Hi I'm Jack Dawson, i was born on November, 11, 1996. I'm sixteen, i go to West High School. -My parents died when i was 9, i live in an orphanage,- i have many friends, for example Fabrizio, he's my best friend since we were kids...


little Jack was running on frozen Lake Wissota - and he fell to the water

"Help me! Help!" He shouted, he almost froze when he saw a hand, it was Fabrizio's hand, Fabri helped him. After a while, they were on Jack's room. He was unconsious. When he woke up...

"Shh, it's okay Jack, i'm here..." His dad said to him.

"Hi, my name's Fabrizio, i'm the one who saved you" Little Fabri said.

"Hi, i'm Jack Dawson, thanks for saving me"

"Your welcome, how old are you?"

"I'm 8 and you?"

"I'm 8 too! Do you want to be my friend?"


End of flashback

I have other friends, like Tommy.


"Hi Fabrizio" Tommy said

"Hi, i want you to meet my new friend Jack Dawson"

"Hi" Jack said

"Hi" Tommy answered

"What are you doing?"

"I'm playing football, do you want to play?" Tommy said, and Fabrizio quickly answered: "Yes" Jack was insecure...

"I... I don't know how to play"

"Okay, i'll teach you how..."

End of flashback

We are best friends since then, we grew up together. One day, i was doing my homework, when i heard a scream from outside.

"Jack!" Fabrizio screamed "Do you want to play?" I saw Tommy, Fabrizio and some friends playing football outside.

"Wait! Just let me finish my homework!" I screamed, of course, they didn't believe me, i was rebel at school, i usually did my homework, but when i had to choose between playing football or do my homework, housework... any kind of work, i obviously choose football. I was the captain of the school team: The Sharks of West High. I flirted with the cheerleaders, i even had a fan-club named "JD Fans" They were many girls in it, but my favorite, was my girlfriend... well, actually girlfriends, they were twins, HOT twins, their names were Whitney and Chanel, they were 16, just like me, they were two tall, hot and sexy blondes. They were cheerleaders, but the stranger thing was, they weren't angry if one of them kissed me in front of the other, or if i kissed another girl in front of them. Well, i grabbed my books, got down with them in my arms, and the car keys on the other hand, i opened the door of the car and put my books on the front seat, put the keys on my pocket and started to play. Some of them were wearing the school uniform, some normal clothes, i was wearing a 'Beatles' T-shirt and jeans. I started to play, i fell to the ground and felt something on my hips, they were the car keys, the alarm was broken.

"Oh shit!" I said

"What's wrong Jack? Your lip gloss broke?" They laughed

"Shut up!" Fabri screamed and asked me: "What happened Jack?"

"My car keys, the alarm is broken!"

"Oh sorry man" Most of them apologized

"I'll go fix this" I went inside and grabbed the extra keys, i hided the real ones, because, if my 'fake' parents, know that i broke the car keys, they will kill me. Literally! If you do something small, like broke a glass, or a window, they'll just punish you. But if you do something like skip school, smoke a cigarrete, or break the car keys!, they hit you. My 'fake' mom never does anything, but my dad... once, he left Fabrizio's back red, the pain didn't go for a month!

"Jack, what are you doing?" My 'fake' mom asked. Actually, her name is Loraine. The owner of the house was my 'fake' dad. His name is Brad.

"Uh... i was...searching a pencil"

"I saw your books in your car"

"Uh... it's for a drawing"

"Are you sure?" I nodded "Okay, Brad is coming home in ten minutes, please tell Fabrizio and Tommy"

"Okay" She left. I screamed through the window:

"Hey Fabri, Tommy! Code Interjet 10!" I screamed. Code interjet 10, was a code that we had when Brad was coming home, the number on the code was the time that we had for doing our housework, fix our room, do the homework, etc. After that, they ran upstairs. While Fabrizio was helping to make our room, Tommy was making dinner and I was helping Loraine to wash the dishes.

"Jack, go and put the table..." I saw her with her tiny and battered hands.

"I'm sorry mom, but i'd prefer you to put the table, and i'll wash the dishes, please, look at your hands..."

"Okay Jack" She said with tears in her eyes, and kissed me on the forehead. When Brad arrived...

"Lorraine, Dinner!" He shouted

"It's ready" She said, he ate some and then shouted:

"This is the worst chicken that i've ever tasted!" He sat up and started to hit her.

"Kids, go to your room"


"Now!" She screamed, Tommy and Fabrizio decided to obey, but, i was hiding behind the door of the kitchen. When she started to bleed, i couldn't stop myself from hitting Brad and screaming: "Maybe you hit her for the past years, but that's gonna stop now!" I left him unconsious.

"Jack, why did you do that?" Lorraine said me between tears and sobs.

"Because, i couldn't see that! You're a woman and you need respect" i said while i hugged her.

"Thank you Jack, i can never repay you"

"You don't need to" Brad ended in the hospital, and then in prison.