They're controlled by wires.

Flora still found this goodbye hard. It was goodbye to the place she grew up in. The place she loved, her Mother had died, her Father died and the place she waited for a new life.

Now she had her new life, the final goodbye had come.

"Goodbye, little village," Flora said, as she was saying goodbye to a dear friend, but really she was.

A single tear run down her cheek, as she picked up the a coin from the treasure. And then the village stopped. Froze. Or maybe even died.

As the village left, Flora felt something leave her. Whether it was something from her mid, her heart or soul, that left Flora that day, Flora knew that she was doing the right thing.

The little village, said goodbye to Flora, as she got into the Layton mobile and drove away. Not only was this the second time, Flora had said goodbye to the 'Little Village', it was also the last.

I really hoped you liked it, I tried really hard on this, so please tell me what you think.

Peace Out! Dandelion Oak xx