So this is just going to be a collection of oneshots. This first one is called sick, ya I know not a very creative title, enjoy!

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I don't get sick a lot, maybe just once a year, but whenever I am sick Mokuba always takes care of me, I don't really mind much it's nice to be taken care of, but Mokuba has grown up and has gone to a university in London leaving me all alone. So now that I'm sick Mokuba sent the mutt over to take care of me, it's weird since I haven't seen him since we graduated highschool. I've learned a lot about him, he's in a band, he plays the electric guitar, and he's traveled all around the world. He's lucky, he doesn't have to stay in one place for the rest of his life, he can go where ever he wants, he's free.

"Kaiba you hungry?" asked Joey as he walked into my room carrying a tray full of food.

"not really" I said. Honestly I'm starving but it's fun to see him try to make me eat something.

"come on Kaiba you know you're hungry"

"how are you going to tell me if I'm hungry of not?"

"if you won't eat then I'll tell Mokuba and he'll come over here and give you an oral report on why you should eat"

"fine I'll eat whatever that thing is, as long as it's not alive anymore"

"it's soup Kaiba"

"you sure?"

"just shut up and eat!"

Joey put the tray of soup in my lap and turned on the TV. He layed down on my bed right next to me after taking his shoes off. It's been years but he's just the same.

"Kaiba do I need to feed you too?" said Joey.

"Mokuba always does" I said, it was a lie I'd never let Mokuba feed me, I don't mind being taken care of but there's a limit, so why am I letting the mutt feed me?, I have no idea.

"fine then" said Joey.

Joey sat up and grabbed the spoon from the bowl and held it up to my mouth which I opened. He took the spoon out of my mouth and repeated the process all over again until he accidentally dropped the spoon on my shirt, staining it, thankfully the soup wasn't hot.

"sorry Kaiba I'll buy you a new shirt ok. I'll find another one for you to wear" said Joey who then go up from the bed and started looking for a shirt for me to wear. I would've helped him but the view I got from where I was sitting was too hard to look away from, the way he moved his ass was hypnotizing.

"you could've at least told me where you kept your shirts you know" said Joey. He handed me another shirt to wear and I took off the dirty one. I noticed the way he looked at my chest, I've never been so proud of my six pack as I am now. I slowly put on the clean shirt and I saw the disappointment in his eyes.

"um I'm going to get the medicine" said Joey and he quickly left the room.

Maybe I should get sick more often, I bet Mokuba would send the mutt to take care of me again.

I got this idea from being sick myself.

want a sequel to this then just ask.